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GIFFORD OF OLLABERRY in the Parish of Northmaven

  1. ANDREW GIFFORD of Ollaberry was the son of John Gifford, second of Busta, resided at Weathersta, and married Christian, daughter of Captain John Murray, who remarried after his death William Henderson. By her he had issue:
    1. Patrick, who succeeded him.
    2. John
  2. PATRICK GIFFORD of Ollaberry [2nd of Ollaberry], merchant, Hillswick, died 1756, married 20th February 1752, his cousin Andrina, daughter of Thomas Gifford of Busta, and had issue:
    1. Andrew, his heir
    2. Thomas, died unmarried
    3. Elizabeth, died unmarried
  3. ANDREW GIFFORD of Ollaberry [rd of Ollaberry], born 1752, spent most of his early life in America, where he lost most of his property in the disturbances during the War of Independence. He in consequence returned home to Shetland where he died in 1812. He married 6th November 1783, Andrina Mary, daughter of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend, and had issue:
    1. Andrew Patrick, born 1784, died unmarried 1806
    2. Margaret, aftermentioned, No.V
    3. Arthur, his heir
    4. Andrina, died 1862, unmarried
    5. Thomas, died 1794, aged 3
    6. John Bruce, R.N. drowned in H.M.S. Royal Sovereign, 1811, aged 15
    7. Christian, died 7th July 1851, married 10th July 1819, Lieutenant Andrew Hoseason, R.N. and had issue (see Hoseasons of Aywick)
    8. Grace Gifford, died unmarried 1817, aged 19
    9. Catherine, died 13th July 1877, married 1826, Andrew Duncan, jun., writer, Lerwick
  4. ARTHUR GIFFORD was a purser in the Royal Navy, and latterly lived at York in Canada. In 1832 he raised the proceedings before narrated to have himself served heir to the estate of Busta, in which he was theoretically successful. He afterward returned to Canada, where he died at Hamilton on 25th August 1844
  5. MARGARET GIFFORD died 8th February 1849, having married 1820, James Yorston, purser, R.N. who died 10th February 1849, and had issue:
    1. Margaret (see No.VI)
    2. George L, setted in Australia about 1852, married Naomi Warner
    3. Anne, died unmarried
    4. Christina Hoseason
    5. Andrew Yorston, married (first) his cousin Margaret Pattison, Edinburgh, and (second) Eliza Thomson
    6. Catherine, married Robert Pottinger, staff-surgeon, Royal Navy, and died without issue
  6. MARGARET YORSTON died 1890, having married Thomas Stout, writer, Glasgow, who died 1891, and had issue:
    1. William, born 1847, died 1873
    2. James, born 1849, died 1873
    3. Thomas (see No.VII)
    4. Margaret, born 1852
    5. Catherine Ann, born 1854
    6. George, shipbroker, Glasgow, born 1856, married Margaret Paterson, daughter of Thomas Wingate, engineer, Glasgow
    7. Agnes Campbell, born 1857, married Rev.Richard Simpson, minister of Dunscore
    8. Gilbert Nicolson, born 1859, died 1887
    9. Caroline Lawson, born 1861
    10. Ronald, writer, Glasgow, born 1862
  7. THOMAS STOUT, writer, Glasgow, born 1851, married Mary, daughter of John Pattullo of Newgate, Arbroath, and has issue:
    1. Jessie Gertrude Margaret
    2. Mary Patullo
    3. Thomas Gifford, died young
    4. Thomas
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