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The Sinclairs of Goshen


Alexander, second son of William Sinclair in Shurery, married Isabel Sutherland in Caryside in 1791, and had by her nine children;

  1. Elspet, baptized 26 April 1792
  2. William, 24 June 1794
  3. Robert, 5 August 1796
  4. John, 9 April 1797
  5. Christy, 5 July 1801
  6. Alexander, 4 April 1806
  7. Robert, probably in 1808
  8. Donald, 7 November 1811
Isabel Sutherland, Alexander Sinclair's wife, was baptized 20 May 1770.

Author's Addition (2nd Edition 1902):
Isabel Sutherland was a daughter of John Sutherland in Baillie. She lived at Caryside, on the edge of Loch Calder, at the time of her marriage. She had a brother who settled in Ohio.

Alexander Sinclair lived in Lambsdale - which is quite near Shurery - when Elspet, William, and the first Robert were baptized. He lived in Backlass in the parish of Halkirk, when John, Christy and Alexander were baptized.

The baptism of John was witnessed by Farquhar Macdonald in Achscorclet and Mary Macdonald in the same place; the baptism of Christy, by John Sutherland in Acharennie and William Sinclair in Scoraclet; and the baptism of Alexander, by John Gunn and Barbara Sutherland in Backlass. Alexander Sinclair removed from Backlass to Uag of Dunbeath in the parish of Latheron, where the second Robert and also Donald were born. The first Robert died young.

Alexander Sinclair left Latheron and sailed for America in the spring of 1816, the year after the battle of Waterloo. He landed in Halifax in June, and came in a schooner to Sherbrooke. He lived for a few years about half a mile below the foot of Lochaber Lake, on a farm which he rented from Wentworth Taylor, and which at a later period became the property of Matthew Taylor. About 1820 he removed with his family to the district then known as the Backlands of St. Mary's, but now as Goshen. He died on 13 May 1841. His wife died on 4 May 1854.

Author's Addition (2nd Edition 1902):
The Sinclairs of Sherbrooke. - Donald Sinclair, son of William in Brawlbin, son of Alexander, son of Thomas tacksman of Shurery, held a tack of the farm of Isauld and at the same time carried on business as a merchant in Thurso. He married Margaret Campbell, Thurso, a first cousin of the Rev. Alexander Campbell in Lochaber, Nova Scotia. He had five children, William, Alexander, Barbara, Annie and Margaret. His wife died about 1806.
He was emigrant agent for a ship, known as "Long Mhor America" which sailed from Scrabster Roads, Thurso, in 1807, and was wrecked on the coast of Newfoundland, with the loss of nearly all on board. He came to Nova Scotia towards the end of that year, and took with him his two sons. He left his daughters with their mother's people in Thurso. He settled at Sherbrooke in Guysborough county.
William, his eldest son. married Caroline Louisa Maclean, of Bermuda, and had by her five children: Alexander, Harry, Louis, Martha and Caroline.

Alexander married Margaret Ramsay, of Edinburgh, and had by her ten children: Donald Smith, Robert Ramsay, William Lithgow, Marshall, Margaret Campbell, Barbara Dunnet, Isabella Crichton, Anna Smith, Helen Lithgow, and Catherine Campbell.
Barbara, eldest daughter of Donald Sinclair, was married to George Dunnet in Thurso; and Annie, the second daughter, to George Smith in Geise Little.

Margaret, the third daughter, died unmarried about a year ago [i.e. 1900].

I. William, eldest son of Alexander Sinclair, settled on a lot of land beside his brother John's lot.
He was married, about 1821, by the Rev. Thomas Trotter, to Isabel, daughter of John Macdonald, Beaver Meadow, Antigonish and had by her thirteen children: Agnes born in 1822;

  1. Isabel in 1824
  2. Grace in 1826
  3. John Alexander in 1828
  4. Robert in 1830
  5. William Hill in 1832
  6. Archibald in 1834, died at Londonderry, Nova Scotia. He was married and left a family.
  7. Donald Macconnachie in 1836, married Sarah Cameron, by whom he had six children. He lived at Light Island Lake. He died some years ago.
  8. Lewis in 1838, died in Newfoundland. He was married and left children.
  9. Angus in 1840
  10. James D. in 1843
  11. Ranald in 1845
  12. Mary, in 1848
He died 4 August 1862. His wife died 19 September 1883.

John Macdonald in Glencoe married Grace, daughter of Angus Macdonald, and had by her five children: Lewis, Margaret, Isabel, Ann and Mary. He came to Nova Scotia about 1802, and settled at Beaver Meadow about 1805.

John Alexander, eldest son of William Sinclair, married Eunice Macquarrie, by whom he had

  1. Florence
  2. Mary
  3. Grace Isabel
  4. Eunice Ann
  5. Christy
  6. Alexander Neil, his only son, died at Leadville
He lives in Boston [1901].

Robert, second son of William Sinclair, lived in Goshen. He married Jane Pushie, by whom he had thirteen children. He died 8 March 1894. The most of his children died young. There are only three of them now [i.e. 1901] living;

  1. Leonard Archibald,
  2. Robert Edwin
  3. Roberta
William Hill, third son of William Sinclair, married Mary Jane Mason, by whom he had

  1. William Angus born 12 May 1863
  2. Hugh Kenneth
  3. Hiram Blanchard
  4. Abner
  5. Isabel
  6. Mary
He lives at Port Dufferin in the county of Halifax.

Angus, seventh son of William Sinclair, lives at Salt Springs, Pictou County. He is married and has one son,

  1. William
James D., eighth son of William Sinclair, lives on a part of his father's farm. He married Ella J. Fraser of Thorburn, and had by her two children:

  1. Margaret Alice, born in November 1873, died 5 Feb 1890
  2. William Adrian, born in June 1877
His wife died in March 1900.

Ranald, ninth son of William Sinclair, lives on a part of his father's farm. He married Mary, daughter of Dougald Macdougall, East River, St. Mary's, and had by her two sons;

  1. Fraser, born 30 November 1884
  2. Arthur born in April 1886
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