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  1. JOHN MICHELL in Baddindeth (Bandeath), in the Barony of Cowie and Shire of Stirling, lived in the reigns of King James V, and Queen Mary, held half the lands of Bandeith under the Earl of Mar, and died in May 1580. He married Janet Johnstone, who survived him, and she was with Alexander Young in Stirling, her son-in-law, appointed executrix under his will, dated at his dwelling place of Baddindeth 26th February 1579. They had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. John, “elder in Alloway”
    3. Thomas, in Stirling
    4. James, in Halls of Airth
    5. Isabel, married Alexander Young in Stirling
  2. WILLIAM MICHELL of Bandeath, obtained from King James VI, upon the forfeiture of the Earl of Mar, a Charter of half the lands of Bandeath, on 8th February 1584. He married Christian Wyild, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. William, mentioned in Gift to Thomas Carmichael, of the escheat of William Mitchell in Bandeath, Christian, his spouse, and William, their second son, on 9th June 1607
  3. JAMES MITCHELL of Bandeath, married Janet Paterson, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. John, in Torry near Stirling
    3. Janet, married John Johnstone of Holehouse of Denny, as appears by the sasine in implement of their marriage contract, dated at Stirling, 28th March 1618, whereby the said Janet Mitchell is infeft in liferent in half the lands of Holehouse, the lands of Wester Bordland, and others in the Barony of Denny and Shire of Stirling. To the marriage contract, James Mitchell and his wife Janet Paterson are consenters.
  4. JAMES MITCHELL of Bandeath, according to Douglas's Baronage of Scotland, and the Bath Records in the Herald's College, London, married Grizel, eldest lawful daughter of Robert, Lord Colville of Cleish, and “died in the flower of his age in the beginning of the reign of King Charles I., and was succeeded by his son,
  5. MR. JOHN MITCHELL was presented by King Charles I to the Archdeaconry of Tingwall in Zetland, by presentation dated at Whitehall, 21st November 1629. In it he is styled “His Majesty's Loved Master John Mitchell, lawful son of deceased James Mitchell of Bandaithe”. He died previous to February 1662, when his son was served heir to him. He married Margaret, eldest daughter of Robert Forrester of Queenshaugh, Stirlingshire, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Andrew, in Meilles, who died April 1648, having married Janet Sinclair, who was appointed executrix to her husband - Arthur Sinclair of Houss being her cautioner. He had two sons, James and John.
  6. JOHN MITCHELL of Berry and Westshore, in the Parish of Tingwall, in right of his wife served heir of his father 28th February 1662, being then 21 years of age and over, registered arms circa 1672, married Jean, daughter and co-heiress of Andrew Umphray of Berry and Westshore, and had issue:
    1. William, witness to a Disposition dated 15th May 1676, by Walter Dick of Wormaidall to William Dick, Notary Public in Scalloway
    2. John, his heir
    3. James of Girlesta, merchant in Scalloway, Commissioner of Supply for Zetland 1696, 1698, 1699, and 1704, acquired a considerable fortune and purchased extensive estates, including most of the lands belonging to the Cheynes of Vaila, the bulk of which he made over to his grandson, John Scott of Melby, on 14th January 1736. He died in 1743, having married (first) Lilias, daughter of Lawrence Sinclair of Quendale, and had issue:
      1. John, who died after 1697
      2. Grizel, who married John Scott of Gibbleston in Zetland (see Scots of Melby)
      He married (second) Barbara, daughter of Arthur Sinclair of Houss, by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, married Magnus Henderson of Gardie
    1. Andrew, of Pall Mall, in the Parish of St James, Westminster, London, apothecary, who having, it is said, cured King George I of some disease, received the offer of a baronetcy, which, however, he declined and requested that it should be given to his brother John, which was accordingly done. He died in 1753, his will being dated 13th May and proved in London, 20th July 1753
    2. Charles of Uresland (see that family)
    3. Grizel, married John Nicolson of Gilsbreck, merchant, Lerwick
    4. Margaret, married Laurence Edmondston of Hascosay
    5. Janet, married William Dick of Wormadaill
    6. Barbara, married (first) Rev. William Binning, minister of Tingwall 1694, who died September 1703; and (second) John Scott of Scarpoe
    7. Catherine, married (first) William Neven of Windhouse; (second) William Henderson of Gardie; and (third) James Stewart
  7. SIR JOHN MITCHELL of Westshore, 1st Baronet, Steward Depute and Justiciar of the Islands of Orkney and Zetland, created a Baronet of Great Britain by King George I, 19th June 1724, with limitation to the heirs male of his body. Died 31st May and was buried in the family vault at Tingwall, 14th June 1739, upon which is carved his arms, impaling those of his wife. He married Margaret, daughter of Francis Murray, of the family of Pennyland in Caithness, who died 9th February 1747, and had issue:
