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SPENCE OF HAMMER in the Parish of Unst

  1. GILBERT SPENCE of Hammer, son of Ninian Spence of Houlland by his second marriage with Marabel Williamsdaughter, heiress of Hammer, succeeded his mother in these lands. He married Janet, daughter of Gilbert Henderson of Midgarth, and had issue:
  2. WILLIAM SPENCE of Hammer disponed these lands to William his eldest son, under burden of the liferent to himself and Margaret Scott, his spouse, in 1772. He married (contracted 8th November 1735), Margaret, eldest daughter of John Scott of Voesgarth, and had issue:
    1. Ursula, baptised 30th March 1736, married her cousin John Spence of Cullivoe
    2. Janet, baptised 2nd February 1737
    3. William, his heir
    4. Gilbert of Greenfield
    5. Katherine, married her cousin James Spence of Houlland
  3. WILLIAM SPENCE, of Hammer, died 12th January 1805, married Anne McDougal, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Gilbert (see No.V)
    3. David, baptised 12th January 1761
    4. Elizabeth, married 25th December 1819, John Mouat Henderson of Springfield
  4. WILLIAM SPENCE of Hammer, born 16th October 1787, died unmarried, aged 25, succeeded by his brother,
  5. GILBERT SPENCE of Hammer, died 27th August 1850, married (first) Christian, daughter of Rev. James Ingram of Unst, but left no surviving issue: and (second) Jane, daughter of William Spence of Greenfield, and had issue:
    1. Jane Catherine
    2. Christina
    3. Jessie Paterson
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