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James Saintclair of Stive [Brew] is stated by Van Bassan the Dane to have been the father of

I MALCOLM SAINT CLAIR OF QUENDALE, in Shetland. In the report of the commissioners on the Estate of the Isle of Sanday, "There is within the said parish and Isle lands belonging of old to the archdaine of Shetland, set in feu by him to the laird of Asilmountt, and set by him in wadsett to Malcolm Sinclaire of Quandill, and left by him to his son George Sinclaire, who has the said lands in present possession, and lies within the said Isle and parish, as follows: - In Langtas, in Our Lady parish, sixpenny land, in Arstas one penny land, in Cleatt one penny land, in Sellibister one halfpenny land, one penny land in the town of How, within the Croce parish, and in the parish of Saint Colme four penny land; these lands pays all their duties to the said George Sinclair".

Malcolm Sinclair is a suitor of the Orcadian Court on 4th November 1617, for his lands of Rapness, and died on the 6th January 1618, leaving by his wife Margaret, daughter of Hugh Sinclair of Brough, in Shetland, a large family, of whom his third son

II GEORGE SINCLAIR became of CRAIGENDS and RAPNESS. He was present as a suitor of Court 18th February 1618. On the 21st March 1619, George Sinclair of Rapness, Malcolm Sinclair of Quendale, and James Sinclair, Fear of Quendale, his son, appear in in the matter of The Bu [the principal farm or manor house on an Odal estate] of Rapness. On 29th April 1622, he attests a transfer of lands of Innerton of Stromness from James, Hew, Johne and George Sinclairis, brothers-german [full brothers], indwellers in Tenstone and heritable udallers. He was sworn at Kirkwall 9th June 1627, to report conform to the commission of the Isle of Westray 29th May 1633. On which Day, George Sinclair of Rapness being elected and chosen a Commissioner to the approaching Parliament, protested that a stent [tribute for Orcadian defence, according to extent of land] be made for his maintenance. This was resolved and persons appointed to collect same in the various parishes.

He sued David Cogill, merchant in Stronsay, the 4th August 1638, and on 30th July 1639, he obtained a Decree against WALTER SINCLAIR IN WOSBUSTER for breach of his contract of date 23rd January 1629. On the 8th August 1642, a charter of disposition was produced granted by James Tulloch of Langskaill, with consent of Helen Henrysone, his spouse, of lands in the Isle of Rousay, etc., to George Sinclair of Rapness. He is an absent suitor 19th January 1641, and styled of Rapness and Trenabie; and on the 28th March 1651, Robert Tulloch of Aikeris, in Westray, makes suit against the umquhile [deceased] George Sinclair of Rapness. He married Martha, daughter of James Stewart of Gramsay (by his wife Helen Monteith of Egilsay), and had issue

  1. MALCOLM, next of Rapness.
  2. JAMES.
  1. KATHERINE, married 1646, Laurence Stewart of Bigton.
  2. MARGARET, married 1st., Edward Sinclair of Gyre; 2nd, James Mowat of Ollaberry, fiar [heir apparent] of Garth, Shetland.
  3. JEAN, married James Rutherford.
III MALCOLM SINCLAIR, THIRD OF RAPNESS, is down in the valuation of 1653 as owner of lands in Sanday Isle: Lady Parish - his lands of Clett, Airsta, Sellibuster, etc.; and in Burness Parish - Malcolm Sinclair, sometime of Rapness, for his lands, grassums, etc., there. On 17th August 1654, Patrick Smyth of Brace proceeds against Malcolm Sinclair, eldest son and heir to umquhile [deceased] George Sinclair of Rapness. His daughter MARTHA married 1672, James Sinclair of Goat, in Shetland.


V THOMAS SINCLAIR OF RAPNESS, eldest son of the preceding, obtained a decree on 8th February 1711, against Thomas Traill of Holland for £333, 6 shillings and 8 pence Scots. Traill was put to the Horn [outlawed] on the 4th July thereafter; and sought suspension of the same 9th August.

VI WILLIAM SINCLAIR, eldest son to deceased Thomas Sinclair: now tenant in the Bu [the principal farm or manor house on an Odal estate] of Rapness, and Barbara Traill, his spouse - lands in Kirkness, etc., in Sandwick, 24th October 1751

In the kirk-yard at Westray there is a tombstone bearing date, 1676, which commemorates the members of this family.

ARMS, see Armoury.

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