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  1. JOHN MITCHELL, third surviving son of Sir John Mitchell, 1st Bart., living in 1725, as appears by a Sasine registered by his elder brother Andrew, on 7th July 1725, believed to be identical with John Charles Mitchell, baptised at Tingwall, 26th February 1709, living in 1735, according to the Kirk Session Records of Tingwall and Whiteness; living in 1741, according to the Bath Records, Herald's College, London, and also believed to be identical with John Mitchell, living in the parish of St James, Westminster, 1746-1748, in St Ann, Soho, 1749, at Great Tew, 1750-1770, afterwards of South Weston and Tetsworth, all in the County of Oxford, died 25th November 1790. He married Elizabeth (Warburton), who was buried at South Weston, 29th October 1786, and had issue:
    1. Daniel, born in the parish of St James, Westminster, 25th, baptised, 29th March 1746, as the son of John and Mary, (probably a mistake for Elizabeth), died apparently in infancy
    2. Edward Charles, born in the parish of St Ann, Soho, Westminster, 10th July 1749, died in London, 9th October 1818, having married Judith Higgerson or Seabrook, but had no issue. She died in London, 8th July 1833
    3. Anthony, born at Enstone, Oxfordshire, 15th August 1750, a planter in Jamaica, died at sea unmarried before 1791
    4. John Warburton, born at Great Tew, 4th November 1756, died in London, 12th July 1831, married and had issue (all born in Belgium),
      1. Charles Edward, married a Spanish lady, and died at Valparaiso, Chili, without issue
      2. George, (called Burton), went to America
      3. Alfred, lost at sea on a voyage to Valparaiso, unmarried
      4. Albertine Francesca, married Thomas Harmer Page, and had issue
      5. Constance Louise, married Frederick Young Harman Mitchell, and had issue
      6. Victoria Amelia, died unmarried
      7. Collette, married John Causton
      8. Charlotte, died unmarried
    5. William, born at Great Tew, 1st May 1758, died without issue: married Elizabeth, daughter of (Caleb Hitch) of Ware, Hertfordshire
    6. Alexander, planter St Anns Bay, Jamaica, born at Great Tew, 26th August 1759, died unmarried at St Anns Bay, 12th December 1794
    7. Joseph, born at Great Tew, 27th November 1762, died unmarried in London, 13th March 1833
    8. Benjamin (see No. II)
    9. Anne Barroughby, born 15th May 1752, married 1779, George Naylor, and had issue: George
    10. Sarah Compton, born 17th December 1753, died 29th November 1828, married, John Troke, but had no issue
    11. Elizabeth, born 10th June 1753, died unmarried, August 1785
    12. Rebecca, born 7th June 1761, married William Norton, and had issue:
      1. Anne Naylor, died 1841, married Joseph Stuart, London who died, 1840, leaving issue: Edward Charles Mitchell, Caroline Anne, Anne Victoria, Grace Helen
  2. BENJAMIN MITCHELL of Ware, Hertfordshire, born at Great Tew, 17th December 1764, died at Ware, and buried in the churchyard there, 17th March 1804. He married, April 1792, Frances, daughter of Joseph Cooper of London. She was buried at Ware, 12th July 1804, leaving issue:
    1. Joseph Theophilus, see No. III
    2. Benjamin John Laurence, born at Ware 1797, buried there, 17th June 1801
    3. Edward Charles, born at Ware, 15th December 1800, died unmarried at Paramaraibo, Surinam, 20th October 1835
    4. Frederick Young Harman, merchant, London, born at Ware, 3rd June 1802, died in London, 10th June 1863. Married at Todenham, Gloucestershire, 18th June 1828, Constance Louise, daughter of John Warburton Mitchell. She died in London, 26th February 1870, and had issue:
      1. Frederick Harman, merchant, London, formerly member of the Common Council of the City of London, born 3rd September 1833, married at Trinity Church, Newington, Surrey, 22nd June 1858, Annie Maria, daughter of John Hadley of Newington, Surrey, and had issue: Joseph Edward, born in London, 18th May 1866; Annie Elizabeth, born in London, 27th December 1859, married 4th October 1889, Samuel Pratt Viall of Cavendish, Suffolk; Jessie Augusta, born in London, 23rd November 1863, married 24th June 1890, Arthur George Farnam, Livery Clothworkers Company; Mary Ellen, born in London, 24th July 1868; Lizzie Constance, born in London, 2nd January 1872
  3. JOSEPH THEOPHILUS MITCHELL, East India merchant, London, and of Lee in the County of Kent, born in Ware, 20th February 1793, died in London, 14th March 1849, married at Lee, Kent, 4th April 1835, Isabella, daughter of Captain James Young of Lee, Kent, one of the elder Brethren of the Trinity House. She was born 29th December 1809, and died at Braddonfield, Torquay, 25th May 1881, leaving issue:
    1. James William (see No. IV)
    2. Theophilus of Braddonfield, Torquay, M.A., Oxford, Barrister at Law, born at Lee, 8th April 1839, died in London, unmarried, 16th October 1881, buried in Highgate Cemetery
    3. Edward Charles, a planter in the Wynaad Forest, India, born at Lee, 29th October 1842, married at Calicut, Malabar, 21st January 1884, Edith Caroline, daughter of Thomas Craufurd, of the family of Ardmillan, Ayrshire, and widow of John Irvine
    4. John Francis, of Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A., formerly Curate of Pershore, Worcestershire, of St Mary Church, Devonshire, and Chaplain to the Earl of Kinnoul, presently Rector of Wolferton, Norfolk. Hon. Chaplain to the Prince of Wales, November 1886, one of the Chaplains in Ordinary to the Queen, November 1892, born at Lee, 3rd June 1845
    5. Isabella Boyd, sometime of Braddonfield, Torquay, born at Lee, 12th April 1841, living unmarried at Wolferton
    6. Katherine Rose, born at Lee, 18th September 1846, died 1st January 1847, buried at Lee, in the old churchyard
  4. JAMES WILLIAM MITCHELL of Audley, Sidmouth, Devonshire, Rothesay Herald, 12th March 1879, Lyon Clerk, 4th March 1890, formerly Lieutenant 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, and 17th Foot, born at Lee, Kent, 7th November 1836, married at St Mary Church, Devon, 8th April 1874, Annie Tilburn, born 1st July 1856, elder daughter of Thomas Sykes, Ackworth, Yorkshire (who died at St Mary Church, on the 3rd November 1859, aged 32), and had issue:
    1. Edward Charles Hallibruton, born at Audley, 2nd June 1876, died at Colinton Mains, 12th April 1888, buried in Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh
    2. Hugh Sykes, born at Audley, 1st November 1880
    3. John Hallibruton, born at Colinton Mains, Midlothian, 19th July 1890
    4. Isabel Beatrix, born at Audley, 28th December 1874
    5. Edith Mary, born at Colinton Mains, 27th November 1892
JAMES WILLIAM MITCHELL, Rothesay herald. Bears sable a fess invected in chief an annulet between two mascles, and in base a mascle between two annulets or, a bordure chequey of the last and first.
Crest, a mascle sable interlaced by three ears of barley erect, slipped and leaved or
Motto: “Sapiens qui assiduus”.
On an escutcheon of pretence, Argent on a chevron nebulé gules between three fountains, as many eagles rising proper, for Sykes
Exemplified in Lyon Register, 15th June 1886
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