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MITCHELL OF URESLAND in the Parish of Tingwall

  1. CHARLES MITCHELL of Uresland, writer in Edinburgh, youngest son of John Mitchell of Berry and Westshore, and Jean Umphray his wife, died in Edinburgh, 11th November 1726. He married (first) Jean, sister of Sir Robert Blackwood, knight, Dean of Guild, Edinburgh, by whom he had no issue; and (second) 10th February 1706, Margaret, daughter of Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pitreavie, Bart., and his wife Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir Charles Halkett of Pitfiranne, Bart. She was born at Dunfermline, 2nd January 1683. They had issue:
    1. Charles, his heir
    2. James
    3. John, all mentioned in a disposition by George Pitcairn of Assiter, in favour of their father, in 1719
    4. Jean, died May 1746, married 6th December 1733, Sir Andrew Mitchell of Westshore, 2nd Bart.
    5. Elizabeth, married 15th January 1736, John Scott of Melby
    6. Margaret, married Saffern Lykie, factor in Scotland for the Danish Asiatic East India Company
  2. CHARLES MITCHELL of Pittedie, Fifeshire, was killed by a fall from his horse in Edinburgh, in September 1728. He married Jean, daughter of Alexander Menzies of Woodend, by whom he had an only son.
  3. CHARLES MITCHELL of Pittedie, afterwards of Baldridge, Fifeshire, Collector of Supply for Fifeshire, died at the Hill House, near Dunfermline, 30th April 1793, aged 63, married Margaret, daughter of William Forbes, W.S., second son of Sir David Forbes of Newhall. She died 1st November 1800. They had issue:
    1. William, died young
    2. Sir Charles, captain in the Naval Service, H.E.I.C., knighted at St James, March 18, 1796, for an action in the Straits of Malacca, with a French frigate, he being then Captain of the “William Pitt”, East Indiaman, died suddenly, 24th March 1808. He married at Calcutta about 1788, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Patterson, who died 17th July 1803, and had issue:
      1. Charles, (only son), born at London, 13th July 1789, an officer in H.E.I.C.S., died unmarried
      2. Elizabeth Katherine, born 28th November 1792, married in Ceylon, 1812, Alexander Cosby Jackson of Edmonton, Middlesex, Colonel 40th Foot, and had issue:
        1. Sir Charles Robert Mitchell Jackson, born 1813, Judge of Supreme Court of India, died 1874, married 1844, Jane, daughter of Edward Armitage of Farnley Hall, Yorks, and had issue; Charles William Leathley, clerk of Insolvent Court, Bombay; Laurence Colville, barrister at Law, married Nina, daughter of George Goss, London; Francis Sydney, R.N., killed at bombardment of Alexandria
        2. Robert, Captain 40th Foot, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Peter Halkett, Bart., of Pitfirrane, and had issue
        3. William Forbes, married (first) ----------, daughter of Sir --- Thomas, Bart.; and (second) Cecilia, daughter of admiral Fishbourne, and had issue
        4. Sydney Jackson, Captain 70th Foot
        5. Emma, married Rev. E H Armitage, and died 1849
      3. Margaret Forbes, died in infancy, and was buried at South Weald, 7th October 1795
    3. Sir Andrew (see No. IV)
    4. William, died at School in Dunfermline
    5. Duncan Forbes, captain Royal Navy, died unmarried at Naples about 1796, aged about 30
    6. Bruce, captain in the East India Company's Marine Service, Commander of the “Marquess of Wellesley”, 1800, died 1815, married in London, 20th September 1803, Eleanor, daughter of John Stephenson of London, who died 21st May 1842, and had issue:
      1. John Henry, died unmarried in 1849
      2. Charles Edward, died 1863
      3. Bruce, killed at the battle of San Sebastian, 5th May 1836, unmarried
      4. Eleanor Bruce, born 16th October 1815, died 24th December 1875, married 19th July 1848, William Brand, W.S. He was born 5th January 1807, and died 18th October 1869. They had issue:
