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  1. EDWARD STEWART of Brugh, a natural son of Robert Earl of Orkney, and Marjorie Sandilands of Wick, was twice married, his wives being Janet Douglas and Isabel Craigie, relict of George Traill, and Hugh Halcro of that ilk. He had issue: Robert, his heir, and Margaret, married 1641, James Colville of Trondrashall in Stronsay.
  2. ROBERT STEWART of Brugh, had a Charter of Confirmation from his father on 20th August 1664, and died at Newark in Sanday on 17th October 1689, where he was buried. He married (first) about 1638, Barbara, daughter of Hugh Halcro of that ilk, and had issue:
    1. Robert, died 1700, married (first) Marjorie Stewart, and (second) Jean Colville, and had a son Robert, who went to the West Indies, but returned home in 1717
    2. Edward, died young
    3. Barbara, married William Moodie of Melsetter, and died 8th July 1689
    Robert Stewart, married (second) Agnes Wemyss, who died 20th September 1668, leaving issue:
    1. Edward
    2. John, afterwards of Brugh
    3. James
    He married (third) before 1673, Margaret Stewart, relict of William Bartorme of Turchapple. He also had two daughter,
    1. Margaret, who married in 1671, Andrew Smith of Rothiesholm
    2. Jean
  3. JOHN STEWART of Brugh, had a Charter of Confirmation from his father 16th August 1682, and married (first) 23rd December 1686, Margaret, eldest daughter of George Bellenden of Stennis, and (second) Janet Nisbet. He had issue:
    1. Robert
    2. James, died young
    3. Archibald, his heir
    4. Charles
    5. Margaret, married (contract dated 21st October 1712) John Traill of Elsness
    6. Agnes
    7. Barbara
  4. ARCHIBALD STEWART of Brugh, purchased Fair Isle at the Judicial Sale of the estate of Quendale, married (contract dated 15th October 1724) Isabel, daughter and heiress of William Balfour of Pharay, by whom he had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. Archibald, who emigrated to America, having married Barbara, daughter of James Baikie of Tankerness, by whom he had issue:
      1. Archibald;
      2. Thomas, married at New York, 14th October 1805, Hannah Black, and had issue:
        1. Archibald Douglas, a cooper in Louisiana, married to Catherine Westrier, by who he had
          1. William Bruce Stuart of Brugh in America, and
          2. George Abraham
      3. Mrs Julien
      4. Abraham Moore
    3. Margaret, married (contract dated 22nd October 1743) as second wife George Traill of Holland
    4. Jane, married 4th September 1753, Mr Robert Scollay, minister of Cross and Burness, who died 18th February 1763. She died 12th November 1829, aged 99.
    5. Marion, married Thomas Traill of Westove
    6. Ann, married 6th January 1757, Thomas Traill of Holland
    7. Isobel, married Alexander Watt, merchant, Kirkwall
    8. Mary, died 12th July 1821, married 1st January 1797, Rev. James Izitt, minister of Westray, 1784 to his death 19th May 1805.
    9. Thomas
    10. Balfour, aftermentioned
  5. JAMES STEWART of Brugh, died at Westray, 16th April 1802. Though he was twice married, he had no issue ---- his wives being Ann Traill, and Marjorie, daughter of Polloxten of Sabay. He was succeeded by his nephew James, son of Balfour Stewart of Burness.
  6. BALFOUR STEWART, married (first) Margaret, daughter of Rev.Mr.Drysdale, a Church of England Cleryman and (second) 4th April 1792, Margaret, daughter of Mr Lindsay, cotton spinner in Orkney, and had issue:
    1. James of Brugh
    2. William, married Jane Clouston, and had issue: Balfour, Director of Kew Observatory, born 1st November 1828, married Miss Stevens, and had issue
    3. Ann, married at Kirkwall, 14th October 1810, Alexander Alcock, Aberdeen
    4. Anna Rose, married Edward Clouston of Smogrew
  7. JAMES STEWART of Brugh, served heir to his uncle 22nd June 1803, died at Kirkwall, 6th March 1811, having married 21st October 1809, Marion, daughter of James Strong, Leith, by whom he had an only son,
  8. JAMES STEWART, last of Brugh, died unmarried 1858. By his Trust Disposition and Settlement, dated 11th June 1858, he left his whole estates to Trustees for certain religious purposes, the largest share going to the North Isles Presbytery of Orkney. By these Trustees the ninety six merks lands of Fair Isle, comprehending Leogh, Gila, Busta, and Shirva, with their pertinents, were sold in 1866, to Mr John Bruce of Sumburgh.
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