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  1. JOHN OGILVY, of the family of Milton, Surgeon Major in King James VII's army, came to Shetland, in 1690, after the battle of the Boyne, and died before 1711, having married Elizabeth, daughter of John Neven of Lunning, and had issue:
    1. James, married Katherine, daughter of James Scott, of Voesgarth, and had issue:
      1. John of Lund, who married Margaret Gardiner, and had issue: James and a daughter
      2. Andrew, died young
      3. James, died young
    2. Thomas (see No. II)
  2. THOMAS OGILVY, married Charlotte, daughter of Charles Neven, of Windhouse, and had issue:
    1. Charles (see No III) born 26th February 1761, died 13th February 1827
    2. Thomas, merchant, Lerwick, born 1763, died 21st January 1819, married 16th December 1792, Andrina, daughter of James Malcolmson, Sheriff Substitute of Shetland, and had issue:
      1. Thomas, born 4th September 1793, died at Moulmein about 1830, Lieutenant R.N. married Miss Lee, Liverpool, and had issue
      2. James, born 29th November 1794, and died in New Orleans, 1848
      3. Agnes, born 23rd May 1796
      4. John, born 11th July 1797
      5. Jessie, born 27th September 1800, died 31st December 1881
    3. John, Lieutenant, R.N. died young, unmarried
    4. Margaret, married William Terry, London, and had issue
  3. CHARLES OGILVY, of Quarff and Seafield, merchant, and chief magistrate of Lerwick, born 26th February 1761, married 2nd September 1787, Barbara, daughter of John Ross, Heritor, Lerwick. She died 1804, having had issue:
    1. Barbara, born 5th June 1788, died 12th June 1842, married 1814, Vice-Admiral William Hamley, and had issue:
      1. Major General William George, R.E. born 28th June 1815, died 6th April 1893, having married 8th Sept. 1847, Olivia Arbuthnot, daughter of Captain Gallwey, R.N. and had issue: William Wymond, Walter Raleigh, Edward and Alice
      2. Charles Ogilvy, born 1817, Colonel Royal Marines, died 1863, (author of “Campaign in the Baltic”), married Georgina, daughter of Colonel Hanbury Williams, and had issue: Barbara Jane
      3. Wymond Thomas Ogilvy, born 1818, Collector of Customs, British Columbia, and has issue: Diana
      4. General Sir Edward Bruce, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., born 27th April 1824, in R.A., served in Crimea, Commissioner for Delimitation of Bulgaria, 2nd in command in Egyptian Campaign, 1882, M.P., Birkenhead, 1886-92, author of “Campaign in Crimean”, &c. &c.
      5. Barbara Caroline Charlotte, born 1827, died 1837
    2. Charlotte, born 25th November 1789, married 1815, Balfour Spence, (see Spence of Gardie)
    3. Elizabeth, born 30th April 1791, married 1815, Gilbert Duncan, Solicitor, Lerwick, and had issue:
      1. Charles Gilbert, Solicitor, procurator-fiscal, and chief magistrate of Lerwick, died 10th November 1884 aged 68
      2. Barbara
      3. Agnes
      4. Andrina
      5. George
      6. Anne Eliza
      7. Andrew John, of Brucefield, born January 1827
      8. Charlotte
      9. Grace
      10. Margaret Barbara, married George Back
    4. Margaret, born 8th July 1792, died 27th August 1838, married 2nd February 1811, William Hay of Hayfield
    5. Thomas, born 26th August 1794
    6. Andrina, born 11th November 1795
    7. Joanna, died young
    8. Janet, died young
    9. John (see No IV)
    10. Charles (see No V)
    Charles Ogilvy, married (2nd) 5th May 1810, Anne Eliza Sutherland, and had issue: William who died in infancy
  4. JOHN OGILVY, OF QUARFF, AND GOSSABURGH, born 16th Feb. 1800, died 31st October 1840, married 1829, Barbara Grace, only daughter and heiress of Basil Robertson, of Gossaburgh, and had issue:
    1. Charles, born 23rd March 1833, married (first) Agnes Mary, daughter of James Grierson of Quendale, and (second) Kate, daughter of George Hadden
    2. Jane Charlotte, born 6th April 1830, died 5th May 1863, married 1st June 1861, William Haslet Mitchell, of Newry
  5. CHARLES OGILVY, OF SEAFIELD, for many years chief magistrate of Lerwick, banker, merchant, &c., there, born 28th August 1802, died 5th June 1844, married Martha, daughter of Thomas Fea, of Clivocast, who was born 29th May 1802, and had issue:
    1. Charles (see No. VI)
    2. Thomas, died aged 2
    3. John, married Maria Mathews, and has issue:
      1. Charles, married and has issue Ian and Lilian
      2. Frederick John
      3. William
      4. Mary Martha
      5. Jeanie
      6. Lilian
      7. Kate
    4. William, Captain Indian Navy, born 16th September 1833, died 1st July 1886, served in Burmah and Persian campaigns, married November 1865, Katherine, daughter of Archibald Simson, of Comedpore, Bengal
    5. Magnus Fea, Secretary to Board of Lunacy, born 9th April 1835, died 19th August 1871
    6. Janet Fea
  6. CHARLES OGILVY, in Australia, born 16th September 1826, married Margarette Lynn, and has issue:
    1. Charles Seafield, married and has a son
    2. Adam Loftus
    3. Henry St John
    4. William Ferris
    5. Eva
    6. Martha
    7. Marian Ferris
    8. Jane Kate
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