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  1. JAMES NICOLSON, writer and burgess of Edinburgh, was clerk to the Collectorie of Thirds, and died about 1580, leaving two sons,
    1. John, his heir
    2. James (see No. X)
  2. JOHN NICOLSON, advocate and commissary of Edinburgh, succeeded his father as clerk to the Collectorie of Thirds. He acquired the lands of Lasswade by Charter, from John Sinclair, of Dryden, dated 21st May 1591, to himself and Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Edward Henderson, his spouse. He had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Thomas, of Cockburnspath, advocate 1594, and Commissary of Aberdeen, father of Sir James, of Cockburnspath, and Sir Thomas, Knight and Kings Advocate, who died 15th December 1656, leaving issue: a son Thomas, who died in 1676, without male issue
    3. James
  3. JOHN NICOLSON, of Lasswade, served heir to his father 5th March 1614, created a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 2nd July 1629, married Magdalen, eldest daughter of David Preston, of Craigmillar, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. Robert, commissary of Edinburgh, father of Thomas
    3. Thomas, died before 1668
  4. JOHN NICOLSON, of Polton, predeceased his father, leaving issue:
  5. SIR JOHN NICOLSON, 2nd Baronet of Lasswade, served heir to his grandfather, 5th April 1676, married Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir William Dick, of Braid, and had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. William (see No. VII)
  6. SIR JOHN NICOLSON, 3rd Baronet, died about 1681
  7. SIR WILLIAM NICOLSON, 4th Baronet, served heir to his brother 21st September 1681, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Trotter, of Mortonhall, and had issue:
    1. Thomas, his heir
    2. James (see No. IX)
  8. SIR THOMAS NICOLSON, 5th Baronet, was served heir to his kinsman, Sir James Nicolson, of Cockburnspath, 30th April 1690. He was succeeded by his brother,
  9. SIR JAMES NICOLSON, 6th Baronet, served heir to his mother, 1727, and died without issue: May 1743. The title remained dormant till 1826, when it was assumed by Arthur Nicolson, of Lochend, the descendant of
  10. JAMES NICOLSON, the second son of James Nicolson, No. I. He received a grant of a pension of £60 per annum on 6th February 1571, from Robert, Bishop of Caithness, payable from the Abbey of St Andrews, “because he has been twice shorn of the stone, and is continually vexed with that infirmity”. He was a prominent man in the Church of Scotland soon after the Reformation, and was minister of Cortachy in 1580, and Meigle in 1583. He was selected by the General Assembly to sit in conference regarding stipends in 1592, 1596, 1606, and 1607, was appointed Bishop of Dunkeld in 1606, and died 17th August 1607, when Gavin, Bishop of Galloway, was appointed to fill his place. He married Jane, daughter of Gilbert Ramsay of Banff, and had issue:
    1. James (see No. XI)
    2. Margaret
    3. Bessie
  11. JAMES NICOLSON, Advocate and Commissary of Brechin 30th March 1634, married Egidia, daughter of David Tully of Kinmonth, and had issue:
  12. JAMES NICOLSON of Bullister, graduated A.M. at St Andrews University, on 16th June 1652, and became schoolmaster of Dysart, at the Restoration in 1660. He was presented in 1662 to the Parish of Tingwall, and died before 1675, having married Anne, daughter of Arthur Grassmuller, of Altnabreck, and had issue:
    1. Arthur, his heir
    2. John (see No. XVI)
    3. Grizel, married 1696, Robert Bruce of Chalester
  13. ARTHUR NICOLSON of Bullister and Lochend, was a merchant in Lerwick, and purchased a large amount of landed property, including the Island of Papa Stour, which he acquired from John Scott of Scottshall, on 16th May 1716. He died in 1736, having married (first) Janet, daughter of William Dick of Wormadail, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Magnus, married Mary Stove
    3. James
    4. Janet, married Robert Scott of Scottshall
    5. Anna, married 1722, Laurence Bruce of Braewick
    6. Grizel, married Andrew Ross of Sound
    7. Barbara, married Robert Scollay, shipmaster, and had issue: Robert, baptised 11th May 1732
    8. Elizabeth
    He married (second) Margaret, daughter of William Henderson of Gardie, and had issue:
    1. Katherine, married Andrew Dick of Wormadail
    2. Jane, married William Henderson of Gloup
    3. Margaret, married William Irvine, comptroller of the customs, Lerwick, and had issue: Catherine, baptised 1st March 1734
    After his death his widow married Henry Rose, and had issue: Robert; Ann, married T Dend; and Jean, married James Henderson
  14. WILLIAM NICOLSON of Lochend, was served heir to his father, on 4th May 1742, and died 1758. He married (first) 14th November 1751, Barbara, daughter of Magnus Henderson of Gardie, and had issue:
    1. Arthur, died 4th October 1752
    2. Elizabeth of Gardie, baptised 19th June 1754, married 1776, Thomas Mouat of Garth
    3. Arthur, his heir
    He married (second) 28th August 1758, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Gifford of Busta, and widow of William John Neven of Windhouse
  15. ARTHUR NICOLSON of Lochend, served heir to his father 19th May 1762, died 1765, and was succeeded by his cousin Arthur, son of,
  16. JOHN NICOLSON of Gilsbreck, merchant in Lerwick, who died 1728, having married Grizel, daughter of John Mitchell of Westshore, and had issue:
    1. Arthur, who succeeded to Lochend
    2. William
    3. Robert
    4. James
    5. Margaret, married (first) James Dick, of Huxter, and (second) 7th January 1753, Andrew Horrie, writer, Lerwick
    6. Anna, married Francis Carnegie, and had issue: Arthur, baptised 9th December 1739, and James, baptised 17th January 1751, died 14th September 1761
    7. Jean, married John Gifford, Stewart-clerk of Zetland
    8. Janet, married James Bolt of Cruister
  17. ARTHUR NICOLSON of Lochend, served heir to his cousin, William Nicolson of Lochend, 1767, died 1793, married 14th May 1752, Margaret, daughter of William Irvine, and had issue:
    1. Grizel, baptised 6th May 1754, married 4th March 1773, Gideon Gifford of Busta
    2. Arthur, his heir
    3. James, baptised 7th December 1758, died young
    4. Andrina Mary, baptised 17th February 1760, died 1830, married 6th November 1783, Andrew Gifford of Ollaberry
    5. Jean, baptised 5th April 1761, died 10th November 1761
    6. Catherine, baptised 26th July 1762, died unmarried
    7. Ann, baptised 5th May 1764, married 9th May 1784, Rev. John Morrison, minister of Delting from 1782, to his death 6th September 1818, and had issue:
