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I JAMES SINCLAIR is noted as tenant of Newclett (now Nettleter) and Estaquoy, in a charter produced 9th June 1620, by Bishop Graham to Hew Halcro and Jean Stewart his spouse.

II ALEXANDER SINCLAIR IN ESTAQUOY compeared 29th April 1665, holding Charter of Feu ferme in Estaquoy in Netleter in Harray, to which John Sinclair in Oback, there, is one of the witnesses. May 7th, 1666, How is tenanted by John and Alexander Sinclair there. 28th February 1667, Alexander Sinclair in How acquires from William Corrigill his udal lands there. In the valuation on 19th April 1671, the Commissioners note Alexander Sinclair for his lands of Netcletter; he compeared 29th December same with Charter of Alienation of lands in How, in the same parish; and suffered inhibition 29th August 1677. On the 28th May 1680, he gave to his eldest son John, and his youngest son Magnus, stait, etc. of land in Netletter with houses, etc. He had issue:

  1. JOHN, his successor;
  2. JAMES; and
  3. THOMAS, witnesses to the charter to their brothers.
  4. MAGNUS, afterwards of Estaquoy.

III JOHN SINCLAIR and his brother Magnus, sons of Alexander Sinclair of Estaquoy, are witnesses 29th December 1680. John of Estaquoy died before 5th August 1707, and was succeeded by his eldest son

IV ALEXANDER SINCLAIR IN NORTHBREK, in Bingaquoy, Firth, who gave Letters of Disposition of some land in How (tenanted by Magnus Sinclair) to the Rev. Thomas Baikie, produced 1st August 1717. "My grandfather was infeft therein on 28th February 1667, now 50 years ago, and the property came from the Corrigills of Corrigill or that Ilk". His uncle

V MAGNUS SINCLAIR, compeared 5th August 1707, holding disposition from his late brother, John of Estaquoy, of half of Estaquoy and part of How. His eldest son

VI JAMES SINCLAIR, is mentioned 23rd February 1710; and on the 8th March 1717, compeared as of Estaquoy, and with him Margaret Louttit his spouse, to whom he gave life-rent in the House and lands of Estoquoy. He witnessed a Harray conveyance 15th September, 1740; and on 25th February 1749, granted Letters of Disposition to William Smith, merchant in Stromness, of lands in Estaquoy with houses, etc., near the lands there possessed by Magnus Flett in Conzier. William Smith produced the same March l0th, 1752.

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