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HENRY OF BAYHALL in the Parish of Walls

  1. MR. THOMAS HENDRIE, who appears as minister of Walls as early as 1622, was a brother of Gilbert Hendrie, merchant, burgess of Aberdeen, whose name frequently appears among Shetland writs. On the 5th November 1622, he had a charter of alienation of the 32 merks land of Whiteness in Walls, from Walter Scott, and Breta Spence, his spouse, in favor of himself, and Marie Strang, his spouse. He had a disposition of lands in Houss, from James Sinclair of Aith, in November 1624, and again on 3rd April 1625, of lands there from Walter Scott of Whiteness. He married Mary, daughter of James Strang of Voesgarth. He died about 1639, leaving issue:
    1. Gilbert, his heir
    2. James
    3. Janet, married Alexander Gifford
  2. GILBERT HENDRIE was served heir to his grandfather, James Strang, on 9th April 1642. In May 1639, he had a charter of the lands of Whiteness from his father
  3. ANDREW HENDRIE of Foratwatt, is a witness along with his two sons, to a sasine in favor of James Mitchell, of Girlesta, on disposition by Patrick Cheyne of Vaila, on 14th June 1697. He died about 1717, leaving issue:
    1. Thomas, his heir
    2. James
  4. THOMAS HENDRIE of Foratwatt, had a disposition from Patrick Hendrie in Setter, of 61/2 merks land in Setter on 28th June 1703, and again on 4th July 1706, a further disposition of 13 merks there by the said Patrick, with consent of Andrew Hendrie, his only son. He married (first) Barbara, eldest daughter of John Umphray of Asta, and had issue:
    1. John
    He married (second) Margaret, daughter of Andrew Bruce, tutor of Muness, and his wife Elizabeth Ross. By their contract of marriage, which is dated 28th November 1715, they bound themselves to marry before 1st February 1716. They had issue:
    1. Andrew
  5. JOHN HENDRY of Foratwatt, married Margaret, daughter of Rev. Alexander Dunbar of Weathersta, and had issue:
  6. JOHN THOMAS HENRY of Foratwatt, afterwards of Bayhall, married in 1766, Margaret, daughter of John Scott of Melby, and had
    1. Joanna Elizabeth, baptised 10th January 1767, married 22nd April 1798, Andrew Irving, merchant, Lerwick, who died 25th November 1850. She died 30th May 1847.
    2. Lilias, married Thomas Henry of Burrastow No. VIII
    3. Margaret, baptsied 1st March 1768
  7. ARCHIBALD HENDRY of the Scord, merchant in Walls, married Jane Greig, niece of the Rev. James Buchan, minister in Walls, and had issue:
  8. THOMAS HENRY of Burrastow, served heir to his father, 6th September 1780, and died 1835, aged 89, married Lilias, daughter of John Thomas Henry of Foratwatt, who was served heir to her great-grandfather Thomas Hendrie of Foratwatt, on 28th November 1805, died 24th August 1820, and had issue:
    1. Joan Elizabeth, baptised 10th October 1810
    2. John Thomas, his heir
    3. Archibald, aftermentioned. No. X
  9. JOHN THOMAS HENRY of Burrastow, had a disposition of the lands of Meikleure and others from his father on 16th March 1842. He died in April 1877, aged 78, having married in 1852, Lilias, daughter of Andrew Irving, merchant, Lerwick. His brother,
  10. ARCHIBALD HENDRY of Bayhall, married Jane, daughter of John Scott of Melby, and had issue:
  11. ARCHIBALD SCOTT HENRY of Bayhall, born in 1825, married Jane Sinclair, and has issue:
    1. Archibald
    2. James
    3. Barbara
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