    1. John, died young
    2. Charles, died young
    3. James, a witness to a disposition by his father to James Mitchell of Girlesta of lands of Footaburgh on 21st July 1712, died young
    4. Charles, died young
    5. Sir Andrew, 2nd Baronet
    6. Francis, surgeon, died unmarried in the Parish of St James, Westminister before 1753. By Elizabeth, daughter of John Scott of Gibbleston, he had a natural son Francis, who settled and married in Ireland, and had issue
    7. John Charles, (see separate chapter)
    8. Elizabeth, married at Westshore, 4th February 1714, Thomas Gifford of Busta
    9. Jean, married Charles Neven of Windhouse
    10. Barbara, married Alexander Sinclair of Brew
    11. Margaret, married (first) 23rd December 1729, Gilbert Basil Scott of Voesgarth, and (second) William Bruce of Urie
    12. Janet, married 4th February 1728, Andrew Scott of Greenwall
    13. Catherine, married William Henderson in Bressay, brother of Gardie
    14. Charlotte, married (first) 3rd February 1734, Robert Sinclair, brother of Brew, and (second) William Brown, schoolmaster in Scalloway
    15. Anne, married 27th April 1737, John Cuming, merchant in Garderhouse, son of Rev. John Cuming, minister of Sandsting, and had issue:
      1. John, baptised 28th June 1738, died 2nd August 1738
      2. Murray, baptised 17th August 1740, died 22nd April 1741
      3. Andrew, baptised 22nd February 1742, died in India, 25th October 1794
      4. Margaret, baptised 13th February 1743
      5. Francis, baptised 15th February 1744
      6. Elizabeth, baptised 13th April 1745, married 18th March 1764, Andrew Umphray of Reawick
      7. Jean (twin), baptised 13th April 1745
      8. Gifford (daughter), baptised 2nd August 1748
      9. Agatha, baptised 15th December 1749, died 10th November 1810, married (first) 1776, Rev. James Buchan, minister of Walls from 7th May 1735, to his death on 5th October 1778, and (second) George Barron of Grobesness, Delting
      10. Thomas, baptised 25th March 1751, shipmaster, Cork
      11. Daniel, who had a daughter Lilias, married to Robert Smith of Greenland, Walls, and had issue:
        1. John, baptised 13th June 1784
        2. Elizabeth, baptised December 1790
        3. Thomas, baptised 15th May 1793
        4. Ann, baptised 25th September 1800, died June 1804
        5. Clementina, baptised 25th January 1807
      12. John, messenger in Edinburgh
    16. Robina, baptised at Tingwall, 22nd June 1743
  8. SIR ANDREW MITCHELL of Westshore, 2nd Baronet, admitted Advocate 1732, appointed Sheriff Depute of Orkney and Zetland, 1747, built the house at Sand over the door of which are the family arms with the legend under “Deus nobis hac otia fecit”. He died at Sandhouse 29th June 1764, having married (first) 6th December 1733, his cousin Jean, daughter of Charles Mitchell of Uresland, and (second) Mary, daughter of Sir John Elphinstone of Logie, and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, and his second wife Marion or Helen, daughter of Andrew Stevenson, burgess of Edinburgh. She died without issue at Edinburgh, 14th August 1786. By his first marriage he had issue:
    1. John, 3rd Baronet
    2. Margaret, born 26th August 1735, died 27th December 1740
    3. Andrew, born 30th September 1736, died 12th June 1741
    4. Charles, born 25th November 1737
    5. Elizabeth, born 18th December 1738
    6. Jean, born 20th January 1740
    7. Andrew, born 25th July 1742, admitted Advocate 1765, also practised as a surgeon, and died of fever in Rome, in December 1780, while attending the Hospitals, unmarried
    8. Agatha, born 14th July 1744, died in Edinburgh after 1764
  9. SIR JOHN MITCHELL of Westshore, 3rd Baronet, baptised at Tingwall, 24th September 1734, Cornet 2nd North British Dragoons (Scots Greys) 18th October 1755, Lieutenant 20th January 1759, left the service 1769, and died at Westminster, 5th December 1783, without issue. He was buried in the churchyard of St James, Westminster, 16th December following. His will dated 4th December 1783, was proved in London on 3rd February 1786, by Charles Mitchell, younger of Baldrige, afterwards Sir Charles Mitchell, Knight. He married 28th January 1771, Elizabeth, daughter of John Bruce Stewart of Symbister, but had no issue. On her death in 1791, the extensive family estates were sold and were acquired among others by James Scott of Scalloway, Andrew Bolt of Berry, Thomas Bolt of Cruister, Francis Heddell of Uresland, Arthur Nicolson of Lochend, Robert Ross of Sound, James Cheyne of Tangwick and others.
JOHN MITCHELL OF BERRIE, descended of the family of Bandreth. Bears Sable a fess betwixt three mascles, Or, within a bordur checkie of the second and first.
Crest, three Ears of Barley conjoined in the stalk proper
Motto: “Sapiens qui Assiduus”
Registered circa 1672
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