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I. LAURENCE SINCLAIR, FIRST OF GOAT - probably a son of James Sinclair of Brew - was one of the complainants against the Balfours, 23rd December 1597; and was one of the persons charged in 1602 with the murder of Matthew Sinclair of Ness, and ordered to find caution to appear and stand his trial therefor. The charge against him was, however, departed from. He is said to have married (first) Mary Stewart, one of numerous natural children of Robert, Earl of Orkney; and (second in 1609 Margaret, daughter of Laurence Leask of Scatness, who is called his relict in 1626. They had issue -
  1. JAMES, his heir
  4. WILLIAM, mentioned 1601
  1. ELIZABETH, married Andrew Shewan
  2. JEAN

II JAMES SINCLAIR OF GOAT was found guilty of the murder of Mathew Sinclair of Ness on 16th August 1602, and forfeited. On 1st November 1624, he disponed to Mr. Thomas Hendrie, minister of Walls, ten merks of land in that parish. He married Christian, daughter of Hugh Sinclair of Brugh, and had issue -

  1. LAURENCE, his heir.
  2. JOHN.
  1. GRIZEL, married in 1622 John Stewart of Bigton.
  2. BARBARA, married Gilbert Gifford.

III LAURENCE SINCLAIR of GOAT, died in 1675. He was twice married (first), in 1629 to Margaret, daughter of Michael Balfour of Garth, and had issue -

  1. JAMES, his heir.
  2. WILLIAM (see Number VI).
  3. PATRICK of Scotland.
  1. BARBARA, married, 1st, about 1683, John Umphray of Asta; and 2nd, Erasmus Meuse of Whiteness.
  2. MARGARET, married in 1709 Laurence Halcro.

Laurence Sinclair of Goat married (second) Margaret, daughter of James Halcro of Ledigarth, and had issue -

  1. JOHN.
  2. ELIZABETH, married David Henderson.

IV JAMES SINCLAIR OF GOAT, died 17th May 1689; married (first) 1672 Martha, daughter of Malcolm Sinclair of Rapness in Orkney; and (second) Martha, daughter of Laurence Stewart of Bigton, He had issue -

  1. LAURENCE, his heir.
  2. MARTHA, married Laurence Strong, merchant in Dunrossness.

V LAURENCE SINCLAIR OF GOAT was born in 1686, and was father of Patrick, who predeceased him. He was succeeded by his uncle,

VI WILLIAM SINCLAIR OF GOAT, who disponed his 26 merks land in Dunrossness, and 7 merks in Fair Isle, to John Scott of Scottshall in 1717; died 1724, having married, 1685, Elizabeth, daughter of Laurence Craigie, and had issue -

  1. LAURENCE, his heir.
  1. SARAH, married Rev. Robert Donning, Lerwick
  2. MARGARET married Laurence Strong.
  3. JEAN.

VII LAURENCE SINCLAIR OF GOAT served heir to his grand-uncle James, 18th July 1752; died 1756; married Ursilla, daughter of William Dick of Fracafield, and had two daughters,


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