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SCOTT OF SCOTTSHALL in the Parish of Dunrossness

  1. ALEXANDER SCOTT, goldsmith in Edinburgh, in the reign of Charles I, who, if the arms given for his descendant James Scott, the merchant, over the door of the Old Hall of Scalloway are correct, must have belonged to the Ancrum family, married (contract dated 9th July 1652), Agnes, daughter of George Wauchope, merchant in Edinburgh, and his wife, Agnes Wilson. After his death, his widow married George, Earl of Linlithgow. He had issue:
    1. George, who followed his father's profession, and was a goldsmith in Edinburgh, married Grizel Sinclair, and had two sons, John, merchant in Dundee, served heir to his grandmother, the Countess of Linlithgow, on 15th September 1712, and Alexander
    2. John of Scottshall (see No.II)
    3. Henrietta, married (contract dated 15th June 1683), Alexander Livingstone of Bedlormie in Linlithgowshire, and was the ancestress of the present family of Westquarter
    4. William
    5. James, who was father of Alexander, died 1672; and William, shipmaster in Orkney
  2. JOHN SCOTT of Scottshall went north to Shetland, where he acquired 36 merks land in the parish of Dunrossness, from William Sinclair of Goat. He also purchased for £125 16s 9d, and under burden of Bond for £2064 7s 4d Scots, from Patrick Mowat of Balquholly, the Island of Papa Stour, which he sold on 16th May 1716, to Arthur Nicolson of Bulziesetter. He was a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland, in 1704, and died 1719, having married 1690, Margaret, daughter of Hector Bruce of Muness, and had five sons and two daughters,
    1. Hector, his heir
    2. Andrew
    3. George
    4. Arthur
    5. John
    6. Grizel, married 1723, John Stewart of Bigtoun
    7. Margaret
  3. HECTOR SCOTT of Scottshall, died in 1738, having married (first) Janet, daughter of William Douglas, and had issue:
    1. John
    2. Ursilla, married Robert Barclay
    He married (second) contract dated 1st October 1725, Barbara, daughter of
    John Scott of Melbie, who afterwards married Alexander Innes, M.D. and had issue:
    1. Robert, his heir
    2. James, ancestor of the Scalloway family
    3. George
    4. Barbara
  4. ROBERT SCOTT of Scottshall, died 17th December 1774, having married (first) Janet, daughter of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend, and had issue:
    1. Hector
    He married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of James Graham, and had issue:
    1. Walter, his heir
    2. John, merchant in London
    3. Henrietta
    4. Elizabeth, married 1st September 1781, John Murray, son of James Murray of Clairden, Lerwick, and died 1806
  5. WALTER SCOTT of Scottshall, was for sometime a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and afterwards filled the office of Sheriff Substitute of Zetland, from 1787 till his death on 30th November 1808. He married Isabel, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Bolt of Cruister, and had issue:
    1. Isabel, born 17th April 1770
    2. Robert, born 14th July 1771
    3. Janet, born 2nd April 1773, died 11th August 1794
    4. Walter, born 17th December 1774
    5. Henrietta, (twin) born 17th December 1774, died 1775
    6. James, born 5th March 1779
    7. Grace, born 24th February 1780, married Andrew Duncan, sheriff- substitute, Lerwick, and had issue: Isabella, born 13th November 1808 and William Rae
    8. Elizabeth, married 17th August 1783, Duncan Campbell, surgeon, and had issue:
      1. Dorothea Primrose, baptised 4th May 1793, died 6th January 1863, authoress of several poems
      2. Elizabeth Matilda, baptised 29th August 1797
      3. Walter Scott, baptised 9th January 1806
      4. John, baptised 28th April 1807
    9. Keith Stewart, seised as heir of his father, 1807
    10. John, Major 78th Regiment, seised as heir of his father, 1813
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