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STRANG OF VOESGARTH in the Parish of Unst

  1. BARTHOLOMEW STRANG had a charter under the Great Seal on the 24th March 1575, of the 12 merk lands of Voesgarth in the parish of St John of Bailyesta, in the Isle of Unst, confirming a charter granted to him by Mr. Francis Bothwell, Treasurer of Orkney, and Vicar of Unst, on 12th November 1572. He had previously had a grant of these lands, on 1st April 1568, to himself and Agnes Mowat, his spouse, from Adam, Bishop of Orkney. On 5th November 1577, he complained to the Privy Council that Laurence Bruce of Cultmalindie compelled him to pay umboth duties three months before their proper time, and further had prevented him going on his journey to Bergen in Norway in August 1577, by compelling him to take him and his goods to Dundee and refusing to pay freight therefore, or for the 24 persons who accompanied him (Cultmalindie) thither.
    By his wife Agnes Mowat he had a son James, who became a burgess of Orvine, and appears to have surrendered his right to Voesgarth in favor of his natural brother aftermentioned. By Helen Taylor, Bartholomew had two natural sons, James, who succeeded him, and Bartholomew.
  2. JAMES STRANG of Voesgarth had letters of legitimation under the Great Seal in favor of himself and his brother on 19th November 1574. He was thereafter served heir to his father, and infeft in Voesgarth on ratification by James his brother, and on Precept of Sasine by Patrick, master of Orkney, on 6th December 1591. On 30th June 1597, he was ordained by the Privy Council to find caution for good rule in his lands to the extent of 1000 merks. He died in July 1603, having married Christian, daughter of David Sinclair of Hunto in Orkney, who survived him, and with whom he received as a marriage portion, the 18 merks of land in Melby, called “The Sinclair's Last”. By her he had issue:
    1. Bartholomew, his heir
    2. James, aftermentioned
    3. Elizabeth, married Henry Spence, portioner of Houlland, and with consent her husband, disponed her 9 merks and 7 ures in Uttershall to her brothers
    4. Helen, mentioned in the testament dative of her father
    5. Agnes, married (first) Thomas Cheyne of Vaila, and (second) Andrew Gifford of Melby
    6. Margaret, married Mr. Thomas Hendrie, minister of Walls, and died in February 1629
  3. BARTHOLOMEW STRANG of Voesgarth died in August 1612, and on 20th September 1615, the Inventory of his personal estate was recorded in the Commissary books by Thomas Cheyne of Vaila, on behalf of Christian Strang, his daughter, who was served heir to her grandfather, James Strang, on 1st October 1622. She died February 1630.
  4. JAMES STRANG of Voesgarth, on 11th July 1627, grants a discharge for the utensils contained in the inventory of his father's estate, and all goods and gear intromitted with by umquhile Thomas Cheyne, his tutor. He died September 1632. He married Janet Chalmer, but apparently had no issue: and on 9th April 1642, his nephew, Gilbert Hendrie, son of Mr. Thomas Hendrie, minister of Walls, was served heir to him.
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