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  1. GILBERT SPENCE of Greenfield, second son of William Spence, second of Hammer, died 1809, married Janet, daughter of Thomas Hay, who died 30th October 1834, aged 85, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Martha, born 12th March 1785, married David Nicolson, and had issue:
      1. Janet, married Rev. Thomas Sutton
      2. Ursilla, married --- Sutton
      3. Mary, married Andrew Hay
      4. Elizabeth, married 9th October 1855, Arthur John Wood, Barrister, London
    3. Joan
  2. WILLIAM SPENCE, of Greenfield, doctor of medicine, Staff-Surgeon Royal Navy, born at Hammer, 3rd September 1782, died 19th July 1849, married 13th April 1815, Jane, daughter of Thomas Fea of Clivocast, who died 1865, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert William, his heir
    2. Thomas Fea, died 22nd November 1848, aged 20
    3. Jane Fea, married Gilbert Spence of Hammer
    4. Jessie Hay, died 15th February 1892, aged 72, married Rev. William Paterson, minister of Cockburnspath, and had issue
    5. Catherine Stafford, unmarried
    6. Martha, died 29th March 1862, married Rev. Robert Maclaurin, and had issue
    7. Philothea
    8. Margaret, died in infancy
    9. Edward, died in infancy
    10. William, died in infancy
    11. Ann, died in infancy
    12. Elizabeth, died in infancy
  3. GILBERT WILLIAM SPENCE, M.D. died 16th February 1864, having married Bridget Mullins, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert William, clerk in Dundee
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