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SPENCE OF GARDIE in the Parish of Yell

  1. JOHN SPENCE of Gardie, second son of Ninian Spence, seventh of Houlland, died 1695, having married Katherine, daughter of James Craigies of Craigiesha, and had issue:
    1. David, his heir
    2. Ninian of Vatster (see Spence of Windhouse)
    3. James, of Swarrister, married Nelly Scott, but had no issue
    4. Elizabeth, married John Henderson of Pettister
    5. Anna, died 19th May 1762, married Rev. Robert Gray, minister of Nesting, 1703 to his death, 18th November 1740
    6. Helen
  2. DAVID SPENCE of Gardie, merchant, Mid Yell, and William his son are seised in lands in Yell, 1746. He died 1759, having married Grizel, daughter of Rev.William Binning, minister of Tingwall, and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. James of Uyea, married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev.William Archbald, minister of Unst, and had issue:
      1. David, officer in Royal Navy
      2. Mary
      3. William, died young
      4. Grace, married William Hoseason of Dalsetter
      5. Charles in Mercantile Marine, married his cousin Grace Spence, no issue: drowned at Quebec
      6. Sholto James )
      7. John Andrew ) went to America and were both drowned
      8. Balfour, merchant in Lerwick, and Consul there for the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and Hanover, born 17th March 1777, died 1st October 1843; married in 1815, Charlotte, second daughter of Charles Ogilvy of Seafield (who died 31st October 1827) and had,
        1. James Ross, born 17th March 1816, died 24th August 180, Shipping Agent in Lerwick and Netherlands and Hanseatic Consul, later for the German Empire
        2. Charles Ogilvy, born 14th September 1817, died 11th April 1871 (in the Mercantile Marine)
        3. William Edward Parry, born 11th October 1818, drowned in wreck of “Mayda” of London, 1846
        4. Barbara, died in infancy
        5. Elizabeth
        6. Thomas John Ogilvy, born 26th February 1826, died 5th May 1828
      9. Joseph, died in the West Indies
      10. Archibald, died in infancy
      11. Bourmeister, sometime Schoolmaster, Quarff
    3. David
    4. Robert
    5. Barbara
    6. Katherine, married Sholto Archibald, son of Rev. William Archbald
    7. Margaret, married John Campbell
    8. Janet
  3. WILLIAM SPENCE of Gardie, married 10th February 1757, Agnes, daughter of Rev. William Archbald, minister of Unst, and had issue:
    1. Mary, born 14th November 1757, married Henry Edmondston
    2. Grizel, born 7th January 1759, married her cousin Charles Spence
    3. Catherine, born 11th July 1760
    4. Jessie Batty, born 19th January 1763
    5. David, his heir
    6. William
    7. Ursula, died 1844, married Rev. James Robertson, minister of Yell, 1828- 44, and St Fergus, 1844 to his death, 12th September 1854
    8. Janet Binning
    9. Gilbert Basil, born 16th July 1770
    10. Andrina Charlotte, see No.V
  4. LIEUTENANT DAVID SPENCE, R.N., of Gardie, married 1st January 1803, Janet, daughter of Robert Alexander Neven of Windhouse. His sister,
  5. ANDRINA CHARLOTTE SPENCE, born 7th March 1773, married 3rd February 1803, John Barclay, surgeon, Unst, son of Rev. James Barclay, minister of Unst,* and had issue:
    1. James, see No.VI
    2. William Edmonston, born 6th May 1805
    3. Agnes, born 18th April 1806, died unmarried
    4. Forbes, M.D. born 25th December 1807, died at Oregon
    5. Ursilla, born 8th April 1811, died 1885, unmarried
    6. Mary Grace, born 5th July 1813, died at Edinburgh 23rd October 1892, unmarried
    7. John Thomas, born 3rd July 1816
    8. Charlotte, born 21st September 1818
  6. REV. JAMES BARCLAY, born 16th December 1803, minister of Unst, 1844 till his death, 29th December 1885, married 1839, Ann Jane, daughter of Captain James Nicolson of Aith, and had issue:
    1. John Forbes, died 1854
    2. Ann Catherine, died 1854
    3. James Nicolson, J.P. for Zetland, married Grace, daughter of John Budge of Seafield
    4. Charles John Thomas
    5. Arthur Robert, married Barbara, daughter of Andrew Smith of Smithfield, Fetlar
    6. Mary Isabella, married George Houston
    7. William, died in infancy
    8. Frederick Dundas
  1. REV.JAMES BARCLAY, a native of Clatt, ordained assistant and successor at Unst, 11th October 1775, died 24th December 1793, aged 48, married 16th November 1775, Ursula, daughter of Rev. William Archbald, minister of Unst, who died 28th January 1832, and had issue:
    1. Archibald;
    2. John, above mentioned;
    3. William;
    4. James;
    5. Thomas, see No.II;
    6. Mary, died February 1859, aged 83, married 18th September 1803, Rev.James Ingram, minister of Unst 1821-43, afterwards of Free Kirk, who was born 3rd April 1776, and died 3rd March 1879, and had issue:
      1. Christian, born 17th April 1805, married Gilbert Spence of Hammer;
      2. Charlotte Barclay, born 20th April 1806, married Andrew Smith, Fetlar;
      3. Rev. John, born 9th February 1808, died 15th November 1892, ministr of Unst 1838-43, afterwars of Free Church, married (first) Margaret Blair Hutchison, who died 7th January 1858, and (second) Miss Wisdom;
      4. Jean, born 4th November 1809, married Dr Smith;
      5. Margaret, born 22nd October 1812, died unmarried;
      6. William Barclay, born 1st March 1815, died abroad.
  2. REV.THOMAS BARCLAY, born 13th June 1790, minister of Dunrossness 1822, Lerwick 1827, Peterculter 1843, Currie 1841, Principal of Glasgow University 1858, died 23rd February 1873, married Mary, daughter of Captain Charles Adamson, and had issue:
    1. Archibald, born October 1821, drowned in China;
    2. Elizabeth Mitchell, married William Peterkin, and has issue:
      1. Edith,
      2. Alfred,
      3. Edward, (Solicitor, Linlithgow,)
      4. William Arthur,
      5. Gertrude, married James Currie,
      6. Evelyn Hope,
      7. Caroline,
      8. Bruce dead,
      9. Louise Kenmure Maitland and
      10. Thomas Barclay;
    3. Charles Frederick, married twice, and had issue;
    4. John, married and had two daughters;
    5. Ursula Euphemia, died young;
    6. Bruce, M.D. died unmarried;
    7. Jean Adamson, died unmarried;
    8. March Caroline, married;
    9. Thomas, died unmarried
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