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Exoplane 5

Didier Costes of Paris designed "Exoplane 5", a kite-hapa.

The angled sail generates lift to provide stability. A hapa (curved hydrofoil) is used to resist leeway.

This is the fifth is a series of Exoplanes - the early designs were very fast close to the wind but not so good on a broad reach. (A speed of 13.2 kt was recorded in 1976). The Speedweek course was usually set on a broad reach, so the boat was redesigned.

This boat was built in the sitting room of a top floor flat in Paris and lowered from the window to his car roofrack. For this reason, it comes apart into small pieces.

AYRS Speedweek Oct 1996

AYRS Speedweek Sept 1996

AYRS Speedweek Oct 1996

Photo: G. Quinton
AYRS Speedweek Sept 1996

Exoplane did 10.04 kt in 1996

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