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  1. JAMES SCOTT, merchant, Scalloway, the son of Hector Scott, third of Scottshall, having married on 28th March 1751, Catherine, one of the daughters and co- heiress of Robert Sinclair of Scalloway, acquired in April 1770, part of that estate, including the Burra Islands, from his wife, and her niece, Philadelphia Scott. He was born 1727, and died 2nd July 1793. By his marriage, he had issue:
    1. Barbara, born 28th June 1751, married John Leslie of Ustaness
    2. Philadelphia, born 11th October 1752
    3. Ann, born 7th September 1754
    4. John, his heir
    5. Robert, born 28th August 1757, died young
    6. James, born 19th August 1758
    7. Charles, born 27th July. 1760, Lieutenant Royal Marines, afterwards landwaiter in the Customs at Lerwick
    8. Elizabeth, born 16th August 1761, married 28th December 1780, John Scott of Melby
    9. Robert, born 8th November 1762
    10. Grizel, married 19th May 1776, Robert Robertson of Gossaburgh
    11. Mary
  2. JOHN SCOTT of Scalloway, born 6th April 1756, succeeded his father in the estate, of which he executed an entail in 1821, and died 11th November 1833. He married 22nd April 1782, Clementina, daughter of John Scott of Melby, and had issue:
    1. Mary, born 17th December 1782, died 15th April 1784
    2. James, born 17th February 1785, died s.p.
    3. Catherine, born 27th December 1786, married 27th January 1810, her cousin James Scott, surgeon, R.N.
    4. Mary, born 26th March 1788, married (first) 1st June 1806, John Scott of Melby, and (second) Rev. Alexander Webster, minister of Quarff, who was born 19th December 1798, and died 5th October 1887, and had issue: Clementina Mary, born 8th July 1835
    5. Elizabeth, born 6th September 1789
    6. John, his heir
    7. Charles, born 22nd July 1793
    8. Jacobina Charlotte, born 24th November 1794
    9. Robert, born 14th August 1798
    10. James, born 3rd May 1800
  3. JOHN SCOTT of Scalloway, born 6th September 1791, died at Giblestone Lodge on 8th May 1850. He married 24th May 1814, Jessie, daughter of Gideon Gifford of Busta, and had issue:
    1. John James, younger of Scalloway, baptised 2nd April 1816, died at Boulogne, 11th November 1844
    2. Grace Elizabeth, baptised 20th November 1817, died at Portobello, 16th May 1891
    3. Clementina Charlotte of Burra, born at Sandhouse, 2nd March 1819, married 1858, Charles Spence, S.S.C, Edinburgh, who died 22nd June 1861
    4. Harriette Jane Christina, born 1820, died at Giblestone Lodge, 6th January 1859
    5. Gideon, his heir
  4. GIDEON ARTHUR THOMAS GIFFORD SCOTT of Scalloway, born 10th October 1823, became embarrassed financially soon after his succession to the estate, and was compelled to break the entail and convey the whole lands to the Trustee for behoof of his creditors. Under this Trust Deed, the greater part of the estate of Scalloway was sold, various portions being purchased by William Hay of Hayfield, D.D. Black of Kergord, the Misses Irvine, Joseph Leask of Sand, George Johnston of Tresta, Rev.John Bryden, L F U Garriock and others. The Islands of Burra were purchased by his three sisters from Mr Raleigh, the Trustee. He thereafter retired to Edinburgh, where in 1866, he married Isabella, daughter of Charles Spence, S.S.C. Of this marriage two daughters were born, Grace Clementina Henrietta Isabella, and Beatrice Frances Mary Irvine. He died on 12th March 1873, aged 50.
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