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Hay in his "Genealogie" quoting a Danish writer called Van Bassan, says:-

JAMES SINCLAIR of Stive [Brew ?] was father of MALCOLM SINCLAIR of Quendale, who had a brother

LAURENCE, reader at Dunrossness 1576 to 1580; at Crocekirk, Fair Isle, 1576; at Sandwick, Sheltand, 1586; resumed prior to 1593, continued 1608; Vicar and titular Dunrossness, 1610.

I MALCOLM SINCLAIR, FIRST OF QUENDALE, was lay vicar and reader of Dunrossness, to which he was presented on 20th December 1565 [1575], and continued in 1601. His brother Laurence is probably to be identified as the reader of that name, successor to Malcolm. He held in tack [lease] the Vicarage of Dunrossness from Lawrence Sinclair, Vicar thereof; the Vicarage of Waais from the late Alexander Kincaid; and the Stowk called the Croce land from his Majesty for payment of £20 few mails and disponed to James Sinclair, apparrent of Quendale, for his lifetime. It was he who received at Quendale the men of the Spanish Armada wrecked at the Fair Isle in 1588. Quendale was ordained by the Privy Council to find security for £1,000 scots, on 6th June 1597, and on 23rd December same he is one of those preferring complaint against the Balfours. He was appointed a Commissioner of Peace 28th November 1609, and to apprehend rebels who may proceed to Shetland, on l0th August 1614. He died on 6th January 1618, and was buried in the old church yard of Cross, at the head of Quendale Bay. By his wife Margaret, daughter of Hugh Sinclair of Brugh, he had a large family.

  1. JAMES, his heir
  3. GEORGE, of Craigends and Rapness, in Orkney
  6. ELIZABETH, married Patrick Forbes
  7. MARGARET, married 1593 Michael Balfour of Garth, Orkney
  8. ISABEL, married 1600 Andrew Bruce of Muness (who died in 1625); and 2nd Duncan Scollay of Hermansgarth, Orkney.
  9. HELEN, married Mr. Robert Swinton, minister of Walls
  10. JANET, married John Neven of Scousburgh

II JAMES SINCLAIR OF QUENDALE was a witness against the Earl of Orkney at his trial before the Privy Council in 1610, and was appointed a Commissioner of Peace 15th March 1614. He was served heir to his father on 6th September, 1631, and died 21st September 1647. By his marriage with Barbara, daughter of James Stewart of Graemsay, who survived him, he had issue -

  1. JOHN, his heir
  1. MARGARET, married 1st, Edward Sinclair of Gyre, Orkney, and 2nd, James Mouat of Garth
  2. HELEN, married Patrick Umphrey of Sand
  3. JEAN, married Laurence Gifford of Weatherstay

III JOHN SINCLAIR OF QUENDALE was a Commissioner of Supply for Shetland, 1661 and 1667. He married in 1628, Barbara, daughter of Adam Sinclair of Brew, and had -

  1. LAURENCE, his heir
  2. JOHN
  1. BARBARA, married 24th May 1662, Hector Bruce of Muness, and died 22nd May 1675
  2. HELEN, died 1706; married 14th December 1692, Ninian Neven of Scousburgh
  3. MARGARET, married 1656 William Bruce of Sumburgh
  4. JEAN

IV LAURENCE SINCLAIR OF QUENDALE was a Commissioner of Supply under Acts of Parliament 1675, 1689, 1696, and 1704. He married Jean, daughter of Laurence Stewart of Bigtown, and had issue -

  1. ROBERT, his heir
  3. LILIAS, married James Mitchell of Girlesta
  4. MARGARET, married, 1st, Andrew Bruce of Muness; and 2nd, Robert Baikie of Tankerness, Orkney

V ROBERT SINCLAIR OF QUENDALE, a Commissioner of Supply, 1705, succeeded his father in the estates, which at that time comprised 1,311 merks land in Dunrossness, 309 merks land in Dunrossness, 309 in Sandwick, and 368 in Aith, Cunningsburgh, with the Island of Mousa. He was Cashier of Excise, and from a report by George Drummond, the Accountant-General, afterwards Lord Provost [Chief Magistrate] of Edinburgh, dated 16th June 1713, it is found he had embezzled a sum of £847 2shillings and 9 ½ pence to his own uses. He was a Jacobite in politics and an Episcopalian in religion. In 1750 his estate was sequestrated. He died in 1767. He married (first) Barbara, daughter of John Montgomery of Wrae, and relict of Robert Sinclair of Scalloway, and had issue -

  1. JOHN, his heir.
He married (second) at Fair Isle, 17th July 1740, Mrs. Jacobina Mackenzie.

VI JOHN SINCLAIR OF QUENDALE was served heir to his mother in 1743, and was married to a daughter of William Greig, first of Vassay. The estate was sold on 26th February 1770, and was purchased principally by John Bruce of Sumburgh, and Mr. [James] Grierson.

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