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THE GRAYS OF CLIFF in the Parish of Unst

  1. GRAY OF CLIFF, in the island of Unst, married Agnes Mowat, who died in June 1601, and had issue a son.
  2. WALTER GRAY of Cliff, married Margaret Coutts, who died in August 1615, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Laurence
    3. Katherine
    4. Elspeth
  3. WILLIAM GRAY of Cliff, died in February 1634, having married Sinnevo Schewartsdochter, who survived him, and had issue:
    1. Walter, his heir
    2. Jerome
    3. Agnes
    4. Katherine
    5. Magdalen
  4. WALTER GRAY of Cliff, married Dorothy Thomasdaughter, daughter of Thomas Manson, and grand-daughter of Magnus Norsk, minister of Unst, and had issue:
    1. Walter, his heir
    2. Robert, aftermentioned, No. IX
  5. WALTER GRAY of Cliff, married Margaret Smith, and had issue:
  6. WALTER GRAY of Cliff, married Janet Smith, and had
  7. ANDREW GRAY of Cliff, died 1766, married Katherine, daughter of Hosea Anderson of Aywick, who re-married after his death, Christopher Stickle. He had issue:
    1. Walter, his heir
    2. Janet, married J Anderson, and had issue Andrew and Mary
    3. Osla, married Laurence Anderson
    4. Margaret, married Thomas Mathewson
  8. WALTER GRAY of Cliff, born 1759, died 1813, married 5th September 1784, Margaret, daughter of William Ferguson of Thurso, leaving issue:
    1. Andrew, born 10th August 1785, went to America in 1800
    2. Ann, born 10th July 1786, died in Edinburgh
    3. William, first mate, pressed in London, swam ashore and died from effects
    4. Henry, went to sea, killed by falling from topmast
    5. Katherine Hoseason, born 29th September 1794, died 5th December 1870, married Laurence Laurenson, who was born 29th September 1799, and died 11th January 1867, and had issue
      1. Arthur Laurenson, merchant, Lerwick, born 4th November 1832, died 14th November 1890;
      2. Jane, married William Bruce Tulloch, (died 1874), and had issue
        1. William
        2. John Samuel, Solicitor, Lerwick;
        3. Jane
        4. Catherine
        5. Anne Logie; born 1st June 1864, died 7th June 1885
    6. Margaret, married Andrew Nicolson, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. Andrew, married Elizabeth Paterson, and had Andrew
      2. William
      3. Margaret
      4. Wilhelmina
      5. Walter Gray, married in Newcastle, New South Wales, Margaret - and has issue Henry Walter
      6. Catherine
      7. Laurence James, “The Bard of Thule”, married Jessie Martin, and has issue:
        1. Hugh Campbell, dead;
        2. Laurence James
        3. Nellie, dead
        4. William Campbell
    7. Walter, of Batavia, baptised 13th April 1804, father of William, died 1st June 1881, married L Van der Hoom, and has issue:
      1. Marie Louisa
      2. Christina
  9. ROBERT GRAY, son of Walter Gray, fourth of Cliff, married Katherine, daughter of James Neven and Janet Edmonston, and grand-daughter of Gilbert Neven of Windhouse, and had issue:
    1. James
    2. Dorothy, married William Bruce
    3. Janet, married Erasmus Nicolson of Houll
    4. Grizel, died unmarried
  10. JAMES GRAY, the eldest son, married (first) Grizel Sutherland; (second) Janet Coutts, and had issue a son James; and (third) Agnes Smith
  11. JAMES GRAY, the son by the second marriage, married Isabel, daughter of Magnus Laurenceson of Westerhouse, and had issue:
    1. Janet
    2. Magnus
    3. Bess
    4. Agnes
    5. Ursilla
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