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  1. ANDREW MOWAT of Hugoland, in Delting, said to be a second son of ----- Mowat of Swinie, in Caithness, is mentioned in a precept of sasine contained in a charter granted by Francis Bothwell, treasurer of Orkney, and Vicar of Unst, in favour of Barthol Strang of Voesgarth, on 12th November 1572. In the Register of the Great Seal, on 27th March 1577, there is a confirmation by King James VI, of a charter granted by him in favour of John his eldest son, and apparent heir of 207- 3/8 merks land in Delting, 341/2 in Aithsting, 3 in Walls, 8 in Tingwall, 35 in Yell, and 18 in Unst, whom failing then to Malcolm, second son of the granter, whom failing Patrick, third son, reserving always his own liferent and a life rent on half of the said lands to Ursella Tulloch, his spouse. The charter of confirmation also permits the said Andrew and John to construct a fortalice of stone, as the country of Zetland has divers times been invaded by the Irish, who have committed depredations there. He married (first) Ursula, only daughter to Christopher Tulloch of Fiblaster, first mentioned in a Shynd Bill, dated 15th October 1558, held by Olave Sinclair of Havera, Chamberlain and Head Foud of Shetland, and Sir George Strang, Vicar of Nesting, and official of Shetland, assisted by the honest men of the neighbourhood, particularly Ringane Neven, to determine the succession in heritage of movables of umquhile William Tulloch of Skae, where she is mentioned as one of his heirs. He married (second) in Norway, before 20th June 1597, Lady Elsie Trond's daughter* of Erisfirth, and had issue a son Axel, father of Catherine, who married the Baron of Rosendale.
    * She was the sister of Anna Trond's daughter, with whom Bothwell eloped from Norway
  2. JOHN MOWAT of Hugoland, underfowde of Northmaven, on 2nd July 1589, pursued Mr. James Pitcairn, minister of that parish, before the Privy Council for avaricious and indecent behaviour. As he failed, however, to appear in support of his charges, the minister was assoilzied. He died in August 1617, having married Christian Stewart. He was father of
    1. Andrew of Hugoland, 1631, whose daughter Isabel married Ninian Neven of Scousburgh
    2. Gilbert, aftermentioned
    3. James of Burrafirth and Ure, a witness to a Disposition by Magnus Polsone to Laurence Sinclair of Burray, of the lands of Setter, in Weisdale, 12th September 1616, is mentioned in the supplication to Parliament for James Mouat of Ollaberry and Ninian Neven in 1641. He married Agnes, daughter of Mr. James Pitcairn, minister of Northmaven, and had issue:
      1. Gilbert, also mentioned in the said supplication
      2. James
      3. John
      4. Margaret, who married Patrick Oliphant, brother to Laurence Oliphant of Gask, and had issue a son James, who succeeded to the lands of Ure, and was a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1690. The lands of Ure, extending to 194 merks lands in the parishes of Northmaven and Walls, and including the Isle of Grunay, were sold by James Oliphant of Ure, eldest surviving son of the deceased James Oliphant of Ure, eldest surviving son of the deceased James Oliphant of Ure, grandson of James Oliphant of Ure, and great-grandson of Patrick Oliphant of Ure, to Arthur Nicolson of Lochend, in 1776
      5. Jean, married David Heart, Sheriff-Clerk of Orkney and Zetland
      6. Catherine, married Hugh Sinclair, in Damsay, Orkney
  3. Mr. GILBERT MOWAT, A.M., laureated at the University of Edinburgh, on 30th July 1601, was minister of Delting in 1607. Prior to 1615, he had been translated to Northmaven. On 12th September 1616, he witnesses a Disposition by Magnus Polsone to Laurence Sinclair of Burray, of certain lands in Weisdale. He is alleged to have been guilty in connection with Ninian Neven of many “Oppressiones, Tyrranies and Falsities, and cruelties”, upon the poor inhabitant of the country of Zetland. He married Janet, daughter of James Pitcairn, minister of Northmaven, and had issue:
    1. James, his heir
    2. Thomas, aftermentioned (No. V)
    3. Robert, minister in Yell in 1655, translated to Fetlar previous to 1689, and died unmarried before 1694, when his successor was appointed
    4. Ursilla, married Andrew Bruce of Muness
  4. JAMES MOWAT of Ollaberry, fiar of Garth, was a commissioner for Zetland to the General Assembly in 1641, when he presented a Supplication to Parliament. He made over the estate of Garth to his brother Thomas. He married (first) Margaret, daughter of James Sinclair of Quendale, and (second) ----- daughter of - -- Sinclair of Rapness, and had issue:
