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GOUDIE OF BRAEFIELD in the Parish of Dunrossness

  1. GAVIN GOUDIE, (“Gawanne Gadie”) of Lugasetter, in the parish of Dunrossness, is the first of this family, which may claim to be of native origin, mentioned on record. He was one of the few udallers of Shetland who had the courage to resist the oppressions of Lord Robert Stewart, and boldly impeached Laurence Bruce of Cultmalindie, the Earl's deputy, by special Bill of Complaint before the Commission appointed by the Regent Morton, 1577, to inquire into the tyrannies of that person. He married Helen Mowat, who survived him and died his widow in March 1603. The inventory of her personal estate was confirmed by the Commissary of Orkney and Zetland on 18th April 1613, when her sons John and Erasmus confirmed executors to her.
  2. JOHN GOUDIE appears to have carried on the family. He and his brother Erasmus removed to Clumlie about the year 1600, at which place the family have since remained.
  3. GAVIN GOUDIE in Clumlie is the next member of the family mentioned on record. In the Commissary Books on 27th August 1630, is found “The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, sums of money and debts which pertein to the late Gayn Gadie in Clumlie within the parish of Dunrosness who died in the month of October 1629, faithfully made & given up be Judith Mowat, relict in name of Mans, John and Oliver Gadie their lawfull bairnes and exectors datives decerned to the defunct by decree of the Commissar”. He left as before mentioned three sons,
    1. Magnus
    2. John, next mentioned; and
    3. Oliver
  4. JOHN GOUDIE, the second son, carried on the family and appears to have been the father of
  5. GAVIN GOUDIE, who along with his brother William, paid scat duty for one half of the township of Clumlie, then held by them as per the rental of the Lordship of Zetland for crop 1716-17. He had issue four sons,
    1. Gilbert
    2. Gavin, english interpreter in Russia
    3. William, Trosswickness, father of John Goudie, Navy Contractor, Edinburgh
    4. Magnus
  6. GILBERT GOUDIE died about 1775. By his wife, Isabel Henrysdaughter or Robertson of Deepdale, he had issue:
    1. Gavin
    2. Olla
    3. Henry
    4. Janet
    5. Agnes
    6. Martha
    7. Marion
  7. GAVIN GOUDIE in Clumlie, born in 1748, was ordained an elder of Dunrossness parish by the Rev. John Mill on 23rd October 1791. He died in 1812, having married, 4th September 1792, Marion Georgesdaughter, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert
    2. George, born 17th July 1799, died at Edinburgh in 1842, aged 43
    3. Andrew, watchmaker in Lerwick, born 6th June 1802, died 10th October 1870
    4. Gavin, builder, Edinburgh, Associate of the Architectural Institute of Scotland, died 31st December 1869
    5. Margaret, born 23rd December 1793, married Gavin Goudy, merchant, Lerwick, and died at South Shields in September 1878, and had issue:
      1. Peter Gilbert
      2. William Spence
      3. John Cririe, of the Union Bank, Edinburgh
      4. James Catton, London, married Margaret Louisa Williamson
      5. Margaret, married Basil Johnston of Linburn, Yell, and had issue
      6. Mary Ann, died unmarried
      7. Martha, married Captain Andrew Blanch
      8. Elizabeth Yates, married Mitchell Moncreiff, South Shields, and has issue
  8. GILBERT GOUDIE, born 20th February 1796, built the house of Braefield in 1863, the present residence of the family, and died there on 10th December 1891. He married Jane, daughter of George Black, who died 12th September 1878, and had issue:
    1. Gavin, born 1st November 1828, died 31st July 1848
    2. Janes
    3. Mary Anne, married Thomas Mouat of H.M.Customs, Williamston, Victoria, and had issue Thomas Gilbert Gossit, now of Cleveland, U.S.A.
    4. George, resident in Australia, married Caroline Ashton, and has issue seven sons and one daughter
    5. Margaret, married Thomas Mainland, Trebister, and has issue a son and two daughters
    6. Andrew, residing at Braefield, married Jemima, daughter of John Thomson, Houlland, and has issue:
      1. Gilbert Peter, in Dakota, U.S.A.
      2. Martha Umphray
      3. John James, in Dakota, U.S.A.
      4. Jane Maria
    7. Peter, died in Australia, 1853, aged 17
    8. Elizabeth
    9. Gilbert, died in infancy
    10. Gilbert, next mentioned
    11. Martha
  9. GILBERT GOUDIE, Inspector of Branches, National Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, the youngest son, born 23rd April 1843, succeeded to Braefield in terms of his father's settlement. As an antiquary, as an authority on Shetland history, and as a Scandinavian scholar, Mr Goudie is well known. By numerous papers read before the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, his editing of the “Diary of the Rev.John Mill”, and by his translation from the Icelandic, in conjunction with Mr John A Hjaltalin, of The Orkneyinga Saga, he had laid all students of the history of these northern isles under a debt of gratitude. He married 8th September 1881, Anna, daughter of John Anderson of Horselaw, and widow of William Ross of Greenside, both in the County of Fife, and has issue:
    1. Gilbert John, born 31st December 1884
Note - Of this line are descended the families of ROBERT GOUDIE OF WADBISTER, merchant, Lerwick, now deceased; and of JAMES TULLOCH GOUDIE OF SAND, and of Oakleigh Park, Pollokshields, manufacturer in Glasgow. Mr Goudie, the son of Robert Goudie and Grace Bruce Tulloch, Cullister, and grandson of Gavin Goudie, Bigton, Dunrossness, recently purchased the estate of Sand. He married Jane, daughter of the Rev.John Nicolson, and has surviving issue:
  1. Margaret, born 10th March 1870
  2. John Nicolson, born 20th May 1871
  3. James Tulloch, born 15th June 1873
  4. Grace Bruce, born 3rd November 1875
  5. Eliza Catherine, born 25th April 1878
  6. Albert Nicol, born 3rd September 1881
PETER GOUDIE OF SCOTTRIGARTH, Sandwick, who died somewhat early in life, left two sons:
  1. Gavin, signal-master R.N.
  2. Walter, who married Ursula Irvine, and had issue:
    1. Peter Goudie married first Hannah Irvine, and had issue
      1. William Payne, B.A., University Tutor, residing in Derby, married Lydia H Kaye, and has issue:
        1. Zillah
        2. Elizabeth
        3. Peter
        4. Dunross
      2. Janet
      3. Elizabeth
      He married (second) Elizabeth Johnson, and had issue
      1. John
      2. Peter
      3. Margaret
    2. three daughters
The name of Goudie in Dunrossness, originally, it would appear, represented by a single family, has long been localised in that parish. It is still of frequent occurrence there, though but rarely met with elsewhere in the islands. Numerous connections are to be found in the Colonies.
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