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III. Alexander Sinclair, third son of Alexander Sinclair and Isabel Sutherland, lived in Goshen beside his father's farm. He married, in 1830, Elizabeth, daughter of John Bruce and his wife, who was a Mackay, and had by her five children:

  1. Isabel, born 22 May 1852
  2. Margaret, 23 May 1833, was married in June 1868, to John A. Jordain, St. Mary's.
  3. Elizabeth, 18 February 1835, was married in 1864 to Alexander Langly.
  4. John George, 26 March 1837
  5. David, 14 January 1839
Alexander Sinclair died 22 April 1876. His wife, Elizabeth Bruce, was born in Latheron, 26 October 1796, and died in Goshen 18 April 1886.

John George, elder son of Alexander Sinclair, lives in Country Harbour, Guysborough County.

He married, 27 March 1866, Annie, daughter of Donald Cameron, Lochaber, Antigonish, and Flora Cameron his wife, and had by her nine children:

  1. John Wesley, born 1 January 1867
  2. Christy Bell, 14 January 1868, was married, 24 October 1900, to Captain William M. Swasey, Salem, Massachusetts
  3. Alexander Bruce, 24 December 1869
  4. Flora Maude, 2 May 1871
  5. Daniel Wickliffe, 31 March 1873
  6. Elizabeth Jane, 13 November 1874
  7. Mary Catherine, 1 December 1876
  8. David George Whitefield, 7 August 1878
  9. William H. Howard, 22 June 1891
His wife was born 13 November 1836.

Author's Addition (2nd Edition 1902):
Mrs. Swasey has one child, Bruce Cameron Sinclair, born 20 August 1901.

David, second son of Alexander Sinclair, lives in Goshen. He married, in November 1889, Annie, daughter of Hugh Macmillan and his wife Barbara Sinclair.

Isabel, eldest daughter of Alexander Sinclair, was married in July 1856, to Alexander Polson, Altamore, or Big Brook, South River, Antigonish, and had seven children.

Isabel, her second daughter, is married to A.W. Reid, Port Hillford.

IV. Robert, fourth son of Alexander Sinclair, lived near the Cross Roads, St. Mary's. He married, 2 August 1852, Catherine Sutherland. He died without issue, 20 December 1888.

The writer of this work taught school in St. Mary's about a year and a half, and found Robert Sinclair and his wife exceedingly kind. They were a very happy couple. His widow is still living [i.e. in 1901] and resides in Sherbrooke.

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