        1. William Bruce Mitchell, 93rd Highlanders, died 30th March 1890, married August 1874, Blanche, daughter of Louis Leslie, M.D., Alton, Hants, and has issue a daughter Elma Bruce, born 1875
        2. Eleanor Mary, married 7th February 1878, Rev. Frederick Robert Blatch, son of the Rev. W Blatch
        3. Mary Agnes Harriette, married in Edinburgh, 5th November 1884, Rev. William Mouat Cameron of Garth and Annsbrae
      5. Mary, born at the Hillhouse, near Dunfermline, 9th September 1804, died unmarried, 9th September 1874
    7. Jean, died March 1800, married Sir John Wardlaw, captain Grenadier Company 62nd Regiment, who died at Dunfermline, 1st January 1823, leaving an only surviving child, Jean, who married 1844, Andrew Clark of Comrie Castle, who assumed the name of Wellwood, and died without issue: April 1855
    8. Anne Nairn, died 1st January 1801, unmarried
    9. Margaret, died young at Baldridge
    10. Catherine Forbes, died unmarried
  4. SIR ANDREW MITCHELL, K.B., Captain Royal Navy, 25th October 1778; Rear Admiral, 6th June 1795; Vice-Admiral, 14th February 1799; invested with the Insignia of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath at St James's, 8th January 1800; Admiral of the Blue Squadron of the H.M. Fleet, 9th November 1805, Commander-in-Chief on the Halifax Station, Nova Scotia, born at Leith 1st October 1757, died at Bermuda, 26th February 1806. He married (first) at Bombay, 1st January 1785, Anne, daughter of Nathaniel Stackhouse of Bombay, who died at Bermuda, 1802, aged 33, and had issue:
    1. Charles, born at St Helena 5th December 1786, died unmarried at Castle Hill, 25th November 1834, buried at Culross
    2. Nathaniel, born in London, 5th May 1788, died at Dunfermline, 23rd November 1842, unmarried, buried in the Abbey Churchyard there
    3. Andrew, born in London, 20th July 1789, died in London, unmarried, 1840.
    Sir Andrew Mitchell, married (second) 3rd May 1805, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mary, daughter of Richard John Uniacke, H.M. Attorney General, at Halifax, who died there 25th October 1825, and had issue:
    1. Martha Maria (see No. V)
  5. MARTHA MARIA MITCHELL, born at Halifax, 20th February 1806, died in London, 2nd March 1881, married at Halifax, 8th June 1837, William Hargraves Molyneux, captain Royal Navy, who died at New Brighton, Cheshire, 26th July 1868, son of William Molyneux, of Sandfield, Lancashire, and had issue:
    1. Andrew Mitchell (see No. VI)
    2. William Hargraves Mitchell, commander Royal Navy, born 8th March 1842, died unmarried, 27th January 1883
    3. Mary Mitchell, born 9th April 1838, died at Naples, 28th December 1838
    4. Geraldine Mitchell, born 11th February 1845, married 16th February 1881, Captain Robert Alexander Hume Barry, of Mont Alto, Wicklow, and has issue: Robert William Molyneux, born 6th January 1882, Hargraves Mitchell Molyneux, born 29th March 1883, and Vera Melton Mitchell, born 3rd June 1886
  6. ANDREW MITCHELL MOLYNEUX, of Rock Point, New Brighton, late Captain 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, J.P. for Cheshire, born at Naples, 27th August 1839, married at Tunbridge Wells, 27th August 1866, Louisa, daughter of Edmund Molyneux, H.B.M. Consul for the State of Georgia, U.S.A. and of Sandfield, Lancashire, and has issue:
    1. William Edmund Molyneux, born at Chatham, 14th January 1871
    2. Ella Gladys, born at Leamington, 17th January 1868
    3. Gwendolin Louise, born at Aldershot, 17th June 1869
    4. Anne Marion, born at Charlton, Kent, 13th April 1872
    5. Marie Elize, born at Rock Point, 13th August 1873
    6. Hilda Geraldine Uniacke, born at Rock Point, 31st July 1877
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