      1. John, baptised 30th February 1785, in Royal Navy
      2. Margaret, baptised 4th August 1786, married 1st April 1817, James Pottinger, purser, R.N.
      3. Arthur, baptised 20th June 1790, Colonel Royal Marines
      4. William, in Inland Revenue
      5. Jane, married 1st January 1817, Alexander Riach, purser, R.N.
    8. Jane, baptised 27th March 1765, married 6th February 1798, James Ross of Quarff
    9. William, baptised 3rd March 1769, died unmarried
    10. Elizabeth, died 15th October 1769
    11. James, aftermentioned, No. XX
    12. Elizabeth, (twin), born 19th March 1770, died 4th December 1849, married May 1791, Rev. David Thomson, minister of Walls, 1787, translated to Dunrossness, 1828 baptised 12th August 1759, died 5th October 1841, and had issue: John in Royal Navy, and two daughters
    13. Gideon, Colonel, born 21st December 1773, married and had issue: William, Captain in Cape Mounted Rifles, Robert and Julia
    14. Sophia, born 5th April 1775
    15. Margaret, married 15th November 1781, Captain William Gray, and had issue: Margaret, who married Gideon Henderson, merchant, Papa Stour, and others
  18. ARTHUR NICOLSON of Lochend, baptised 21st September 1757, died in 1819, having married (first) 5th September 1784, Janet, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Bolt of Cruister, who died 19th October 1789, and had issue:
    1. Barbara, married 14th December 1801, John Scott, fiar of Melby
    2. Margaret, baptised 23rd September 1787
    3. Arthur, died at Wells, Bristol, June 1790
    He married (second) 14th August 1791, Mary, daughter of Alexander Innes, commissary clerk of Aberdeen, and had issue:
    1. Arthur, his heir
  19. ARTHUR NICOLSON of Lochend, was served heir, on 22nd August 1823, before the Sheriff-Substitute of Orkney and Zetland at Lerwick, to his “remote cousin”, Sir James Nicolson of that Ilk and Lasswade, Bart. On this service he obtained from the Earl of Kianoull, then Lyon King or Arms, a grant of the arms of the family as being heir male in general. He died on 2nd January 1863, having married at Old Aberdeen, on 27th April 1821, Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of the Rev. William Jack, D.D., sometime minister of the parish of Northmaven, and afterwards Principal of King's College and Aberdeen University. She died, 26th March 1891. He had issue a son Arthur, who died young. He was, therefore, succeeded by his cousin Arthur Bolt, son of
  20. JAMES NICOLSON of Aith, the third son of Arthur Nicolson, of Lochend (XVII). He was a Captain in the Royal Navy, was born 19th March 1770, and died in 1823. He married in 1810, Katherine Ann, daughter of Major Thomas Bennett, and had issue:
    1. Arthur, his heir
    2. Maxwell
    3. Robert
    4. James Ross, born 2nd May 1814
    5. Alexander
    6. Thomas
    7. Anne Jane, married in 1829, the Rev. James Barclay, minister of Mid and South Yell. She died, 6th March 1892, aged 80, leaving issue a son James, Inspector of Poor, &c., for Yell
  21. SIR ARTHUR BOLT NICOLSON, eighth Baronet, was born 6th March 1811. He was long resident in Australia, having held a commission in the 4th King's Own Royal Regiment, when that corps served in New South Wales, in the year 1831. A few years later he sold his commission and returned to England. In 1853, he went out to Victoria, where he acted for a time as commissioner of goldfields. He died 14th July 1879. In 1839, he married Margaret, third daughter of the Rev. George Bisset, minister of Udny, who died in 1869. They had issue:
    1. Arthur, his heir
    2. Anna Jane Oceana
    3. Katherine McArthur
    4. Mary Isabella
  22. SIR ARTHUR THOMAS BENNET ROBERT NICOLSON, ninth Baronet of that Ilk and Lasswade, of Lochend, in Shetland, and of Lyndhurst Esplanade, St Kilda, Melbourne, was born in 1842, and was educated at Melbourne College. He is a Justice of the Peace for the Colony of Victoria, also for the County of Zetland, and was a commissioner for the Centennial International Exhibition, held at Melbourne in 1888. He married on 14th July 1881, Annie, daughter of John Rutherford of Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, and had issue:
    1. Arthur John Frederick William, born 8th June 1882
    2. Harold Stanley, born 22nd October 1883
    3. Lionel Rutherford, born 1887
    4. Annie Vera Violet, born 24th December 1891
Or, three falcon's heads, erased gules, armed argent.
Crest, a demi-lion issuant or, armed, and langued gules.
Motto, “Generosiate”
Supporters, two eagles or, armed gules
Registered 29th March 1826
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