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II. John, second son of Alexander Sinclair, settled in Goshen on a lot of land beside his father's. He was married by the Rev. Alexander Lewis, on 30 June 1825, to Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, Forks, St. Mary's, and had by her the following children:

  1. Alexander born 23 October 1826
  2. William, 5 November 1828
  3. John Thomas, 13 August 1830
  4. Robert Angus, 4 July 1832
  5. Daniel Macgillivray, 17 May 1834
  6. Simon, 8 May 1836
  7. James, 9 June 1838
  8. Hugh Kenneth, 17 Oct 1840
  9. Isabel, 10 February 1843
  10. Ebenezer, 9 June 1845, died in 1857, aged 13 years
  11. Joseph, 28 May 1847
  12. Samuel Henry, 12 March 1851
He was a magistrate and was known as John Sinclair, Squire. He died 11 July 1880, aged eighty-three. His wife died 1 August 1873, aged sixty-seven.

Alexander, eldest son of John Sinclair, married Elizabeth Murray, with issue two sons,

  1. John Abner
  2. Alexander Robert
He died in 1857.

William, second son of John Sinclair, studied for the ministry. He was ordained 7 Nov 1865, and settled over the congregation of Mabou, Cape Breton. He died 4 February 1870.

John Thomas, third son of John Sinclair, married Euphemia, daughter of the Hon. William Mackeen, Mabou, Cape Breton, and had by her two daughters, and a son named Francis. He lives in Yakima, Washington, U.S.A. His wife died in 1878. His daughters died young.

Robert Angus, fourth son of John Sinclair, removed to New York, and engaged there in a bakery business. He died in 1894.

Daniel Macgillivray, fifth son of John Sinclair, married Janet Smith, of Mabou, in 1865, with issue:

  1. William, born in 1866
  2. Hedley Vicars, in 1875
  3. a daughter who died young
  4. Lyman, born in 1879
He lived for some time in Mabou. He removed to Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, about 1881. He died in 1894.

Simon, sixth son of John Sinclair, lives in Goshen. He married Mary M. Scott, of Guysborough, in 1870, by whom he had the following children:

  1. Ella Louise, born 7 November 1871
  2. Walter Hugh Stanley, born 10 September 1873
  3. Harold Scott, 28 August 1875
  4. Jairus Cariton, 23 October 1878
  5. Hattie Maude, 4 October 1882
  6. Jessie Winifred, 12 October 1885
James, seventh son of John Sinclair, lived on the old homestead in Goshen. He married Jessie Henderson, of Merigomish, in 1867, and by her had five children:

  1. Elizabeth Etta, born in 1869
  2. Maria, in 1873
  3. William Henry, in 1876
  4. John Alfred, in 1879
  5. Robert Ernest White, in 1888
He died in 1895.

Hugh Kenneth, eighth son of John Sinclair, married Frances Bishop, of Antigonish, by whom he had

  1. Emma, born in 1865, died at the age of eleven months
  2. Alfred, in 1868
  3. Clara, in 1870
  4. Minnie Frances, in 1873
He left Goshen in 1879, and went to live in Yakima, Washington Territory.

Joseph, tenth son of John Sinclair, married in May 1877, Jessie M. Forbes, by whom he had four children: Kirtley, John, Gertrude and Karl. He removed to Yakima in 1879. He entered the American army in 1863 and was engaged in several battles of the civil war. He held the rank of lieutenant-colonel at the time of his retirement. He died in 1895.

Samuel Henry, eleventh son of John Sinclair, married Annie, daughter of Alexander Maclean, of Lime Brook, East River, Pictou. He lives at Ridgely, Maryland, U.S.A.

Author's Addition (2nd Edition 1902):
Samuel Henry Sinclair in Ridgely has four children:

  1. Bessie Macdougall, born 24 March 1883;
  2. James Huntly, 7 October 1884;
  3. Alma Isabel, 20 July 1890; and
  4. Henry Maclean, 7 May 1899.
Isabel, only daughter of John Sinclair, was married in 1870 to John Macphie, South River, Antigonish. Mr. Macphie removed with his family to Yakima in 1882.

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