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  1. Rev. James Grierson, A.M. [7th of Quendale] took his degree at the University of Edinburgh, on 7th April 1696; was thereafter licensed by the Presbytery of Stirling, on 12th November 1710; was the first minister of the Parish of Tingwall after the disjunction and erection of Lerwick into a separate parish; was called on 28th April and ordained 18th September 1706, and continued minister of the parish until his death, on 3rd August 1747, aged about 71. He married (first), a lady whose name is unknown, and had issue:
    1. Helen, baptised 28th June 1709
    2. Andrew, baptised 31st August 1712
    He married (second), 18th January 1732, Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Greig, merchant in Scalloway, and Barbara, his wife, and had issue:
    1. John, baptised 14th April 1733
    2. Andrew John, his heir
    3. George, born 20th August 1735
    4. Janet, born 10th September 1736, married 12th February 1756, James Malcolmson, sheriff-clerk
    He married (third), 9th January 1739, Agnes, daughter of William Greig of Vassay, who died, his widow, on 19th December 1749.
  2. ANDREW JOHN GRIERSON, Merchant in Lerwick, [8th of Quendale] baptised 25th April 1734, acquired the lands of Quendale from James Sinclair in 1765. He died at sea in March 1756, having married 16th December 1755, Elizabeth, daughter of John Kelday, merchant, Lerwick, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Halcro of Coubister, and had issue:
    1. Elizabeth, baptised 14th February 1758
    2. James, his heir
    3. Andrew, baptised 19th February 1761, died young
    4. Andrina, baptized 16th November 1761
    5. John, baptised 16th April 1762, died 14th February 1767
    6. Andrew, see No. IV
    7. Janet, married James Craigie
  3. JAMES GRIERSON of Quendale [9th of Quendale], baptised 25th May 1759, served heir to his father 24th September 1767, appears to have died young, and was succeeded by his brother
  4. ANDREW GRIERSON of Quendale [20th of Quendale], baptised 20th April 1764, served heir to his brother 17th March 1807, and to his great grandfather Andrew Greig, on 11th November 1825, acquired extensive lands in the parish of Aithsting, and died 12th February 1835. He married Agnes, daughter of John Grant of Kippochie, who died in 1847, and had issue:
    1. Andrew John, born 13th March 1787, died in America about 1830
    2. James, his heir
    3. Alexander, officer in Royal Navy, died at Liverpool
    4. Crichton, Lieutenant General, Royal Engineers, died November 1871
    5. Mitchell
    6. Agnes, born 1st May 1812
  5. JAMES GRIERSON of Quendale [11th of Quendale], died 1863, having married, 30th December 1830, Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of William Thomas Craigie of Brew, merchant in Leith, and had issue:
    1. Andrew John
    2. James Cullen
    3. Elizabeth Janet, married in 1860, Rev. James Prophet, minister in Dunrossness from 1858 to 1869, who died 15th February 1889
    4. Agnes Mary, married in 1863, Charles Ogilvy Robertson of Gossaburgh
  6. ANDREW JOHN GRIERSON, now of Quendale [12th of Quendale], appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Zetland, 1878, was born 3rd August 1832. He married in 1860, Alice, daughter of Herbert John Clifford, and had issue:
    1. James Cullen, solicitor, Lerwick, Vice-Convener of Zetland, born 1863
    2. Herbert John Clifford
    3. Andrew, died at Portland, Oregon, July 1891, aged 21
    4. Bernard
    5. Lucy Margaret
    6. Elizabeth Mitchell Sinclair
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