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There were two families of Goudies in Fetlar, viz:- those of Pir and Swinister. On 7th December 1627, David Gadie in Pir, is a witness to a sasine on a Charter by James Sutherland of Hill, and John Sutherland his eldest son, to Thomas Cheyne of Vaila, of the land of Hill and other.

  1. MR JOHN GAUDEN was the son of Thomas Gadie or Gauden and his wife, Mary Stuart of Campstone. He was born in 1650, was minister of Tingwall from 18th April 1675, till his death on 25th May 1688, married Margaret, daughter of John Sinclair of Quendale, who survived him, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Ann, married Thomas Leslie of Ustaness
    3. Barbara, married Pitcairn, brother to George Pitcairn, of Muness
  2. JOHN GAUDEN of Overland in Fetlar, acquired the lands of Swinister, in 1684, for £500 from Mr Robert Ramsay, minister of Yell, and Margaret Sinclair, his spouse, only child of Mr Hercules Sinclair, minister of Northmaven. He also acquired some other lands from John Cheyne of Esslemont, in 1703, married Marjory, eldest daughter of Gilbert Bruce of Clivocast, and had issue:
    1. John, who sold his 161/2 merk land in Overland, to his brother Gilbert, and went abroad
    2. Gilbert (see No.III)
    3. Peter, settled in Guernsey
    4. Charles, went abroad
    5. Margaret
    6. Ursula
  3. GILBERT GAUDEN of Overland and Swinister, had a renunciation of these lands from his elder brother John, on 21st April 1734. In 1761, he made over these lands to William Mouat, merchant in Unst, a grandson of Mr Robert Ramsay, minister of Yell, who had formerly possessed them. He married Ursilla, second daughter of William Bruce of Urie, and had issue:
    1. John, drowned in Holland
    2. Andrew
    3. Charles
    4. William (see No.IV)
    5. Ann, married John Ross of Scarpoe
    6. Katherine, married James Smith of Funzie
    7. Elizabeth, died 4th August 1840, married 4th January 1787, James Irving of Midbrake, Yell
  4. WILLIAM GAUDEN died at Overland, 15th June 1789, having married Katherine, daughter of Henry Sinclair of Still, who died 17th October 1839, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert (see No.V)
    2. John Andrew
    3. Thomas Charles
    4. Barbara (see No.VI)
    5. Ursula
  5. GILBERT GAUDEN married 12th April 18 , Janet, daughter of John Ross of Scarpoe, and had issue:
    1. Mary Ann, baptised 11th April 1811
    2. William, baptised 14th July 1812
    3. William, baptised 14th July 1813
    4. Catherine Ann, baptised 27th August 1814
    5. John Ross, baptised 24th November 1815
  6. BARBARA GAUDEN married Gilbert Smith of Strand, Fetlar, and had issue:
    1. James
    2. William
    3. Gilbert, who went to America
    4. John, went abroad
    5. Thomas Alexander, married Mary Winwick
    6. Andarina, married John Mood, and had a daughter Mary Ann, who married George Jameson
    7. Mary
    8. Catherine
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