Experimental Boat photographs

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Tri scaphs
Alan Blundell with "Vari Scari"
Jean Yves Salaun with "Deltamaran"
Torix Bennett with "Sea Spider"
Malric Leborgne with "Zockra" (aka "The Green Machine")
Fred Ball with "Tri-Fly"

One-way proa
the Bristol Mob with "Gama/Connexion"

Unclassifiable boats
Jean Hurtado with "Hurlam"
Didier Costes with "Exoplane"

Catamarans for speed
Bob Hill with "Toastrack"
John Pepperell with "Slew Cat"
Tony Blofeld with "Speedwing"
Simon Sanderson with "Bootiful"

Catamarans for leisure
Bob Quinton with "Spirit of Catalina"
James Harvey with "Bi Planche"

And also:
Sitting out device
Slade Penoyre with "AYRS Slide"

Righting device
Slade Penoyre with "AYRS Right"

Ian Smith with Windrigger

All photographs were taken by Fiona Sinclair unless stated otherwise

e-mail to:fnsnclr@gmail.com