    1. Robert
    2. James of Ollaberry, who died before 10th September 1672, when his sisters Barbara and Margaret were served heirs to him in 4431/4 merks land in Northmaven, 90 in Delting, 263 in Aithsting, and 341/2 in Yell
    3. Barbara of Ollaberry, married George Cheyne of Esslemont
    4. Margaret, married George Mowat of Hamnavoe
    5. Janet
  5. THOMAS MOWAT of Garth, to whom his brother conveyed these lands, married Barbara Sinclair, and had issue:
    1. Gilbert
    2. James, who predeceased their father
    3. Andrew, his heir
    4. John
    5. Grizel, married Captain Laurence Middleton of Footaburgh, in Walls, who died 8th August 1703, aged 84
    6. Arthur (see No. VIII)
  6. ANDREW MOWAT of Garth was a Commissioner of Supply for Zetland in 1696 and 1704, was Commissary in 1701, and died 30th January 1707. He married Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Laurence Umphray, minister of Walls, who, on the 1st April 1703, disponed to James Mitchell of Girlesta the lands of Garth and Collasetter, in Walls. To this deed her sons
    1. Thomas, and
    2. Andrew, are witnesses
    3. Laurence
    4. Janet
    5. Robert, died 1736
  7. THOMAS MOWAT of Garth, born 1691, served heir to his father, 28th October 1730, married 1718 Anna, daughter of Robert Bruce of Chalester, was succeeded by
  8. ARTHUR MOWAT, son of Thomas Mowat (No. V), married Ursula Neven of Windhouse, and had issue:
    1. James, married Katherine Craigie, and had Ursula
    2. Robert (see No. IX)
  9. ROBERT MOWAT married Catherine Craigie, and had issue
  10. WILLIAM MOWAT of Garth, seised 1769. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Bruce of Urie, and was father of
    1. Thomas, his heir
    2. John, aftermentioned (No. XII)
    3. Elizabeth, married 13th May 1760, Robert Hunter of Lunna, died 20th May 1778
  11. THOMAS MOUAT, designed younger of Garth, in a sasine of 1779, married in 1776, Elizabeth, daughter of William Nicolson of Lochend, who was served heir to her uncle James Henderson of Gird, on 27th April 1798, but had no issue. He was succeeded by his brother,
  12. JOHN MOUAT of Annsbrae, Lerwick and Garth, born in 1751, died on 12th December 1824, having married (first) Jean, daughter of Thomson of Moncraig and had issue:
    1. Margaret (see No. X)
    2. Elizabeth, died young
    He married (second) Catherine McMurdo and had issue:
    1. William, his heir
    2. Ann, died without issue
    3. George
  13. WILLIAM MOUAT, of Garth, was admitted an advocate in 1807, and died 25th February 1836, having married on 28th April 1809, Elizabeth, only daughter of Captain Alexander Cunningham, of Pittarthie, but had no issue. Succeeded in Garth by his sister Margaret, and in Annsbrae by his nephew William.
  14. MARGARET MOUAT of Garth, served heir to her brother, 26th September 1836, and died 31st July 1871, having married 1809, Captain William Cameron, of the 13th Dragoons, and 78th Highlanders, who died in 1855, and had issue:
    1. William Cameron, died 15th April 1839
    2. Thomas, his heir
    3. Jane Elizabeth, died 2nd November 1890, married Henry McCulloch, of Glenquicken, and had issue:
      1. Margaret
      2. Mary, married Rev. Alexander Bayne, of Tingwall
      3. David, died 30th June 1891, unmarried
      4. Elizabeth, died young
      5. Jane, married Zachary M Hamilton
      6. William, married in America
      7. Henry, unmarried
    4. Elizabeth, married 14th April 1845, Rev. Zachary Macaulay Hamilton, minister of Bressay, 1833-77, and had issue:
      1. William Cameron, married Margaret Ellen Edmondston (see EDMONDSTON chapter)
      2. Wilhelmina, married Dr. Donald
      3. Zachary, married Jane McCulloch
    5. Margaret Anne Cameron Mouat, now of Bressay, owner of 4400 acres in Zetland, including the islands of Bressay and Noss, born 14th February 1816
  15. MAJOR THOMAS MOUAT CAMERON of Garth and Annsbrae, born on 9th September 1819, served in 55th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry, Convener of Zetland 1863-86 and 1888, appointed a deputy lieutenant of Zetland in 1874, died 21st December 1892, married in 1852, Mary Margaret, daughter of J C Ogilvie, M.D., Aberdeen, and had issue:
    1. William Mouat, his heir
    2. Jane Catherine
    3. Margaret Ann
    4. Mary Beatrice, died in infancy
    5. John Charles, died in infancy
  16. REV. WILLIAM MOUAT CAMERON of Garth, B.A., Oxford, born 1854, married 5th November 1884, Mary Agnes Harriet, daughter of William Brand, W.S., and had issue:
    1. Edward Mouat, died in infancy
    2. Ewan William Mouat, born October 1889
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