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  1. PATRICK MOWAT of Balquholly was a witness to a charter by George Meldrum of Fyvie to Alexander Ogilvy of Kilbirny, on 6th July 1532. He and Margaret Cheyne, his wife, were confirmed in the lands of Darrauch, in the barony of Balquholly in Aberdeenshire, on 21st February 1545. In 1548 he entered into a contract with Malcolm Halcro of that Ilk, for the marriage of their son and daughter
  2. PATRICK MOWAT of Balquholly and Freswick had a charter from his father to himself and Christian, daughter of Walter Ogilvy of Boyne, his spouse, of the lands of Meikle Colp and others in the Barony of Balquholly, on 9th October 1559. He was served heir to his father in 1565, and had issue:
    1. Magnus, his heir
    2. James
    3. Isabella, married William Bruce of Sandstill, and died 1601
  3. MAGNUS MOWAT of Freswick obtained a charter from his father in 1602. He married Isabella Cheyne, relict of John Kennedy of Kermuick, Aberdeenshire, and died in 1634, leaving two daughters,
    1. Elizabeth
    2. Christian, who married Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath
    He was succeeded by his brother,
  4. JAMES MOWAT of Freswick, who was infeft on a precept of clare constat as heir of his brother in 1634. He had a son
  5. PATRICK MOWAT of Balquholly, killed at the battle of Alford on 2nd July 1645, and his estates forfeited. The forfeiture of the estates was purchased by Rodger Mowat, advocate, who had a charter of the lands on 2nd December 1644, and was Sheriff Depute of Orkney and Zetland in 1663. Patrick Mowat had issue:
    1. Magnus (No. VI)
    2. George of Hamnavoe (No. VIII)
  6. MAGNUS MOWAT of Balquholly, born 1630, a Commissioner for Valuation in 1662, a J.P. for Aberdeenshire and Orkney and Zetland 1663, sold Freswick in 1661 to William Sinclair of Ratter, married in 1651 Jean, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. James
    3. Elizabeth
    4. Helen
  7. WILLIAM MOWAT of Balquholly, a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1685, died before 22nd May 1710, when his uncle George of Hamnavoe was served heir to him
  8. GEORGE MOWAT of Hamnavoe came to Shetland 1657, Commissioner of Supply 1678, served heir to his nephew William of Balquholly, 22nd May 1710; married Margaret, daughter of James Mowat of Ollaberry, and had issue:
    1. Patrick of Balquholly (No. IX)
    2. Hector of Hurdaback, in Papa Stour
    3. James of Stenhouse, a Commissioner of Supply in 1704, served heir to his brother, Hector of Hurdaback, on 2nd July 1711, married Elizabeth Mackenzie, and had issue:
      1. George, the father of George who registered arms in 1811, and James, Major, Royal Engineers
      2. William
      3. Patrick, father of Peter; James; and three other sons
      4. George
  9. PATRICK MOWAT of Balquholly, a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1706, sold the lands of Papa Stour, to which he had succeeded through his mother, to John Scott of Scottshall in 1716. He would appear to have been twice married (first) to Marjorie, daughter of Andrew Bruce of Muness, and (second) to Barbara Cheyne, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Margaret
  10. JOHN MOWAT of Balquholly, sold the family estate of Balquholly in 1727, to Alexander Duff of Hatton, died 1736, married Agnes, daughter and heiress of Keith of Keithfield, and had issue:
  11. JOHN MOWAT KEITH of Balquholly and Keithfield, died 1788, married Margaret Chalmers, and had issue:
    1. James
    2. Marjorie, married George Mouat
    3. Isabella
    4. Cecilia
GEORGE MOWAT, Captain Royal Navy, eldest lawful son of George Mowat, who was eldest lawful son of the deceased James Mowat of Stennes, in the parish of Northmaven, heir male and representative of the Mowats of Balquholly. Bears, Argent a lion rampant sable, crowned with an eastern or antique crown, or.
Crest, the battlement of a castle or, issuant therefrom a demi warrior armed, and accoutred proper, holding in his dexter hand, a sword also proper, hilted and pommelled or, and in his sinister hand, a flag-staff thereon hoisted a banner vert, fringed and charged with an eastern or antique crown or.
Mottoes “Monte Alto” and “Commit thy work to God”
Supporters, Two naked savages wreathed about the head and middle with oult leaves all proper, each holding in his exterior hand a trident, or.
Registered 22nd March 1811
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