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HUNTER OF LUNNA in the Parish of Lunnasting

  1. ROBERT HUNTER of Lunna, was chamberlain of the Lordship of Zetland at the Restoration in 1770, and was appointed a Commissioner of Supply for that County under the Act of Parliament 1661. On 14th March 1663, he witnessed a Charter by Thomas Cheyne of Vaila to Thomas Gelder, merchant in Scalloway, of the 9 merks land of Braebister, and 8 merks land in Breck, in the Parish of Walls. He died between 20th July 1693, and 3rd May 1695. He married in 1678, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Leslie of Ustaness, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Thomas, aftermentioned
    3. Patrick
    4. David
    5. John
    6. Isabel, married (first) Bartholomew Bell, skipper, Burntisland, and (second) Andrew Watt, merchant, Leith
    7. Christian
    8. Margaret, married Mr. William Umphray, minister of Walls, who died December 1700
    9. Elizabeth, married Andrew McLauchlan, factor to Bigtoun
    10. Katherine
    11. Anne
  2. WILLIAM HUNTER of Lunna, was born in 1679, and died unmarried in 1702. He was succeeded by his brother,
  3. THOMAS HUNTER of Lunna, probably identical with Thomas Hunter, “writer in Zetland”, whose name is frequently found in deeds about 1698, was born 1680. He died in 1718, having married on 17th June 1707, Grizel, daughter of Robert Bruce of Sumburgh, and widow of John Bruce of Muness. She re-married, after his death, in 1720, Simon Fraser, second son of Fraser of Broadland. He had issue:
    1. William
    2. Robert, his heir
    3. Thomas
    4. Patrick, baillie of Nesting, ancestor of the family of Ballistar
    5. James
    6. John
    7. Benjamin, naval officer, Deptford
    8. Margaret, said to have married Laurence Tarrel of Laxvoe
    9. Grizel, married John Afears, merchant, Holland
    10. Isabel
    11. Helen
  4. ROBERT HUNTER of Lunna, was born in 1710. In a sasine of 1776, he is designed as younger of Lunna, son of Thomas Hunter of Lunna, who was brother to William Hunter of Lunna, and son of Robert Hunter of Lunna. He died in 1777, having married in 1731, Ursilla, daughter of Robert Bruce of Chalester, and had issue:
    1. Thomas, died young
    2. Robert, his heir
    3. Laurence of Pinos, Jamaica and Mountchwick, M.D., born 6th May 1734, died 1820, married (first) Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald Jackson, and had issue:
      1. Thomas
      2. Ursula, married James Baird
      He married (second) 2nd May 1791, Mary, daughter of William Payne, and had issue:
      1. Laurence
      2. Mary, married Robert Allan
    4. Patrick
    5. John, died young
    6. Thomas, baptised 12th May 1737
    7. James
    8. David, died young
    9. William
    10. Grizel, baptised 11th June 1740, married in 1762, William Bruce of Symbister
    11. Helen, baptised 15th February 1742, married 22nd December 1765, John Bruce of Sumburgh
    12. Ursilla Catherine, baptised 30th July 1743, died 15th March 1842, married 12th March 1780, Rev. John Inches, minister of Walls, 1779-86, and of Nesting, 1786, to his death 18th October 1826 aged 78, and had issue: Laura, born 8th January 1781
    13. Margaret
    14. Barbara
    15. Elizabeth
    16. Janet
  5. ROBERT HUNTER of Lunna, born 7th May 1733, died 4th December 1794. In 1767, he acquired the Island of Uyea, from Henry Sinclair, younger of Still, and parts of Clivocast, formerly the property of the Tarrels. He married 13th May 1760, Elizabeth, daughter of William Mouat of Garth. She may be the Mrs. Hunter of Lunna, who is stated by the Rev. John Mill in his Diary to have died in April 1778. He had issue:
    1. Robert, died young
    2. William, died young
    3. Robert, his heir
    4. Thomas, died young
    5. Elizabeth, born 25th September 1774, died 25th March 1803, married 7th June 1795, John Bruce of Sumburgh
    6. Margaret
    7. Bruce
  6. ROBERT HUNTER of Lunna, was born 17th March 1768, and died on 20th September 1833, having married on 11th August 1824, Helen Johanna, daughter of Robert Bruce of Symbister. She re-married after his death in 1845, Thomas Richmond of Craigielea. He had issue:
    1. Robert
    2. Thomas
    3. William, who all died young
    4. Robina, his heir
  7. ROBINA HUNTER, heiress of Lunna, born 19th June 1829, died 16th October 1863, married on 25th June 1846, Robert Bell. He was the son of Joseph Bell, M.D., Edinburgh, a well-known surgeon of that city, was born in 1815, called to the bar 1836, appointed Sheriff-Substitute at Lerwick, 1843, and was transferred to Falkirk in 1865, which office he continued to fill till his death on 9th September 1887. He married, secondly in 1869, Agnes, daughter of William Bruce of Symbister. By his first marriage, he had issue:
    1. Robert, his heir
    2. Benjamin David Craigie, M.D.
    3. George Hamilton, M.D., married 1890, Violet Forbes
    4. Mary Elizabeth, born 21st June 1847, died 28th April 1864
    5. Josephine, died young
    6. Robina Dora, born 25th August 1853, died 9th October 1869
    7. Cecilia Craigie
  8. ROBERT HUNTER BELL of Lunna, born 1856, married in 1885, Kate Jean, daughter of Thomas Morton
In May 1893, the estate of Lunna was sold to Mr. John Bruce of Sumburgh, for £9740
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