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SCOTT OF MELBY in the Parishes of Walls and Sandness

  1. SIR JOHN SCOTT of Scotstarvet, was one of the most eminent men of his time. He had a seat in the Privy Council in 1617, when he was knighted, was Director of Chancery, an Extraordinary Lord of Session 14th January 1629, and an Ordinary Lord 28th July 1632 to 1649. As an author he is well-known by his work “The Staggering State of Scots Statesman”. By his wife Anne, daughter of Sir John Drummond of Hawthornden, he had issue:
    1. John of Gibleston
    2. Jean, baptised at Edinburgh, 4th March 1613
  2. JOHN SCOTT, of Gibleston, Fifeshire, baptised 9th August 1614, married Jane, daughter and heiress of Sir Alexander Gordon of Cluny, and died in 1658, leaving issue:
    1. George, of Gibleston, born 3rd May 1644, Steward Depute of Orkney and Zetland, 1670-75, brought an action of reduction and declarator as son and heir of John Scott, brother of Sir James Scott of Scotstarvet, against David Scott of Scotstarvet, and Marjorie, Viscountess Stormont, his daughter, on 21st February 1690. He married (contract dated 27th November 1665), Elizabeth, daughter of William Maxwell of Springkell, Advocate
    2. John, next mentioned
  3. JOHN SCOTT of Gibleston, “second lawful son”, married Grizel, daughter and co-heiress of James Mitchell of Girlesta, and had issue:
    1. James, of Gibleston
    2. John, of Melby (see No.IV)
    3. Barbara, married (first) 1725, Hector Scott of Scottshall, and (second) Alexander Innes of Laxfirth, M.D.
    4. Lilias
    5. Elizabeth, married Robert Ash, a skipper. By Francis Mitchell, son of Westshore, she had a natural son Francis. She was afterwards strangled as a witch in Norway.
  4. JOHN SCOTT of Melby, had a disposition as second lawful son of the deceased John Scott of Gibleston, procreat betweixt him and Grizel Mitchell, eldest lawful daughter of James Mitchell of Girlesta, from the said James Mitchell on 14th January 1736, of the Islands of Foula and Vaila, and the lands of Melby, Norbie, Footabrough, and others, extending to 465 merks in the parish of Walls and Sandness, and the 8 merks land of Garderhouse in Aithsting. He died 12th August 1765, having married (first) 15th January 1736, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Charles Mitchell of Uresland, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. James, born 20th January 1738
    3. Elizabeth, baptised 28th November 1738, died young
    4. Margaret, born 13th July 1740, married 1766, John Thomas Henry of Bayhall
    John Scott married (second) (contract dated 19th January 1748), Anne, daughter and co-heir of Robert Sinclair of Scalloway, and had issue:
    1. Philadelphia, married George Chalmers, tidewaiter of the Customs, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. Ann, baptised 18th December 1765, married Mr Finnis
      2. Helen, baptised 22nd February 1768
      3. William, baptised 31st March 1769, died 15th October 1769
      4. Catherine, baptised 8th October 1770
      5. Philadelphia, born 25th November 1771
      6. William, baptised 10th December 1774
    John Scott married (third) Mary, daughter of Archibald Henry of Bayhall. Her funeral expenses were paid 15th December 1764, and had issue:
    1. James, married Elizabeth Tennant, and had issue
    2. Clementina, married 22nd April 1782, John Scott of Scalloway, and died there, 28th January 1826 aged 66
    3. Mary, born 1764, died 31st May 1839, unmarried
  5. JOHN SCOTT, of Melby, born 20th January 1737, had a disposition of the estate of Melby, as “only son” from his father on 7th June 1756. He was killed by a fall from a cliff in Vaila, in 1764, having married Jane, daughter of Archibald Henry, of Bayhall, and had issue:
  6. JOHN SCOTT, of Melby, born 1760, served heir of his father and seised as heir of his father and grandfather in 1787. He died at Edinburgh, 22nd July 1850, having married 28th December 1780, Elizabeth, daughter of James Scott, of Scalloway, and had issue:
    1. John, younger of Melby
    2. James, surgeon, H.M.S. Eurylasus, married at Scalloway, 28th January 1840, Katherine, eldest daughter of John Scott, of Scalloway, and had issue: with others,
      1. Elizabeth, (second daughter), born 4th March 1818
      2. John (third son), born 22nd March 1819
      3. Charles, in Royal Marines
      4. Archibald
      5. William Pitt, of St John's, New Brunswick
      6. Jane, married Captain Archibald Henry, of Bayhall
      7. Clementina, married 12th September 1828, James Hewat, accountant, Edinburgh, and had issue:
        1. Elizabeth Scott
        2. Joan Scott
      8. Margaret, died unmarried 29th December 1850
      9. Catherine, married 17th June 1804, Cassilis Wilson, supervisor
      10. Robert
  7. JOHN SCOTT, younger of Melby, born 1782, drowned in the wreck of the “Doris” in Cruden Bay, 20th February 1813, married (first) 24th December 1801, Barbara, daughter of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend, and had issue:
    1. John, of Melby
    2. Janet, born 23rd October 1802, married 19th June 1821, Thomas Gifford of Hillswick, H.E.I.C.S., son of Busta, and had issue
    John Scott married (second) 1st June 1806, Mary, daughter of John Scott, of Scalloway, who remarried after his death the Rev. Alexander Webster of Quarff. They had issue:
    1. James, born 4th March 1809, died abroad
    2. Charles, born 11th October 1810, died young
    3. Robert Thomas Charles (see No.IX)
    4. Thomas Bolt, born 16th December 1816, died young
  8. JOHN SCOTT, of Melby, born at London, 6th April 1804, died 29th December 1850, married (contract dated 19th May 1835), Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Lieut. Colonel William Walker, Royal Marines, but had no issue
  9. ROBERT THOMAS CHARLES SCOTT of Melby, born 1st January 1812, Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets, Deputy Lieutenant of Orkney and Zetland, died 6th January 1875, having married 11th October 1839, Agnes Catherine, daughter of Alexander Scott Watson, C.E. and had issue:
    1. Robert Thomas Charles (see No.X)
    2. Agnes Mary Catherine, born 9th July 1860, married 6th June 1882, Rev. John Fowlie
    3. Florence Sobieski Stewart, born 9th January and died 17th February 1862
  10. ROBERT THOMAS CHARLES SCOTT of Melby, born 16th July 1864, married 23rd July 1885, Agnes, daughter of Laurence Georgeson, Sandness, and had issue:
    1. Robert Thomas Charles
    2. Alexander James
    3. Stuart, died in infancy
    4. Agnes Robina Mary
    5. Edith Margaret
MR GEORGE SCOTT, of Giblestone, stewart depute of Orkney, descended of a second son of the familie of Scotstarvet. Bears two coats quarlerlie, - first or, on a band azur a starr betweixt two crewscents of the field, within a bordur engrailed gules a crescent for a difference be the name of Scott; second, azur three boars' heads couped within a border indented or, be the name of Gordon of Clunie; third as ye second, the fourt as ye first.
Crest, a boar's head couped or, holding in his mouth four arrows gules, feathered and headed argent
Motto: “Doe weel and let them say”
Registered 26th March 1674
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