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  1. MAGNUS or MANSS NORSK, is said to have gone to Norway to learn Norse, that he might qualify himself to preach to the Zetlanders, who only understood that language. He was admitted minister of the parish of Unst previous to 1593, and in 1599 he witnessed a Disposition by David Sinclair of Hunto, to his son in-law, James Strang of Voesgarth, of a last of land in Melby. To this deed he signs his name as “Manss Norsk”. He was proprietor of the lands of North Sandel, Northwick, and Hugea. He died in May 1632, having married Dorothea Thomsdaughter, and had issue:
    1. Thomas, his heir
    2. Robert, went abroad
    3. Patrick, of Sandell
    4. Olaf
    5. Magnus, all mentioned in the Confirmation of the Executry of their father's estate on the 29th August 1633
  2. THOMAS MAGNUSSON, married Marrable Irvine, and had issue:
    1. Magnus, his heir
    2. Robert, father of Thomas Robertson, father of Robert Thomasson
    3. William, married Dorothea Erasmusdaughter of Hammer, and had issue Marable, who married Ninian Spence of Houlland
    4. Dorothy, married Walter Gray of Cliff
  3. MAGNUS THOMASSON, married Janet Bannatyne or Bellendin, and had issue
  4. THOMAS MANSON of Newhouse, married Margaret, daughter of James Kelman, an officer of Montrose's army, and his wife Jean, daughter of Adam Sinclair of Brew, and had issue:
    1. Grizel, his heir
    2. Elizabeth, married James Spence, and had issue
      1. William, who married Doraty Bruce, and had issue:
        1. Elizabeth, married James Manson
        2. Isabel, married M--- Jameson
        3. Anna, married James Henderson
        4. R--- S---, married J--- Spence
      2. Andrew
  5. GRIZEL THOMASDAUGHTER, married Gilbert Arthurson of Sandvoe, (son of Arthur Anderson of Sandvoe, who married (first) Margaret Cullen, and (second) Barbara, daughter of David Scott of Reafirth), and had issue
  6. ARTHUR GILBERTSON, married Marrable, daughter of Hosea Brown and Doraty Spence, and had issue:
    1. Thomas, his heir
    2. Arthur, died abroad
  7. THOMAS ARTHURSON, married Helen, youngest daughter of Erasmus Nicolson of Houll, and had issue:
    1. William
    2. James, died young
    3. Ann, aftermentioned
    4. John, went abroad
  8. ANN ELIZA ARTHURSON died in 1839, having married Peter Leslie, shipmaster, and had issue:
    1. Helen, married 1827, Laurence Duncan
    2. James, died young
    3. Thomas, died young
    4. Ann Eliza, married in 1842, Ross Smith, who died 6th July 1887, and had issue
      1. Thomas
      2. Peter, died young
      3. William Spence
      4. Peter Leslie of Northhouse
      5. Ann Elizabeth Arthurson
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