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HOSEASON OF AYWICK in the Parish of Yell

  1. SJOVALD of Aywick
  2. LAURENCE SJOVALDSON of Aywick, married Margaret daughter of Andrew Tollak of Skea
  3. JOHN LAURENSON of Aywick, Fowde of Yell under Earl Patrick Stewart, issued a precept for making a joint division among the heirs of Peter Nisbet of Kirkabister's lands and goods on 7th June 1612. He had issue:
    1. Francis, his heir
    2. Andrew
    3. Hosea
  4. FRANCIS JOHNSON of Aywick
  5. JOHN FRANCISSON of Aywick had issue:
    1. Andrew, his heir
    2. Robert, ancestor of Robertsons of Gossaburgh
  6. ANDREW JOHNSON of Aywick, married Elizabeth, daughter of David Scott of Reafirth, and had issue:
    1. Hosea, his heir
    2. Mary
  7. HOSEA ANDERSON of Aywick, married Margaret Mowat and had issue:
    1. Arthur, his heir
    2. Charles of Dalsetter, baptised 27th February 1722, married Margaret Henderson, of Gloup family, and had issue:
      1. William of Dalsetter, baptised 12th March 1760, married (first) Elizabeth Henderson; (second) Osla Smith; and (third) 12th November 1810, Grizel, daughter of James Spence of Uyea, and had issue: James David, father of Captain Hoseason of Port Elizabeth, and others
      2. John, baptised 29th April 1763
      3. Jean, (twin with William), baptised 12th March 1760
      4. Margaret, married Captain John Millar.
      5. Magnus of Gutcher, schoolmaster, Fetlar.
    3. John of Mursetter, married Ursilla, daughter of Major William Bruce, son of William Bruce, second of Urie, and had issue:
      1. William, registered arms 1808
      2. Thomas, purser, R.N., father of John Cochrane, Captain, R.N., who married 10th June 1856, Augusta Harriet Mary, daughter of Sir George Cockburn, of Langton, Bart., who died 7th April 1869
      3. Henry Hosea, married Mary Josephine Howard
      4. William, married the widow of Commodore Coddrington
    4. Thomas, baptised 20th February 1730
    5. Katherine, married (first) Andrew Gray of Cliff, and (second) Christopher Stickle
    6. Elizabeth
    7. Mary, married James Anderson
  8. ARTHUR HOSEASON of Aywick, and Hosea, his eldest son, were seised in the 36 merks land of Aywick and others, in 1776. He married Bess Henderson of the Midgarth family and had issue:
    1. Hosea, his heir
    2. John, married Jane, daughter of William Cogill of Udhouse* and had issue:
      1. Robert of Udhouse and Mossbank, who married 20th August 1809, Mary, daughter of James Cheyne of Tangwick, and died in 1835, leaving issue: John Thomas, born 21st January 1814, drowned with his father crossing from Mossbank to Yell, in 1835; Anne, born 2nd November 1810, married her cousin, James Hoseason of Aywick; and Jane, born 8th July 1812, married Robert Neven Spence of Windhouse
      2. Andrew, Lieutenant, R.N., died January 1847, married 10th July 1819, Christian, daughter of Andrew Gifford of Ollaberry, and had issue:
        1. George Sayer, Deputy Superintendent Military Store Staff, born 27th December 1828, married (first) Jessie Isabella, daughter of A Watt, Pollshed, and (second) Elizabeth, daughter of John Goff of Meadow, and had issue:
          1. (a) Andrew George, born 8th December 1852;
          2. Christian Bruce Gifford, born 1854, died 8th February 1857
          3. Andrina Mary Margaret, born December 1856, died 20th June 1857;
          4. George L, born 23rd February 1859
          5. Andrina Mary Margaret, married John McLaughlin of Canin Castle, Co. Antrim
      3. John, planter, Kingston, Jamaica
      4. Arthur, baptised 31st August 1809
      5. Hosea, lost at sea
      6. William, lost at sea
    3. Charles
    4. William, married Charlotte Neven
    5. Janet, baptised 16th September 1745
    6. Margaret, married Robert Moody, Aywick
    7. Betsy
    * WILLIAM COGILL OF UDHOUSE married 30th October 1753, Isabella Dickson, and had issue: (1) Robert, baptised 6th June 1759; (2) Jean, baptised 25th May 1761
  9. HOSEA HOSEASON of Aywick, baptised 31st October 1746, died 1824, married (first) Janet Lamb, who died 6th June 1807, and had issue:
    1. Hosea, his heir
    2. Charles, drowned when a boy
    3. James, see No. XI
    4. Janet, married Charles Barthelsone of Midgarth, and had issue:
      1. Jessie Margaret, married George Mouat, and had issue: Arthur L, and Robert
      2. Laurence Gilbert, married Margaret Robertson
      3. Ursilla, married John Johnston of Raga, went to New Zealand and had issue: Charles, Jessie, Ann, Ursilla and Jane
    He married (second) Johanna Sandison, and had issue:
