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V. Donald, fifth son of Alexander Sinclair, married, 24 December 1841, Jane, daughter of Donald Macneil, and had by her six children:

  1. Alexander, born 18 November 1842
  2. Mary Macneil, 30 August 1844
  3. Daniel, 30 May 1846
  4. John H., 27 May 1848
  5. Catherine, 13 May 1850
  6. Jane, 18 March 1853
Donald Sinclair was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He was ordained 28 December 1853. He died 11 January 1885. His wife died 30 April 1876.

Donald Macneil, Domhnall Mac Iain, lived in Kilmonivaig, Lochaber, Scotland. He married Catherine Cameron, by whom he had Donald, Hugh, John, Allan, Mary, Jane, Christy and Janet. He was drowned in the Caledonian Canal, 30 October 1828. His widow and children came to Nova Scotia in 1830 or 1831. Jane, his second daughter, was Donald Sinclair's wife.

Alexander, eldest son of Donald Sinclair, lives in Goshen on the old homestead. He is Warden of the Municipality of St. Mary's, Guysborough County. He married in August 1877, Janet, daughter of Alexander Fraser, New Glasgow, and had by her two daughters:

  1. Marion Jane, born 2 July 1878; and
  2. Janet Louise Kennedy, 30 November 1880.
His wife died 9 November 1896.

Daniel, second son of Donald Sinclair, settled in Upper Natchez, Washington, in October 1879. He married Annie Margaret, daughter of Duncan Cameron, Lochaber; by his wife Jessie Murray.

He had three children:

  1. Jean, born 10 December 1886
  2. Jessie Margaret Carmichael, born 13 November 1892
  3. Malcolm, who died at the age of two years
John H., third son of Donald Sinclair, was educated at the common school in Goshen, at the Guysborough Academy, and at Dalhousie College. He took a law course in the Halifax University, and received the degree of LL.B. He was called to the bar in January 1880, and began to practise in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in March 1880. He married, 13 July 1886, Jessie, daughter of James William Carmichael, New Glasgow, now the Hon. Senator Carmichael, and has by her one child,
  1. Donald Carmichael, born in New Glasgow 10 December 1888
He was Mayor of New Glasgow in 1890 and 1891. He was elected to the Legislature of Nova Scotia for Guysborough County on 14 March 1894, and again on 20 April 1897. Mrs. Sinclair was born 5 February 1860. Her mother, Maria Jane MacColl, was a daughter of Duncan MacColl, Guysborough, a native of Argyllshire.

Mary Macneil, eldest daughter of Donald Sinclair, left Nova Scotia with her brother Daniel in October, 1879. She was married in San Francisco, 22 October 1884, to Charles H. Bishop, of Sacramento, California, who removed to Portland, Oregon in 1889, where they now [1901] reside.

Catherine, second daughter of Donald Sinclair, was married 5 February 1880, at Fitchburg, Massachusetts, to Daniel Macbain.

Jane, the youngest daughter, left Goshen in 1879. She was married in Chicago, 6 May 1893, as his second wife, to Joseph Cowgill, of North Manchester, Indiana.

Elspet, or Elizabeth, the eldest of Alexander Sinclair's family, was married to John Murray, Lochaber, Antigonish, in 1817, and had by him eleven children:

  1. Jessie, born 6 February 1820, married to Duncan Cameron, Lochaber
  2. Isabella, 16 September 1822, married to Alexander Hulbert, Lochaber
  3. Christy, 18 June 1824, married to William L. Mackeen, Cross Roads, St. Mary's
  4. Alexander, 31 March 1826, married Margaret Henderson
  5. William, 1 March 1828, married Jessie, daughter of Kenneth Cameron, Barney's River
  6. John, 7 November 1830, married Mary Mackinnon
  7. Elizabeth, 27 November 1831, married to Alexander Sinclair, Goshen
  8. Robert, 29 January 1833
  9. Margaret, 27 October 1834, married to John D. Cameron, Glen, Lochaber
  10. Daniel, 9 July 1836
  11. James, 27 August 1837, married Catherine J. Hattie
John Murray was born in the parish of King Edward, Aberdeenshire, in 1785. His wife died 6 March 1883.

Christy, second daughter of Alexander Sinclair, was married to Alexander Sutherland. She had six children:

  1. James, born in 1826
  2. Alexander in 1828
  3. John in 1831
  4. Jane in 1833
  5. Elizabeth in 1835
  6. Margaret in 1837
James lives at Eight Island Lake. He married Eliza Polson, by whom he had six children: Alexander C, James, John R., Elizabeth, Jane and Christy.

Alexander lives in Goshen. He married Elizabeth Murray, widow of Alexander Sinclair, and by her had four children: Murray, Russell, Albert, and Edith.

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