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  1. JAMES STEWART first of Graemsay in Orkney, and of Bigtoun in the parish of Dunrossness, was one of the numerous illegitimate offsping of Robert, Earl of Orkney. His mother was Janet, daughter of Alexander Robertson of Strowan in Perthshire. He acquired the estates of Graemsay, Clestran, and Bigtoun, and died between January and March 1629, having married twice. The name of his first wife I have been unable to discover but that of his second, who survived him, was Helen, daughter of Robert Monteith of Egilshay in Orkney. They had issue:
    1. Henry of Graemsay, ancestor of that family
    2. John of Bigtoun, aftermentioned
    3. Patrick of Gyre
    4. Barbara, married James Sinclair of Quendale
    5. Martha, married George Sinclair of Craigends
    6. Margaret, married Francis Moodie of Melsetter
  2. JOHN STEWART of Bigtoun, the second son, acquired a good deal of land in Dunrossness from Laurence Sinclair of Goat, in 1634. He died in 1661, having married in 1622, Grizel, daughter of James Sinclair of Goat, and had issue:
    1. Laurence, his heir
    2. David, a writer
    3. Margaret, married in 1643, Laurence Bruce of Symbister
    4. James
    5. Katherine
  3. LAURENCE STEWART of Bigtoun was a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1685, 1689, 1690, and 1696. He registered the arms of the family in the Lyon Office about 1690. On 15th December 1686, he had a disposition of the 9 merk lands of Brebister, and the 8 merk lands of Breck, in the parish of Walls, from Jean Scleater, relict of Thomas Gelder, sometime in Scalloway, and James Nicolson, residenter there, her son. In 1689, he received the lands of Scousburgh in wadsett, from Gilbert Neven, which lands still remain in possession of his descendants. He died, 11th July 1703, having married in 1646, Katherine, daughter of George Sinclair of Craigends, and granddaughter of Malcolm Sinclair of Quendale, and had issue:
    1. Charles, his heir
    2. Malcolm
    3. William
    4. James
    5. David
    6. John
    7. Barbara, married (first) in 1679, Robert Bruce of Sumburgh, and (second), Rev. John Cattanach, minister of Unst
    8. Grizel, married 28th May, 1688, John Bruce of Symbister
    9. Jean, married Laurence Sinclair of Quendale
    10. Martha, married James Sinclair of Goat
    11. Margaret, married Andrew Gifford of Weathersta
  4. CHARLES STEWART of Bigtoun was a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1704. He acquired the Mansion House of Goat and other lands from William Sinclair of Goat in 1705, 24 merks of land in Melby from Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, but on the 17th April 1705, he renounced the same in favour of James Mitchell of Girlesta. He died 4th December 1728, having married in 1692, Ursula, daughter of Hector Bruce of Muness, and had issue:
    1. John Charles, to whom his father conveyed his lands of Bigtoun, *c., in 1709, but who died young
    2. John Laurence, his heir
  5. JOHN LAURENCE STEWART of Bigtoun, had disposition of land in Unst, Yell, Delting, Lunnasting, Northmaven, Aithsting, Sandsting, Tingwall and Dunrossness from his mother, on 29th April 1718, died 31st July 1730, having married (first), in 1723, Grizel, daughter of John Scott of Scottshall, and (second) (contract dated 25th April 1727), Margaret, daughter of Robert Bailie of Tankerness in Orkney, and had issue:
    1. Robert, his heir
    2. Clementina, aftermentioned
  6. ROBERT STEWART of Bigtoun was an infant when he succeeded his father. He died in minority on 14th March 1740, and was succeeded by his sister,
  7. CLEMENTINA STEWART of Bigtoun, married on 8th June 1744, John Bruce of Symbister, who, on the marriage assumed the name of Stewart. She died in 1748, and had issue. The estate thus passed into the possession of the Bruces of Symbister, in whose possession it still remains.
LAURENCE STEWART of Bigtoune - Bears, Or a fess checkie azure and argent, betwixt two mascles of the second.
Crest, ane hollin leafe slipped vert.
Motto: “Sie vireseit industria”
Registered about 1690
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