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(1150) The Old Metrekey, or Clavis Rhythmion,
by Earl Rognvald and Hall Raguasson
In appendix of Sturleson's Heimskringla, Egilson's edition
(1165) Charter by Earl Harald Scone Chartulary
(1181) Grant of Peter's Pence by Earl Harald Diplomaticum Norvegicum, vii, page 2
1196 Scottish-Caithness war, Account of Roger de Hoveden Rolls Edward IV, pages 10, 12
1198 Bull of Pope Innocent III Diplomaticum Norvegicum, vii, page 2
- Mortification of Norwegian lands by Bishop Bjarni Chartulary of Munkalif
(1202) Letter from Innocent III to Bishop Bjarni Diplomaticum Norvegicum, vii., page 3
1222 Letter of Pope Honorius III in the matter of murder of Bishop Adam of Caithness Theiner's Vet. Mon. page 21
(1223) Constitution of Cath. Chapter of Caithness Records, Dunrobin Castle
(1245) Constitution of Cath. Chapter of Caithness Bannatyne Miscellany, volume 3
1237 Bull of Pope Gregory IX in the matter of Bishop Jofreyr of Orkney Diplomaticum Norvegicum, vii., page 18
1247 Dispensation by Innocent IV in the matter of Bishop Henry of Orkney Torfaeus, page 172
1266 Treaty of Perth between Scotland and Norway -
1263 Letters from King Hakon to Caithnessians Compota Camer. Scotiae i., page 31
(1274) Accounts of Caithness churches, pr. Boyamund de Vitia Theiners Vet. Mon., pages 112-115
1275 Deed containing claim of then Bishop of Caithness Orkneyinga Saga, page 107
1278 Brief of Peter, Bishop of Orkney Torfaeus, page 172
1290 Extract & Wardrobe Rolls of King Edward I Orkneyinga Saga, Introduction page 50
1297 Earl John of Orkney and Caithness swore fealty at Murkle, his seal -
1299 Norse document referring to Burray Firth

