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SPENCE OF WINDHOUSE in the Parish of Yell

  1. NINIAN SPENCE, of Vatster, son of John Spence, of Gardie, married Barbara, daughter of Hosea Scott, of Reafirth, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Janet, married Robert Alexander Neven, of Windhouse
    3. Helen, baptised 21st November 1730
    4. James, baptised 3rd February 1738
  2. JOHN SPENCE, of Cullivoe, married his cousin Ursula, daughter of William Spence, of Hammer, and had issue:
    1. Basil, his heir
    2. John, baptised 3rd February 1765, died in childhood
    3. William, baptised 5th May 1767, died in childhood
    4. James, baptised 21st May 1769, died in childhood
    5. Thomas James, baptised 6th October 1776, died in childhood
    6. Barbara, died unmarried
  3. BASIL SPENCE, of Cullivoe, married 30th October 1796, his cousin Anne, daughter of Robert Alexander Neven, last of Windhouse, and had issue:
    1. John William, baptised 15th October 1797, died in infancy
    2. Basil, his heir
    3. James, born 14th June 1801, died 5th June 1867, married 1832, William Sievwright, writer, Lerwick, who was born 6th October 1792, and died 26th June 1870, and had issue:
      1. Peter, born 28th June 1834, died 23rd March 1842
      2. Basil, solicitor, Dunedin, New Zealand, born 17th October 1835, married Mary Brown, and has issue:
        1. Helena
        2. William, died young
        3. Jessie, died young
        4. Basil, died young
        5. George
        6. Neville
        7. Ada
      3. William, sometime writer in Lerwick, now in New Zealand, married (first) Margaret Neven, daughter of Robert Neven Spence, and had issue: Roberta and Margaretta. He married (second) Margaret Richardson, and had issue: Wilhelmina
      4. Peter, sometime actuary in Edinburgh, now in Australia
      5. Anne Neven
      6. Jessie
      7. Margaret Smith, born 28th December 1839, died 26th December 1872
      8. Jane
    4. Robert Neven, of Windhouse, writer, Lerwick, born 22nd November 1802, succeeded his mother in part of the estate of Windhouse, married 13th March 1834, Jane, daughter of Robert Hoseason, of Udhouse, and had issue:
      1. Robert John Thomas, of Windhouse, solicitor, New Zealand, born 27th April 1835, died 1875, leaving his estate to his sisters Jane, and Robina, by whom it was sold
      2. Basil, banker, in Australia, born 19th July 1836, married Cherry, daughter of John Broadley Howard, Melbourne, Yorkshire, and has issue: Jane, Arthur Broadley, Basil, Mary Howard, and Howard Broadley
      3. John William, writer, Lerwick, born 22nd February 1838, died 26th April 1873, unmarried
      4. Arthur, born 8th October 1839
      5. Anne Neven, born 1st July 1841, married Harry Greer, Melbourne, Australia, and has issue: Bertha (died young), Edmund, Robert, Harry, Basil and Mary
      6. Mary, born 12th March 1843, married John Woodside, Victoria and had issue: Neville and Mary
      7. Jessie, died young
      8. Margaret, died in infancy
      9. Jane, born 28th July 1848
      10. Margaret Neven, born 27th March 1850, died 2nd August 1876, married her cousin William Sievwright
      11. Robina, born 27th March 1850
  4. BASIL SPENCE, of Reafirth, surgeon, succeeded his mother in part of the estate, of Windhouse, which he afterwards sold to his younger brother Robert, baptised 2nd February 1800, died 4th January 1877, married 16th July 1840, Anne Christina Winifred, daughter and heiress of Thomas Leisk, of Uyea, and had issue:
    1. Margaret McMurdo, born 11th June 1841, died 11th May 1861
    2. Basil, born 5th February 1843, died unmarried 13th March 1875
    3. Thomas (see No.V)
    4. Robert, M.B. Burntisland, born 8th August 1847, married Annabella, daughter of Alexander Bain, writer, and provost of Kirkwall, and had issue:
      1. Basil Alexander, born 13th August 1878
      2. Alexander Bain, born 13th May 1881
      3. Robert Neven, born 6th October 1882, died 8th April 1889
      4. Thomas Randolf McMurdo, born 2nd July 1886
      5. Catherine Winifred, born 4th June 1888
  5. THOMAS WILLIAM LEISK SPENCE, of Uyea, Secretary to the Board of Lunacy for Scotland, born 27th June 1845, married 4th July 1876, Henrietta Fanny, daughter of Robert James Hebden, of Eday, Orkney, and Ely Grange, Kent, and has issue:
    1. Winifred Caroline, born 26th March 1877
    2. Florence Margaret McMurdo, born 11th September 1879
    3. Edith Eleanor, born 10th September 1881
    4. Evelyn Ogilvy, born 13th November 1884
    5. Basil Hamilton Hebden, born 12th June 1888
    6. Douglas Archibald McMurdo, born 9th March 1890
    7. Robert Ninian Neven, born 3rd July 1892
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