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ROSS OF LUND in the Parish of Yell

  1. JOHN ROSS of Lund, was the second son of John Ross, fifth of Little Tarrell, in Ross-shire, and his wife, Janet, daughter of Colonel John Munro, of Opisdale. He came to Shetland towards the end of the seventeenth century, and married (first) Ursilla, second daughter of John Ross of Uyeasound, and (second), Dorothea, daughter of William Bruce, and had issue:
  2. JOHN ROSS of Lund, married Margaret, third daughter of James Scott of Voesgarth, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Thomas, married Janet Spence and had a daughter Barbara, who married George Irvine, and had issue Betty, Thomas, John and Henry
    3. Robert, married Anna Catham, and had issue: James
    4. James, married Barbara Sinclair, and had issue Henry, Robert, James or George, Betty, Jonny, and Anna
    5. Catherine, married Louis Jamson, and had issue John, Thomas, married Catherine Patten, and had issue Elizabeth; William, Robert, Andrew, Louis, Kitty, Jean, Julia, Helen, and Robert
    6. Anne, died 1772, married 17th November 1754, William Ferguson, of Thurso, and had issue
      1. Margaret, baptised 5th April 1759, died an infant
      2. Margaret, baptised 28th October 1760, died 1838, married 5th September 1784, Walter Gray of Cliff
      3. William, baptised 2nd April 1762
      4. James
    7. Margaret, married James Craigie, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue
      1. Barbara, baptised 20th July 1760
      2. John, baptised 24th September 1765
      3. William, born 22nd January 1767
      4. Thomas, (twin) born 22nd January 1767
    8. William, married Margaret Stout, and had William and Robert
    9. Andrew
    10. George, born in Unst, 24th October 1727, went to Bergen, where he became a merchant, and died 6th January 1790, having married, 23d April 1754, Elizabeth, daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen Boos of Bergen, who was born 1722, and died 7th May 1775, leaving six children, whose descendants are now to be found in Norway
  3. JOHN ROSS of Lund, married Janet, daughter and heiress of James Scott of Scarpoe, and had issue:
    1. Bathsheba
    2. Marbaret Barbara, married 1740, Charles Scott of Voesgarth
    3. Barbara, baptised 8th August 1765
    4. John, his heir
    5. James, of Quarff, married (first), 9th January 1780, Barbara, daughter of John Robertson, of Gossaburgh; and had issue
      1. John, baptised 26th September 1787
      2. Robert Magnus, baptised 11th July 1790
      3. Jane, baptised 26th April 1786, married 1840 Basil Robertson of Gossaburgh
      4. Janet Bathsheba, baptised 27th July 1791
      He married (second), 6th February 1798, Jean, daughter of Arthur Nicolson, of Lochend.
    6. Henry, writer, Lerwick, married 18th January 1781, Janet, daughter of James Malcolmson, sheriff clerk of Zetland, and had issue:
      1. Janet, baptised 20th February 1782, died in London
      2. John, a merchant, baptised 8th November 1783
      3. James, a captain, baptised 30th January 1786
      4. Robert George, baptised 20th April 1787, died in Isle of Tobago
      5. Barbara, born 1791, died 12th August 1846, married 31st December 1824, George Henderson, of Pettister
    7. Janet
    8. Helen
    9. Robert, of Sound, aftermentioned
    10. Andrew, married Betty Wallace, and had John
    11. George, Lieutenant, married 30th November 1788, Barbara Heddel, and had issue: Bess, Daniel, Margaret, Helen, Betty, and Jean
    12. Elizabeth, married January 1786, George Cluness, teacher, Weisdale, and had issue John Cluness Ross, born 23rd August 1786, (father of John George Cluness, father of George, who had a son John Sydney Cluness Ross, and Charles), and Innes, born 16th May 1791
  4. JOHN ROSS, of Scarpoe, married Anne, daughter of Gilbert Gauden, of Overland, and had issue:
    1. John, died in Cuba, 1818, married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Alexander Neven, of Windhouse, and had John, who died at Charleston
    2. Anderina, married James Ogilvy, of Stove, and had issue: John, James, and Andrew
    3. Janet, married 12th April 1812, her cousin Gilbert Gauden
  5. ROBERT ROSS of Sound, merchant, Weisdale, son of John Ross of Sound, married (first) Eliza Jane, daughter of Rev.William Mitchell, minister of Tingwall, and had issue:
    1. Margaret, born 19th November 1778
    He married (second) 28th November 1784, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Innes of Fracafield, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
  6. JOHN ROSS of Sound, born 12th January 1786, served heir to his father, 1815, married 20th December 1816, Barbara, daughter of Francis Heddell of Uresland, and had issue:
    1. Robert, died young
    2. Francis George (see VII)
    3. John, died young
  7. FRANCIS GEORGE ROSS, went to Australia in 1856.
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