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GREIG OF VASSAY in the Parish of Nesting

  1. WILLIAM GREIG of Vassay, Garth, and Gletness, came to Shetland about 1680, and married Barbara, daughter of Edward Sinclair of Toft, and had issue:
    1. daughter, married John Sinclair of Quendale
    2. Agnes, married 9th January 1739, Rev. James Grierson, minister of Tingwall
    3. Lilias, died 28th May 1742, aged 41, married her cousin George Greig, in Papa Stour
    4. daughter, married Mr. Greig, Lerwick
    5. James, his heir
    6. Arthur, Lieutenant, died abroad, leaving a widow and two children
  2. JAMES GREIG of Vassay, bailie of Nesting, married his cousin Barbara, daughter of Rev. Robert Gray, minister of Nesting, and had issue:
    1. Andrew, his heir
    2. Margaret, married Samuel Paton, and had issue: Ann
    3. Agnes, married James Laurenson of Relsbro' family
    4. Barbara, married Peter Laurenson, and had issue: William, and Catherine, married W Hendry
    5. Betsy, married William Harper, Sound
    6. Ann, married Peter Hunter
    7. Christian, died 12th January 1818, aged 65, married Archibald Greig of Happyhansel
  3. ANDREW GREIG of Vassay, Southerhouse, and Northerhouse, married Ann, daughter of John Rintoul, and had issue:
    1. William
    2. Betty, married Alexander Sandison, merchant, Delting, and had issue;
      1. John
      2. Betty, married Leisk of Uyea
      3. Andrina
      4. Margaret
      5. May married Mr. Youngclause
      6. Ann, married W Pole, and had issue:
        1. Alexander, M.D.
        2. William of Mossbank
        3. Joseph of Greenbank
        4. Thomas M C
        and married Rev. William Levie, minister of Nesting
      7. Catherine, married Peter Sandison
      8. James
    3. WILLIAM GREIG, married Catherine, daughter of Peter Innes, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. James of Leog, married Ann, daughter of Robert Deans, Lerwick, and had issue:
        1. William
        2. Robert
        3. Barbara
        4. Margaret
        5. Joan
        6. Ann (Died August 1838)
        7. Jane, married 1844, Sir John Cracroft Wilson
      2. Barbara, married James Fea, and had William James, and a daughter
      His widow married John Morrison
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