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  1. ROBERT ROBERTSON, of Gossaburgh, otherwise known as Robert Johnson, son of John Francisson, and brother of Andrew Johnson of Aywick (see Hoseason of Aywick chapter), died in 1701, having married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of John Sinclair of Gossaburgh, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Robert
    3. James
    4. Grizel, married William Dick of Wormadale
    5. Elizabeth, married Charles Sinclair, of Brew
    6. Jean
  2. JOHN ROBERTSON, of Gossaburgh, died in 1757, having married 1st September 1738, Jane, daughter of Henry Tyrie, of Queyon, and had issue:
    1. George baptised, 7th Janary, 1736
    2. Robert, his heir
    3. Magnus aftermentioned (No.IV)
    4. Arthur
    5. James, born 24th February 1753
    6. Christian, married Rev. John Duncan, minister of Bressay from 1715 until his death on 1st March 1736
    7. Katherine, married John Henderson of Gloup
    8. Barbara, born 24th February 1753, married 9th January 1780, James Ross of Quarff
    9. Jane, married Robert Manson
  3. ROBERT ROBERTSON of Gossaburgh, who, as eldest son and heir of John Robertson and Jane Tyrie, was seised in these lands in 1758. He was born 7th April 1739, and died 19th December 1804, having married 19th May 1776, Grace, daughter of James Scott of Scalloway, and had issue an only daughter Grace. He was succeeded by his nephew Basil, son of
  4. MAGNUS ROBERTSON of Gutcher and Gravaland, born 13th March 1741, died in 1792, having married in 1784, Bruce, daughter of Charles Scott of Voesgarth, and had issue:
    1. John, died young
    2. Basil, his heir
    3. Charles
    4. Katherine
  5. BASIL ROBERTSON of Gossaburgh, was born in 1790 succeeded his uncle in Gossaburgh in 1804, and died 11th July 1815, having married in 1810, Jane, daughter of James Ross of Quarff, and had issue:
    1. Robert, died young
    2. Magnus, died young
    3. Barbara Grace, next mentioned
  6. BARBARA GRACE ROBERTSON, heiress of Gossaburgh, baptised 12th May 1811, died 12th March 1874, married (first) in 1829, John Ogilvy of Quarff, and had issue (see Ogilvy family). She married (second), in 1846, John Henderson of Gloup, who died 1849, and had issue a daughter,
    1. Ann Barbara, born in 1847, married in 1875, James Hepburn Hastie, and had issue: Basil Hepburn Robertson of Gossaburgh.
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