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This is the homepage for an informal group of people interested in yacht research and its dissemination. Most of these people do this for their hobby, or at college, and many are working alone, isolated from similar enthusiasts.

This site will serve as a discussion and meeting place, where people with similar interests can give details of their own research and read about each others, and discuss them.

It is hoped that those members of the group with their own webspace will have a link here, and that those without will place their material here.

Membership is informal, and is open to anyone interested in any aspect of yacht research (note "research", not "racing"). Anyone who wishes to contribute relevant material is welcome to do so. Anyone who wishes to contribute relevant and constructive comments or written discussion to any of the articles on the site is welcome to submit them.

I hope that (in time) there will be a number of articles here, each followed by a written discussion. However, we are only just starting up. Anything could happen. YOU could make it happen.

If you think that the list looks a bit bare, then that means that there is SPACE FOR YOUR OWN ARTICLE, so please contribute one. If you would like to contribute material to this page then please contact Fiona Sinclair on e-mail to:fnsnclr@gmail.com

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Note that inclusion in this group of links does not imply membership of any group or organisation.


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