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HENDERSON OF GLOUP in the Parish of Yell

  1. DAVID HENDERSON of Gloup, was the fifth son of Magnus Henderson of Buness. He was the father of
  2. WILLIAM HENDERSON of Gloup, married Jane, daughter of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend. He had a disposition of 1 merk of land in Collafirth in Yell from Elspeth Thomson, only daughter of Arthur Thomson in Setter, in 1711. He had issue:
    1. John, his heir
    2. William, of Colvister, married and had issue: Jane, married George Henderson of Pettister
    3. Magnus, clerk in the Exchequer, Edinburgh, married Grizel Drummond, and had issue: Christian
    4. Laurence, mentioned in a sasine in 1767; and three daughters
  3. JOHN HENDERSON of Gloup, Land waiter in Customs, Lerwick, married Catherine, eldest daughter of John Robertson of Gossaburgh, and had issue:
  4. WILLIAM HENDERSON of Gloup, Lieutenant in the 27th Enniskillen Regiment, was present at the battle of Waterloo, where he was wounded. He thereafter retired, having been promoted to the rank of Captain, and died in 1830. He married Amy, daughter of General Archibald Campbell of Arbeth, Governor of St Lucia, and second son of Campbell of Kilberry, and had issue:
    1. John Charles, his heir
    2. Archibald Campbell, who went to Australia in 1852
  5. JOHN CHARLES HENDERSON of Gloup, assumed the name of Robertson, and died at Edinburgh, in 1849, having married 1846, his cousin, Barbara Grace, only child of Basil Robertson of Gossaburgh, and widow of John Ogilvy of Quarff, and had issue:
  6. ANNE BARBARA ROBERTSON, born 1847, married 1875, John Hepburn Hastie, and had issue:
    1. John Hastie Robertson of Gossaburgh
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