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ANDERSON, Joseph, LL.D., Keeper of the National Museum, Edinburgh - "Introduction to Orkneyinga Saga"
reprinted by Mercat Press (1973) ASIN: B000PSQ2ZY
reprinted by Hyperion Books (December 1989) ISBN-10: 0901824259, ISBN-13: 978-0901824257

BALFOUR, David, of Balfour and Trenaby - "Odal Rights and Feudal Wrongs: A Memorial for Orkney" Edinburgh, 1859

BARRY, The Rev. George, D.D. - "History of the Orkney Islands" (Edinburgh, 1805); with Notes by the Rev. James Headrick. Edinburgh, 1808, quarto; 3rd edition, Kirkwall, 1867.
Mercat Press; Facsimile of 1805 Ed edition (1974), ISBN-10: 0901824321, ISBN-13: 978-0901824325

van BASSAN, James - "The History of the Saint-Clairs"

BELLENDEN, John - "Descriptio Insularum Orchadiarum, per me, Jo Ben, Ibidem Colentem, in Anno, 1529"

BRAND, The Rev. John - "A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth, and Caithness". Edinburgh, 1701, reprinted 1811 and 1883.
reprinted by W. Brown (1883) ASIN: B00085SJQE

BURKE, C.B., L.L.D., Sir Bernard "A genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage". London, 1884:
Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage: 107th Edition (2003), ISBN-10: 0971196621, ISBN-13: 978-0971196629

BURKE, "Landed Gentry"

CALDER, James Trail - Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness From the Tenth Century". Second edition, Wick, 1887.
Caithness Reprints (1978), ISBN-10: 0950288802 ISBN-13: 978-0950288802

CLOUSTON, M.D., The Rev. Charles - "Guide to the Orkney Islands" Edinburgh, 1862

CRAVEN, The Rev. J.B. "History of the Episcopal Church in Orkney, 1688-1882, 1662-1688, and 1558-1662". Kirkwall, 1883, 1893, and 1897. Reprinted by Peace (1883) ASIN: B00089RRG8

CURSITER, James W., F.S.A., Scot - List of Books and Pamphlets relating to Orkney and Shetland. Kirkwall, 1894

DENNISON, Walter Traill - "The Orcadian Sketch-book: Being Traits of Old Orkney Life, written partly in the Orkney dialect". Kirkwall, 1880

DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, VOL 3. Edited by Sidney Lee, London, 1897. Articles "Sinclair".

Dictionary of National Biography: ISBN-10: 0543883167 ISBN-13: 978-0543883162 (Vol 32) ISBN-10: 1402170696 ISBN-13: 978-1402170690 (Vol 15) ISBN-10: 0543868567 ISBN-13: 978-0543868565 (VOl 52)

EDMONDSTON, Thomas - "An Etymological Glossary of the Shetland and Orkney Dialect, with some derivations of names of places in Shetland" Edinburgh, 1866
Publisher: A. and C. Black (1866) ASIN: B0006AG0R6

GIFFORD, Thomas of Busta "An Historical Description of the Zetland Islands in the year 1733, with an appendix of illustrative documents ". Edinburgh, 1879
T.G. Stevenson (1879) , ASIN: B00089B732; Reprinted by and for J. Nichols (1886) , ASIN: B00089T5LS

GORRIE, Daniel - "Summers and Winters in the Orkneys". London,1868

GRANT, Francis James, W.S. (Carrick Pursuivant of Arms) - "The county families of the Zetland Islands: Being genealogies of local families". Lerwick, 1893
T. and J. Manson (1893), ASIN: B00087OWTK

HAY - Father Richard Augustin, Prior of St.Pieremont - "Genealogie of the Sainteclaires of Rosslyn, including the Chartulary of Rosslyn", Edited by James Maidment. Edinburgh, 1835
Publisher: T.G. Stevenson (1835), ASIN: B000886IFK
Reprinted by Grand Lodge of Scotland (August 2002), ISBN-10: 0902324632 ISBN-13: 978-0902324633

HENDERSON, JOHN, W.S. - "Caithness Family History" Edinburgh. 1884
Publisher: D. Douglas (1884), ASIN: B00087VFRC

HIBBERT, Samuel, M.D. - "A Description of the Shetland Isles, comprising an account of their scenery, antiquities, and superstitions ". Edinburgh and London, 1862
Publisher: A. Constable and Co.; [etc., etc.] (1822) ASIN: B00089610Q
Publisher: T and J Manson (1891) ASIN: B000KL43BG (hardback)
Publisher: Manson (1931) ASIN: B0008CBCHK, ASIN: B000P8X7CK (paperback)

JAMIESON, John - "An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, illustrating the words in their different significations by examples from ancient and modern writers; ", 2 vols. Edinburgh 1808 quarto Publisher: Printed at the University Press for W. Creech (1808) ASIN: B0006ATBP4 Two Supplemental vols., 1825. Second edition, revised, etc., 4 vols. Paisley, 1879-82, quarto

An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language: Supplement to Jamieson's Scottish dictionary with memoir, and introduction
Publisher: AMS Press; A new edition carefully revised and collated edition (1966) ASIN: B0006C0MKA & ASIN: B0007FEFTK

JOHNSON, The Rev, A.H., M.A. - "The Normans in Europe" (Epoch series). London,1877

KELTIE, John Scott - "History of the Scottish Highlands,: Highland clans and Highland regiments". Edinburgh, 1885
Publisher: A. Fullarton (1877) ASIN: B00087CUOE
Publisher: W. MacKenzie; A new ed. ... illustrated edition (1885) ASIN: B00085C3R0