Diplomaticum Norvegicum, vol. i, page 81
1312 Treaty of Inverness, Norway and Scotland Peterkin's Rentals, Appendix
1320 Letter from Community of Scotland to the Pope Scottish National Manuscripts
1321 Letter from Robert Bruce to the "ballivi" of Orkney Orkneyinga Saga, Introduction
1320 Archiepiscopal complaints against William, Bishop of Orkney 1327 Diplomaticum Norvegicum
1327 Mortgage of Shetland Bishopric dues Diplomaticum Norvegicum
1327 Letter - Bishop of Bergen to Bishop of Orkney Diplomaticum Norvegicum
1329 Charters (2) Katharina, Countess of Orkney and Caithness Diplomaticum Norvegicum ii., 146
1334 Letters (2) King Edward of England in the matter of Earl Malise Rymer's Foedera, Syll. 1, page 272
1340 Reference to John More (? = Beg Sutherland) in the matter of Berridale Scottish Chamb. Rolls
1344 Contract of Marriage executed by Earl Malise Dunrobin Charter-room
1364 Deed of Conveyance at Kirkwall to Hugh de Ross Reg. Aberdonense i., 106
(1360) Scottish Ordinance adopting Pondus Cathaniae as standard King David II
1367 Scottish Royal Edict in the matter of harassing Orkney -
1369 Agreement at Kirkwall - Bishop William of Orkney and another Diplomaticum Norvegicum i., 308
1375 Commission to Alexander de Ard Diplomaticum Norvegicum ii., 337-339
1379 Deed of Investiture of Henry St.Clair as Earl of Orkney Diplomaticum Norvegicum ii., 353-358
1387 Amnesty - Malise Sper to Henry, Earl of Orkney Hay's Genealogie
1389 Enumeration of Orcadian nobles (and their seals) at Helsingborg -
1391 Grant of Newburgh and Auchdale Diplomaticum Norvegicum ii., 401
1396 Quittance re. Sir John Drummond to Earl of Orkney Perth Charter-chest
1397 Union Treaty at Calmar. Eminent Orcadians present -
(1418) Attestation of descent of James of Cragy Misc. Spald. Club v, 257
1418 Fealty of John St.Clair for Shetland Diplomaticum Norvegicum ii., 482
1426 Complaints of Orcrdian Commons Balfour's Memorial, App.
1433 Deed of Gift at Kirkwall Deeds relating to Orkney, page 3
1437 Diploma of The Orcadian Succession Barry
1448 Patronage of St.Duthac's Hay's Genealogie
1451 Bond, Sutherland of Forse to Chaplain St.Andrew's, Golspie Henderson's Caithness Family History, page 153
1455 Charter of Caithness Earldom, also precept thereon Hay's Genealogie
1455 Grant of Stambuster by Thomas, Bishop of Orkney Orkneyinga Saga, Introduction page 79
1456 Testament of Alexander Sutherland of Dunbeath Hay's Genealogie
1468 Resignation of Orkney Hay's Genealogie
1471 Ratification of Ravenscraig Hay's Genealogie
1468 Acts in the matter of Impignoration [mortgage] of the Isles (to 1471) -
1472 Bull of Pope Sixtus in the matter of Orcadian See -
1476 Charter of Earldom of Caithness to William II St.Clair -
1481 Agreement between William, Master of Orkney, and
his brother, Sir Oliver St.Clair of Roslin
Charter-chest of Sir John Gibson
1484 Annuity to Bishop of Orkney, pr. John Sinclare O.P.S.
1484 Annuity to Bishop of Orkney, pr. Henry de Sancto Claro O.P.S.
1485 Ancient Skatt Book of Shetland Balfour's Memorial, Appendix
1485 Norwegian Decree re: Shetland lands Mackenzie's Grievances
1486 Charter of Kirkwall as a Royal Burgh Kirkwall Records
1488 Scottish Act recognising Henry, Lord St.Clair -
1490 Charter of Regality to Andrew, Bishop of Orkney Peterkin's Rentals
1496 The Groat Inventories Calder's History of Caithness
1498 Charter of Swinburgh in Shetland Peterkin's Notes
1497 Rentals of Orkney Peterkin's Rentals
1500 Rentals of Orkney (to 1503) Peterkin's Rentals
1501 Confirmation of Charter of Regality, 1490 Peterkin's Rentals, Appendix
1503 Caithness Charter to A. Byrsbane Calder's History of Caithness
1506 Will of Sir David Sinclair Bannatyne Miscellany iii, page 103
1513 Drum-head Charter to Earl of Caithness (Fife Charter-chest ?)
1514 Adjudication of Tohop in Orkney Mackenzie's Grievances
(1519) Decree of Orkney Lawman Mackenzie's Grievances
1527 Charter of Murkle, etc., to William, Master [heir apparent] of Caithness Caithness Family History Introduction, page 23
1527 Complaint of William, Lord Sinclair Barry
1528 Mandate to John, Earl of Caithness, & King James Keltie's "History of the Scottish Clans", page 94
1529 Jo. Ben's Account of Orkney Barry, Appendix
1529 Charter of Dunbeath to Alexander Sinclair Caithness Family History, page 19
1536 Charter in the matter of Burgh of Kirkwall Glimpses of Kirkwall, page 5
1539 Respite to Orcadians in the matter of Summerdale Barry
1543 New Charter to John, Master of Caithness Caithness Family History, page 6
1544 Erection of Cathedral Chapter, Orkney Peterkin's Rentals, Appendix
1545 Confirmation of same Peterkin's Rentals, Appendix
1560 Balfour's Charters (3), 1565; 1566 Peterkin's Notes, Appendix
1564 Charter to Earl Robert Stuart Peterkin's Notes, Appendix
1567 Mudie's Charter, Peterkin's Notes, Appendix
1567 Erection of "Dukery" Peterkin's Notes, Appendix page 107
1574 Sederunt at Holyrood in the matter of William Sinclair of Dunbeath Reg. Privy Council
1575 Complaint of Islesmen -
1581 Confirmation to Earl Robert Peterkin's Notes
1583 Opinions of Nobility Bannatyne Miscellany
1585 Cursetter Charter Peterkin's Notes, page 128
1586 Agreement at Girnigo, Earls of Caithness and Sutherland Calder's History of Caithness page 326
1589 Erection of Wick into Burgh Calder's History of Caithness page 344

Also, Norwegian, Danish, Scottish, English, French, and Vatican Records, etc., etc.

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