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GREIG OF SANDSOUND in the Parish of Sandsting

  1. JAMES GREIG, bailie of Lerwick, brother of William Greig of Vassay, born 1655, is said to have come to Shetland about the end of the seventeenth century, died 3rd October 1742, and was buried in Papa Stour. He married Agnes, daughter of Captain Laurence Williamson, shipmaster in Bressay, who died 17th January 1730, aged 67, and had issue:
  2. GEORGE GREIG, merchant in Papa Stour, married (first) his cousin Lilias, daughter of William Greig, of Vassay, and had issue:
    1. Margaret
    2. Agnes
    3. Elizabeth
    4. Barbara
    5. Mary
    6. John
    7. Margaret
    Who all died in childhood. He married (second) Margaret, daughter of Rev. George Duncan, of Huxter, minister of Walls, and had issue seven children, all of whom died young except Archibald, No. III
  3. ARCHIBALD GREIG, of Happyhansel, schoolmaster, Walls, married Christian, daughter of James Greig, of Vassay, and had issue:
    1. Elizabeth, baptized 25th October 1786, died young
    2. James, see No. IV
    3. Margaret, see No. VI
    4. William, baptized 14th January 1791, died October 1816
    5. Clementina, baptised 9th April 1793
    6. Barbara, baptised 29th May 1794, married Captain George Cheyne, and had issue
      1. Arthur, died at sea
      2. Christian
  4. JAMES GREIG, of Sandsound [1st of Sandsound], writer and procurator fiscal, Lerwick, baptised 10th January 1785, died 11th May 1852, having married (first) 1809, Cecilia, daughter of Francis Heddell of Uresland, and had issue:
    1. Archibald, his heir
    2. James, married Emma Buchan, and had issue
      1. Louisa, married 30th April 1877, Robert James Muir, inspector of schools, Montrose
      2. Emma, married 27th April 1878, Francis David Alexander Skae, M.D. who died 19th December 1891.
      Mrs. Greig married secondly in 1859, Rev. Robert Salker, Episcopal clergyman, Lerwick, and has issue Mary and Christian
    3. Barbara, married (first ) William Coplain, and (second) Arthur Livingston, Melbourne
    4. Christina, baptised 6th April 1812, married Captain Brand, R.N. and had issue
      1. Cecilia
      2. Francisca, married Rev. T J Henderson, rector of Banbury, and has issue Fanny
      3. Mary Ann
      4. John, in Admiralty
      5. James, in Somerset House, married Emily Edwards
      6. Ferdinand, in Admiralty, married Edith Hartley
      7. William Eden, in Somerset House, married Grace Edwards
      8. Roland
    5. Margaret, baptised 8th February 1814, married Dr. John Cowie, Lerwick, who was born 18th August 1813, and died 26th August 1866, and had issue:
      1. Robert Isaac, M.D. born 1st February 1842, died 1st May 1874, married Janet Smith, Aberdeen, and had issue: Mary, Margaret, Roberta, and Elizabeth, born 29th May and died 12th August 1874
      2. John, in New Zealand
      3. Isaac, in Hudson's Bay Company, married Margaret Sinclair
      4. Archibald, married Andrina Mathewson
      5. James, in Hudson's Bay Company
    6. Eliza, baptised 9th July 1815, married Robert Hicks, Merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. James, died 1867
      2. Cecilia, died aged 26
      3. Charlotte, married James Robertson, Edinburgh and had Joseph and Cecil
      4. Sarah, died aged 23
      5. Harry Horace, dead
      6. Eliza, died aged 21
      7. Archibald
      8. Robert Havelock
    7. Frances, married (first) Captain George Sutherland, and had issue:
      1. Cecilia
      2. Frances;
      and (second), John Stobo, Glasgow, and had issue
      1. James
      2. Robert
    8. Charlotte Bolt, died 7th June 1842 aged 24
    9. Julia, married George Smith, S.S.C., and had issue
      1. John Scott, Sheriff Clerk, Lerwick, died 13th December 1886
      2. Christina Cecilia
      3. Margaret
      4. James
      5. Georgina Eliza, died in Canada, 2nd March 1893, aged 27, married her cousin, James Cowie
    10. Andrina, married John Mathewson, Londonderry, and had issue:
      1. James Greig
      2. Margaret, married Walter Yull, Campsie, and has issue: John, Walter, and James
      3. Cecilia, married John Yuill, Campsie
      4. John
      5. Andrina, married Archibald Cowie
      6. Charlotte
    11. Cecilia, married James Smith, clerk to Lord Jerviswoode, died 16th February 1893, had had issue:
      1. James
      2. Cecilia
      3. Eliza, born September 1867
      James Greig, married (second), Cecilia Gordon, widow of Gilbert Paterson of Greenwall
  5. ARCHIBALD GREIG of Sandsound [2nd of Sandsound], born 1818, died 12th October 1852, married 19th September 1843, Forbes Ann, daughter of John R Skinner, W.S., Edinburgh, and had issue:
    1. James, born 11th November 1845, died 29th May 1866
    2. John Robert, born 15th June 1847, died 1857
    3. Archibald Forbes of Sandsound, born 11th July 1850, died 2nd October 1888
  6. MARGARET GREIG, daughter of Archibald Greig of Happyhansel, baptised 11th March 1789, married (first), 16th February 1842, Lewis Francis Cuming Umphray of Reawick, and had issue; and (second), James Garriock, merchant, Reawick, who died 28th January 1872, aged 83, and had issue:
    1. Lewis Francis Umphray
    2. Mary, born 9th December 1826, died 23rd February 1876
    3. Archibald John, born 22nd November 1828
    4. James, born 27th May 1833, married 28th August 1879, Christian Ann Durie, and has issue:
      1. James Reginald Raymond, born 17th September 1880
      2. Christian Mabel, born 10th February 1883, and
      3. Margaret Greig, born 9th August 1885
  7. LEWIS FRANCIS UMPHRAY GARRIOCK of Berry, born 10th February 1825, married 1872, Evangeline Young, of Dundee, and has issue:
    1. Gertrude Elizabeth, born 30th August 1873
    2. Lewis James, born 2nd June 1877
    3. Francis Ernest, born 16th December 1880
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