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NICOLSON OF HOULL in the Parish of Unst

  1. NICOL LAURENSON of Houll, married Isabel ---------- and had issue:
    1. Erasmus (see No. II)
    2. Bess, married Magnus Laurenson of Westshore, and had issue Isabel, who married James Gray
    3. Katherine, married Erasmus Peterson, father of Peter, father of John
  2. ERASMUS NICOLSON of Houll, married Janet, daughter of Robert Gray, son of Walter Gray of Cliff, and had issue:
    1. Laurence (see No. III)
    2. Katherine, married Andrew Bruce of Scolland
    3. Isabel, married Laurence Nisbet, but had no issue
    4. Helen, married Thomas Arthurson
  3. LAURENCE NICOLSON of Houll, married Agnes Bruce, and had issue:
    1. William (see No. IV)
    2. Robert, married Katherine Nisbet
    3. Marion
    4. Isabel
    5. Grizel
    6. Bruce
    7. Louisa, married David Spence of Houlland
  4. WILLIAM NICOLSON, married Elizabeth Nisbet, and had issue:
    1. Laurence, father of Rev. William of St Petersburg
    2. David, married Martha Spence
    3. Elizabeth (see No. V)
  5. ELIZABETH NICOLSON, married Robert Bruce, and had issue:
    1. Elizabeth, married John Mouat
    2. Grace, married William Mouat
    3. Janet (see No. VI)
  6. JANET BRUCE married Samuel Dunn Hunter, merchant, Lerwick, and had issue:
    1. Elizabeth Bruce, married W G St Clair
    2. Barbara or Martha, married Charles Duncan Laurenson
    3. James, married Jessie Irvine
    4. Catherine Grant, married James Shand of Union Bank, Edinburgh, and had issue: John G B, Samuel I, and Helen Bryden
    5. Robert Bruce, of Union Bank, Lerwick, married 1889, Margaret, daughter of William Johnson, merchant, Lerwick, and has issue
      1. Rhoda Griselda Margaret
      2. Marjory Bruce
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