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INNES OF FRACAFIELD in the Parish of Tingwall

  1. ALEXANDER INNES, doctor of medicine, Lerwick, married (first) Barbara, daughter of John Scott of Gibbleston, and widow of Hector Scott of Scottshall, and had issue:
    1. Grizel, baptised 26th October 1731
    2. Alexander, baptised 25th December 1733
    3. Jean, (twin), baptised 25th December 1733
    4. Lilias, baptised 18th October 1736
    5. Peter (see No. II)
    He married (second) 6th July 1742, Elizabeth, daughter of George Pitcairn, shipmaster and merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
    1. John, baptised 8th November 1743
    2. James, baptised 19th November 1747
    3. Margaret, baptised 13th September 1756
  2. PETER INNES, [4th of Fracafield] merchant in Lerwick, purchased the estate of Fracafield at the judicial sale of the lands and estate of Charles Dick, eldest son, and heir of the deceased Robert Dick of Fracafield, on 24th December 1774, for £1900. He married (first) 3rd January 1758, Cecilia, daughter of John Kelday, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
    1. George, died of smallpox, 7th September 1761
    2. John, baptised 24th April 1761, died 8th October 1761
    3. Elizabeth, baptised 10th August 1762, married 28th November 1784, Robert Ross of Sound
    4. Peter, his heir
    5. Barbara, baptised 10th July 1765, died 13th August 1840, married 31st July 1785, Francis Heddell of Uresland
    6. James, baptised 28th October 1766
    7. Cecilia, baptised 16th February 1763, died in infancy
    8. Cecilia, baptised 29th June 1769
    9. William, baptised 26th August 1773
    10. Catherine, married William Greig
    He married (second) 28th November 1786, Margaret Craigie
  3. PETER INNES of Fracafield [5th of Fracafield], married 26th September 1784, Ann, daughter of Samuel Scollay, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
    1. Margaret, born 1st August 1785
    2. Peter, born 2nd September 1786
    3. Cecilia, born 3rd February 1788, married Alexander McInnes, Captain in Life Guards
    4. Laura Bruce
    5. Ann, born 10th February 1790, married Frederick Brown, 13th Madras Native Infantry
    6. Samuel, born 28th March 1791
    7. Laura Bruce Barbara, born 10th May 1794, married Charles Thomson, London.
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