LAING the Elder, Samuel - "Sturleson's Heimskringla: Translated from the Icelandic", 3 vols. 1844, octavo
Heimskringla or the Lives of the Norse Kings by Snorre Sturlason, edited by Erling Monsen (2004), ISBN-10: 0766186938 ISBN-13: 978-0766186934

LOW, George - "Tour through the Islands of Orkney and Shetland in 1774" Kirkwall, 1879, octavo

MACKENZIE, James - "The General Grievances and Oppressions of the Isles of Orkney and Shetland". Reprint. Edinburgh, 1836, octavo
Publisher: Laing and Forbes (1836) ASIN: B00086WOQY

MAXWELL, C.H. - "Historical Tales of the Wars of Scotland": cited as "Scottish Wars". Edinburgh, 1852

MICHELL, Thomas, C.B. - "History of the Scottish Expedition to Norway in 1612". Christiania, 1886
Publisher: L: 1886 1st ed. 189p; illus. (1886) ASIN: B000KILWBI

MORRISON, The Hon. Leonard Allison, A.M. - "History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America for 1100 Years". Boston, Massachusetts, 1896
Reprinted by Higginson Book Co (1989) ISBN-10: 0832810746, ISBN-13: 978-0832810749

NISBET, Alexander - "A System of Heraldry, Speculative and Practical", 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1722-1742, folio
Publisher: J. MacEuen (1722) ASIN: B000KL40D2
Reprinted by and for Alex. Lawrie; 2nd ed edition (1804) ASIN: B0008A3DGK

ORKNEYINGA SAGA and Magnus Saga with Appendices. Edited by Gudbrand Vigfusson, M.A. Icelandic Text; Rolls edition. London, 1887.

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney: Translated by Hermann Palsson, and Paul Edwards (1981), Penguin Classics, ISBN-10: 0140443835 ISBN-13: 978-0140443837

PLANCHE, James Robinson - The Conqueror and his Companions, 1874.
Last reprinted Kessinger Publishing 2007 ISBN-10: 0548801320 ISBN-13: 978-0548801321

PETERKIN, Alexander -"Rentals of the Ancient Earldom and Bishopric of Orkney" Edinburgh, 1890
Publisher: John Moir, Printer (1820) ASIN: B000IZG5SS

PETERKIN, Alexander - "Notes on Orkney and Shetland" Edinburgh, 1822, octavo

SCOTTISH ANTIQUARY, The - A quarterly magazine, price 1 shilling, Edinburgh.

SCOTT, The Rev. Hew, D.D. - "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae; or, the Succession of the Ministers in the Parish Churches of Scotland from 1560 to the Present Time". Edinburgh, 1870, quarto
Updated periodically. Publisher: Hyperion Books (December 1988) ISBN-10: 0715204955 ISBN-13: 978-0715204955

SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Tales of a Grandfather - Stories from the History of Scotland. 1828. Last reprinted 2007. ISBN-10: 1432673394 ISBN-13: 978-1432673390

SIBBALD, Sir Robert, Knight, M.D. - "Description of the Islands of Orkney and Shetland, by Robert Monteith, of Egilsea and Gairsay, 1633. " Edinburgh, 1045,octavo

SINCLAIR, Thomas, M.A. - "Caithness events: A discussion of Captain Kennedy's historical narrative, and an account of the Broynach earls, to which is added a supplement of emendations of 1899" Wick, 1894.
Publisher: W. Rae; 2. ed edition (1899) ASIN: B0008BMZS6

SINCLAIR, Thomas, M.A. - "The Sinclairs of England" London, 1887.
Publisher: Trubner and Co (1887) ASIN: B000J2YAUU
Reprinted by Kessinger Publishing, LLC (2007) ISBN-10: 1432550632, ISBN-13: 978-1432550639

SKENE, William Forbes - "Celtic Scotland - A History of Ancient Alban Three Volumes; Volume I: History and Ethnology, Volume II: Church and Culture, Volume III: Land and People", 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1876-80, octavo Publisher: David Douglas (1886) ASIN: B000VHHSSE & ASIN: B000ZMAT4U
Reprinted by Books for Libraries Press (1971) ISBN-10: 0836957547 ISBN-13: 978-0836957549

SMITH, William Henry - "The St.Clair Papers: The Life and Public Services of Arthur St.Clair, Soldier of the Revolutionary War, President of the Continental Congress, and Governor of the North-Western Territory," Cincinnati, U.S.A., 1882.
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC (June 25, 2007) ISBN-10: 0548362785 ISBN-13: 978-0548362785

TORFAEUS, Thormodus - "Ancient History of Orkney, Caithness, and the North" Translated by Alexander Pope, Minister of Reay. Wick, 1866, duodecimo
Publisher: Peter Reid [etc.] (1866) ASIN: B00089P03U

TUDOR, John R. - "The Orkneys and Shetland: their Past and Present State. " London, 1883
Publisher: E. Stanford; [etc., etc.] (1883) ASIN: B0008596H0

TYTLER, Patrick Fraser - "History of Scotland", 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1864
Reprinted in 9 Volumes by Willilam Mackenzie (1909) ASIN: B000KL1UKS

WALLACE, James, M.D., F.R.S. - "An Account of the Islands of Orkney" London, 1700, octavo

ZENO the Younger, Nicolo - "The Discovery of the Islands of Frislanda, Eslanda, Engronelanda, Estotilanda, and Icaria, made by two brothers of the Zeno family: viz., Messire Nicolo, the Chevalier, and Messire Antonio". With a map of the said Islands. Venice, 1558. Translated, London, 1873, by R.H. Major, F.S.A., etc., for the Hakluyt Society
Reprinted by: Adamant Media Corporation (August 16, 2001) ISBN-10: 0543788555 ISBN-13: 978-0543788559

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