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LESLIE OF URESLAND in the Parish of Tingwall

  1. THOMAS LESLIE of Burswick, afterwards of Uresland, was Steward Depute of Zetland in 1660. On 9th August 1664, he witnessed a feu charter by Alexander Douglas of Spynie, Chamberlain of Zetland, to Thomas Cheyne of Vaila, and is therein designed Commissary of Zetland. He was Commissioner of supply for Orkney and Zetland under the Acts of Parliament 1678, 1689, and 1690. He died in 1691, having married Anna, daughter of Mr. John Gauden, minister of Tingwall, by whom he had issue:
    1. Patrick, his heir
    2. Grizel, married James Cheyne of Tangwick
    3. Agnes, married 1678, John Gifford of Busta
    4. Margaret, married Robert Hunter of Lunna
  2. PATRICK LESLIE of Uresland [2nd of Uresland] was a Commissioner of Supply for the County in 1696 and 1704. On 15th November 1702, he disponed the lands of Sculigarth in Walls to James Mitchell of Girlesta. In 1705 he, on the narrative that Thomas Leslie, his father, had feued to Thomas Boyne, sailmaker in Lerwick, and James Scollay in Burraness, certain lands in Scalloway, and that on the decease of Thomas Boyne, Katherine Sinclair possessed the same, and granted it to Hugh Boyne, her only son, who was then in possession; and that John Scollay, eldest son to the deceased James Scollay, did sell his property to Patrick Paterson, merchant in Lerwick, raised an action for fulfillment of the conditions of the feu charter before Robert Douglas, brother to the Earl of Morton, and Sir Archibald Stewart of Burray, justiciars of Orkney and Zetland, upon which he obtained a decree under the hand of John Mitchell of Berrie, Sheriff Depute, on 6th December 1705. He was served heir to his father on 17th June 1718, in the lands of Uphouse in Bressay, Linga, Flotta, Delting, Grunay, &c. To Thomas Gifford of Busta he disponed certain of his lands, and in the sasine in favour of Gifford in 1756, he is said to be then deceased. He married Katherine Dunbar, and had issue:
    1. Jean, baptised 22nd December 1727
    2. Barbara, baptised 12th November 1734
  3. JOHN LESLIE of Ustaness (seised on disposition by his father 1738), probably his son or grandson, appears as the owner of 1221/2 merks of land in Tingwall in 1791. He married Barbara, daughter of James Scott of Scalloway, who survived him. He died about 1792, having had issue four daughters, who inherited his property,
    1. Catherine, born 30th August 1776, married John Ross, housewright
    2. Elizabeth, born 22nd May 1780, married John Laurenceson, sailor in Zetland
    3. Philadelphia
    4. Anna, born 22nd July 1782
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