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To cut a long story short:
JCT's Parents: Married 11 Nov 1859 at Milngavie
Father: Patrick Cairns, born about 1840 in Ireland, died 7 Mar 1899 in Darngavel by Airdrie, was a miner of ironstone, shale and coal, son of John Kearns and Rosanna Shields (spelling varies) of Ireland.
Mother: Mary Ann Burke, born about 1842 in Manchester, died 7 May 1887 in Uphall, daughter of William Burke and Bridget Hudson from Ireland.
Mother's siblings Catherine (born 1847) and Michael (born 1849).

JCT's Grandmother: Bridget Burke nee Hudson, born about 1825 in Ireland, died 9 Mar 1876 in Denny, was a Lodging House Keeper in Denny, daughter of John and Mary Hudson of Ireland. Twice widowed. Married to William Burke then to Thomas Burke, both printers.

JCT's Siblings: JCT's nephew and nieces: JCT's descendants do not have any Scottish blood (on that side anyway), but probably have cousins living in the Glasgow area, and possibly also in Ontario.

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