    1. George, born 12th August 1810, went to Australia, married there, and had issue.
    2. John, born 1st March 1812, married Mary Williamson, and had issue:
      1. Agnes
      2. Johanna married Andrew Anderson
      3. Ann
      4. James married (first) Fanny, daughter of Robert Keppie, and (second) Helen Brown
      5. William
      6. George
      7. Jane married James Abernethy
      8. Katherine married James Marshall
    3. Bathsheba Elizabeth Charlotte, born 13th May 1817, married Rev. William Ballantyne, U.P. minister, Langholm, and had issue: James, Johanna and Janet
    4. Robert, in Nova Scotia, born 8th July 1819, married Helen Bent, and had issue: Emma married in Florida Mr. Austin
  10. HOSEA HOSEASON of Aywick, died 1833, married Mary Anderson, and had issue: two sons, William, who died young, Ursilla and Jessie. Succeeded by his brother.
  11. JAMES HOSEASON of Aywick, born 8th July 1805, died 1867, married (first) Anne, daughter of Robert Hoseason of Udhouse, and had issue:
    1. Robert, in Australia, died 22nd August 1873, leaving issue: Alice
    2. James, died in Singapore, unmarried
    3. Arthur Cheyne
    4. Mary Cheyne, married Rev. Robert Brown, Presbyterian minister, Brampton, Cumberland, and had issue:
      1. James Hoseason
      2. Robert Cunyngham, M.B.
      3. Anne Hoseason
    5. Janet, married Rev. James Wardrop, Professor of Systematic Theology, and Apologetics, U. P. Hall, Edinburgh, and had issue:
      1. James
      2. Elizabeth
      3. Anne married Rev. Mr Ker
      4. Charles
      5. Laurence
      6. Nora
    6. John Thomas, supposed to have been lost at sea.
    7. Charles, married Barbara, daughter of Samuel Hunter, Merchant, Lerwick
    8. William Bannatyne
    He married (second) 12th August 1852, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas White, and had issue:
    1. Thomas White, Kroonstad, Orange Free State
    2. Anne, married 11th June 1884, James William Shennan
    3. James, died young
    4. Isabella, married 28th December 1891, Hay Shennan, advocate, sheriff substitute at Lerwick, and had issue: John Rognvald, born 19th September 1892
    5. James Oswald, died young.
WILLIAM HOSEASON of the Island of Jamaica, descended of the family of Aywick. Bears quarterly, First and Fourth Argent, an arm in armour holding a pair of balances azure, and in base a sword and a Roman fascis in saltyre, both proper for Hoseason: Second and Third, Or a saltyre and chief gules, the saltyre charged with mullet of the first, with a crescent gules for difference for Bruce of Urie.
Crest, an eagle reguardant rising from the top of a rock all proper
Motto, “In recto decus”. (In rectitude, decorum.)
Registered 24th March 1808
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