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Jean Hurtado of Paris designed "Hurlam", a tilt-rig, high dihedral "proa".

It was inspired by a drawing of an ancient eastern Mediterranean fighting ship.

The hull is a Nacra 5.5 hull. It has duplicate rudders, centreboards and floats, at 90 degrees to each other. To tack, the boat is rolled over 90 degrees - the seat becomes a centreboard etc. The large size of the steering wheel is to enable it to be reached by the helmsman on either tack.

Jean says that it will only sail properly in a 30 kt wind, when the lift on the inclined sail should be equal to the weight, and the boat should fly.

AYRS Speedweek Sept 1996

AYRS Speedweek, Sept 1996.

AYRS Speedweek, Oct 1995.

Photo: G. Quinton
AYRS Speedweek, Sept 1996.

Hurlam did 15.44 kt in 1996

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