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Clumlie - St.Columb's lie - lies in South Sandwick, and in the Rental of 1503 is described as sixpenny land, conqueist [acquired or purchased] by Earl William. Earl William died about 1481, when Sir John Sinclair took possession of various lands in Sandwick, and held them in 1503. He may have been ancestor of the subsequent Sinclairs in Sandwick of Tenston (which he had held), of Clumlie, and of Hestwall. Early in the next century there are notices of two Sinclairs designed as of Clumlie, that is, Henry Sinclair of Clumlie, ancestor of those of Towquoy and Hammer, and

I. JAMES SINCLAIR OF CLUMLIE, referred to in the report on the parish of Sandwick, 1642: "There is feued thereof by the Earl of Orkney to umquhile [deceased] James Sincler the lands of Clumlie, payand therefore conform to the rental, which are now in the possession of his son.

II EDWARD SINCLER. In 1640 he was appointed bailie for Sandwick. On 19th January 1641, he is a suitor of Court, and again on the 24th May next thereafter. He is a witness 4th June 1646, to the claim of Katherine, Margaret, and Marjorie, daughters to Magnus Sinclair in Burwick, claiming their shares of patrimony, etc. In the valuation of 1653 he is assessed for his lands of Clumbly. Clumlie died before 22nd August 1666, on which date Jonet Beinston, relict of umquhile [deceased] Edward Sinclair of Clumlie, is infeft in said Clumlie, which had been settled upon her by marriage contract. At Edward Sinclair, bailie of Sandwick, Magnus Sinclair of Burwick, and others, are sworn in to report on Sandwick 5th June 1627. In the report which was given in on the 19th June he is described as Edward Sinclair, apparent of Clumlie. It is found that "There are few heritors [landowners] amongst us, and their heritage is so little that it is not worthy to be called heritage. Some of them has their teinds [tithes] set to themselves, but pays dear therefore, but the teinds [tithes] of some are ledd.

I HENRY SINCLAIR OF TOWQUOY was one of the Orcadian gentlemen who in 1592 made supplication to Parliament against an attempt of Earl Robert Stewart to compel them to feudalise their holdings by taking out charters from him. [From Shetland County Families]. He is doubtless identical with Henry Sinclair of Clumlie mentioned soon after. On 20th November 1613, the tackman [leaseholder] of Sandwick enumerates "the guidwyfe of Clumlie". On 19th July 1621, there appear Katharine, eldest daughter of umquhile [deceased] Henry Sinclair of Towquoy, and Robert Colthart, merchant in Kirkwall, her spouse; while on the 5th June; 1622, the procurator for Robert Sinclair in Towquoy compeared halding charter made by Margaret Craigie, relict of umquhile [deceased] Henry Sinclair of Clumlie to the said

II ROBERT SINCLAIR her son, of lands in Isle of Rousay, etc. Margaret Craigie is evidently the "guidwyfe" of 1613, and in the Rental of 1642 Clumlie is noted as feud to her.

III WALTER SINCLAIR IN TOWQUOY is referred to as ordained a bailie for Westray in 1640, and again on 8th March 1641, when compeared Linklatter, merchant in Kirkwall, and became cautioner for John Sinclair and Harie Sinclair his brother, sons lawful to Walter Sinclair, Towquoy, "That Magnus Sinclair in Burwick his bairns, etc., shall be safe and skaithless".

IV JOHN SINCLAIR OF HAMMAR, son of the preceding, soon adjusted this family feud by marrying Isobel, daughter of the aforesaid Magnus Sinclair of Gorne, and afterwards of Burwick in Sandwick, for on the 16th March 1641, James Cobbane in Rannibuster became caution and lawborrowis for Issobell Sinclair, relict of umquhile [deceased] Mr. Francis Liddell, minister at Birsay, and John Sinclair now her spouse for his entres, "That John Twatt portioner of Twatt his wife, bairns, etc., shall be harmless kept etc., under pain of one hundred merks money", and John was caution for his wife also. This Isabel was a fierce masterful woman. She had bought these lands from the Twatts, 14th February 1634; On the 19th May 1642, Isobell Sinclair, relict of umquhile [deceased] Mr. Francis Liddell, Archdean of Orkney, and John Sinclair her now spouse, compeared [appeared with], gave state and seisin and sold to Alexander Philip the house and lands of Hammer in Greinnie, Birsay, sold to her by Hew, son of William Craigie of Gairsay. The same day compeared [appeared with] a provident and discreet young gentleman John Sinclair son to Walter Sinclair of Towquoy and Isobel Sinclair now his spouse, and Alexander Philip resells to them the above house and lands of Hammar. On 6th May 1647, John and Isobel sold Hammar to David Heart of Russland, Writer [lawyer] in Kirkwall, the sale being witnessed by John Sinclair in Huntiskarth. On 28th January 1656, he appears as a witness, with Thomas Liddell his stepson and Halcro his brother-in-law. Hammar is mentioned in 1663, and on 18th April 1665, he and his spouse are als of John Graham of Brekness; and on the 18th August following, Kathrine, Margaret, Issobell, and Marjorie Sinclairs, Bairns of umquhile [deceased] Magnus Sinclair of Gorne, John Sinclair of Hammar, spouse to said Issobell, and William Prestone spouse to said Marjorie, institute a cross-action against John Graham of Brekness. Hammar had issue

V DAVID SINCLAIR OF HAMMAR, his only son and heir, who alienated Hammar to James Sinclair of Saba, the conveyance being produced by Saba's procurator, one William Sinclair, on 17th April 1669; and on the 1st March 1671, a similar conveyance to his eldest brother-uterine George Liddell was produced. Liddell got lands, houses, etc., in Birsay from James Sinclair of Saba, for which charter was produced 29th November 1673.

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